Thomson Reuters and Columbia University Announce Advanced Data Visualization Project

Yesterday we were pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Columbia University, the Advanced Data Visualization Project (ADVP). The initiative, based at Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP), will facilitate research into data visualization and its implications for academia and industry in a world increasingly awash with data. The project will explore data visualization applications in various fields, including journalism, science, medicine and public health, law, architecture, planning and political science and utilize experts from the university, Thomson Reuters and outside researchers. Thomson Reuters will be actively engaged with the program and lead one of six flagship visualization projects.

As the university unit devoted to the future of cities, the GSAPP at Columbia University is in a unique position to galvanize this university-wide project on the future of data visualization. As the world’s leading source of intelligent information to businesses and professionals, we believe Thomson Reuters is in a unique position to support the highest level of research throughout this project.

For more details about this exciting new partnership, you can watch the full session (below) from the Aspen Ideas Festival featuring a discussion between our CTO James Powell, Edwin Schlossberg and Mark Wigley of Columbia University. The session, titled “Information’s Beautiful Future,” explored the potential of data visualization to harness and communicate information clearly and dynamically.

Part 1:

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