‘Pimpin’ ain’t pretty: Rapper loses copyright case against YouTube, others

From Westlaw Journal Intellectual Property:  A federal court has dismissed a Tennessee rapper’s claim that another rapper and YouTube infringed her song’s copyrighted name and trademarks in an Internet music video, ruling that she failed to present sufficient supporting evidence.

The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Tennessee dismissed the case, saying Pamela Moses failed to state a claim for relief and failed to show the court had personal jurisdiction over the rapper-defendant.

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YouTube prank video OK as character evidence, Delaware high court rules

A Delaware trial judge properly admitted into evidence a YouTube video that showed a defendant pulling a prank and laughing, months after he was accused of murdering his infant daughter, the state high court has ruled.

During the trial, Jason R. Gallaway testified that he was suicidal every day after his 3-month-old daughter died from severe brain injuries, and the video served to rebut his testimony, according to the unanimous Delaware Supreme Court opinion.

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YouTube wins latest round in battle against content creators

Viacom International has failed to prove that YouTube knew or should have known about 63,000 allegedly copyrighted video clips that appeared on the site between 2005 and 2008, a New York federal judge ruled April 18.

YouTube never received proper notifications about the allegedly infringing clips, and the copyright owners never specifically identified where to find the videos on the website, U.S. District Judge Louis L. Stanton of the Southern District of New York said.

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A model for the future of web video

As YouTube announces another multi-million dollar investment in original content, Reuters’ Liana Baker speaks with the man behind one of YouTube’s most popular channels: Allen DeBevoise, CEO of Machinima. The gaming juggernaut now carries original, live-action programming and can boast backing from Microsoft and Warner Bros. (Reuters is a YouTube partner.)

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Reuters TV launches new program – Impact Players

Reuters TV recently announced that it will be launching a new show called Impact Players this Thursday. The show will be hosted by Robert Wolf, the veteran Wall Street executive and “outside” advisor to President Obama. Impact Players will air weekly on the Reuters TV channel on YouTube and will also be available to Thomson Reuters professional clients around the world. It will include interviews with top policy makers, financiers and thought leaders and it will explore the major concerns surrounding the biggest stories in the news and examine the ways Wolf and his guests address key issues, solve problems and lay out strategies.

In the video below, the former CEO of UBS Americas discusses his new show and how he will have frank conversations with leaders in the business, sports and entertainment worlds. The 28-year Wall Street veteran will draw on his experience during the financial crisis, as well as his experience navigating world events that rapidly change the way executives work. (more…)

Introducing Reuters TV

Today we announced the launch of Reuters TV, a new YouTube channel featuring 10 news, commentary and analysis programs covering hard news, finance, politics, technology and special Reuters investigations. The programming will appear on and on Reuters redesigned YouTube channel.

Reuters is the biggest news provider among the nearly 100 partners YouTube is working with as it creates original Internet-based programming and reinvents itself as a channel-based video site. The new shows were developed by television news veteran and Reuters global executive producer Barclay Palmer.

The  following 10 programs will feature highly produced reports and commentary from many of Reuters award-winning, nearly 3,000 journalists around the world: (more…)