Windows operating systems – graphic of the day

PCs running the Windows XP operating system, which is no longer supported by Microsoft, are vulnerable to a recently disclosed Internet Explorer security bug. The bug is the first high-profile computer threat to emerge since Microsoft stopped providing security updates for Windows XP earlier this month. That means PCs running the 13-year-old operating system will remain unprotected, even after Microsoft releases updates to defend against it. Today’s graphic is a timeline of the lifecycles of all the versions of the Windows operating systems.


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Smartphone comparison – graphic of the day

Samsung premiered its latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S4, which sports a bigger display and unconventional features such as gesture controls. Today’s graphic compares the new Galaxy S4 to five other major smartphones on the market.

Samsung Galaxy S4

New Windows fails to boost Microsoft stock – graphic of the day

Back in the 1990s, Microsoft was the unchallenged king of computing and the release of a new Windows operating system would supercharge sales, generate excitement and generally boost its stock. Not anymore. As seen in the graphic below, Microsoft’s shares have fallen in the year following four of the last five Windows releases.


Smartphones compared – graphic of the day

Today’s graphic compares HTC Windows Phone 8X, one of two models launched Wednesday, with popular smartphones released or to be released this year. Do you think HTC can keep up with the competition?


Smartphone market share – graphic of the day

With Apple just announcing the new iPhone 5, it’s worth taking a look at the market share breakdown in the smartphone world. Today’s graphic does exactly that, comparing Q2 shipments from 2011 and 2012 as well as iPhone sales over time. How do you think the new iPhone will affect Apple’s market share? (more…)

Trying to throw your arms around the world


I’ve been dedicated to the mobile space for 2 1/2 years now. In that time, the most common question I hear, by far, is: “what OS should we be building our app for?” Sadly, it’s the hardest question to answer! I’m not going to try and answer the question here – as it’s all but impossible on a generalized basis. However, hopefully I can give you a couple of data points and considerations to help you answer for your product yourself.

Before that, though, a quick shout out for the mobile web. There’s a reason we like it so much! You can, to a large extent, dodge the question of platform choice and you’re not subject to the vagaries of your OS/app store vendor.

Putting that aside, here are the main considerations: (more…)

Nokia launches mobile phone fightback

Finnish mobile giant Nokia has unveiled its new Windows-powered Lumia smartphones at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Andrew Potter reports:


Microsoft debuts new smartphones

Microsoft adds four new smartphones to the Windows Phone portfolio, focusing less on apps and more on experience, as it tries to build its small take of the global mobile phone industry. Jill Bennett reports.