Netflix, FCC & net neutrality – Graphic of the day

Netflix, the dominant source of internet traffic in North America, argues that the FCC needs to adopt rules that force ISPs to provide sufficient access to their network without charge. Last year, Netflix struck deals with some major ISPs to connect directly to their network for a fee to reach its customers. The FCC is expected to vote on net neutrality rules later this month. Today’s graphic looks at Netflix speeds by ISP, including when the interconnection deals were made. It also shows which applications occupy the most broadband.


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Jeff Arvidson on Thomson Reuters Intelligence Center

Jeff Arvidson, director of product management, talks about Thomson Reuters Intelligence Center and the recently launched new features, including Company Insights.

Consumer internet traffic – Graphic of the day

Internet video traffic will rise from 60 to 75% of total consumer internet traffic by 2018, according to estimates by Cisco. Today’s graphic shows the projected increase in consumer internet traffic, broken down by segment, network and geography. And while we’re on the subject of internet video, have you heard about our new Reuters TV app?

internet traffic

Would you like infographics like this on your website, blog or other social media? Contact us and visit our Reuters Agency blog for insights and discussions on the changing media industry.

Cochlear – Partners in Innovation

A case study on how Thomson Reuters helps Cochlear achieve their innovation goals and manage their intellectual property workflow.

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Navigating uncertainty

Keith Hopper

The Knowledge Worker Innovations series launched the New Year with continued momentum and was surrounded by explosive growth in Boston’s Innovation District. Big data has found a home in Boston and our Data Innovation Lab is delighted to be a part of that ecosystem. Our first guest in 2015 was Keith Hopper, a Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at Olin College of Engineering. Keith advises companies on early stage agile product strategy and he is Mentor-in-Residence at Techstars, a global startup accelerator. Keith is also a Founding Trustee of the revolutionary micro-philanthropy, The Awesome Foundation, which forwards the interest of awesome in the universe through 106 chapters in 25 countries. Prior to this, Keith was the Director of Product Strategy and Development for National Public Radio.

Mona Vernon, VP Data Innovation Lab, lead a conversation with Keith around “Navigating Uncertainty” in launching new products and services. Keith presented six steps to navigate the uncertainty. The first step is to articulate a clear problem statement – know your purpose. The purpose is then agreed upon and the risks need to be identified. He noted that “risks hide inside bad assumptions.” Prioritizing and testing assumptions is a critical part of the process. Keith identified “mindset” – are you a builder or explorer, to help define next appropriate actions. Planning and allowing for course correction is the next step. He supports using a learning framework and knowing yourself. “When the team knows itself, anything is possible” as Keith pointed out with the example of the Olympic winning bob sled team from Jamaica. His concluding step was “knowing how to fail, which ensures you get back up.” Keith closed by saying that the group’s ability to talk effectively and become good storytellers helps to navigate uncertainty for the future.

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Do what matters

We are trusted for the decisions that matter most; decisions that power global markets and connect the global financial community – across banks, global corporations, governments, and investors. Our impact reaches beyond the traders, the analysts, the compliance officers and the pension fund managers to the petrol station, the supply chain, and the supermarket. It’s why we come to work every day. What we do fuels the world’s economy, because what you do matters.

Breakingviews Predictions 2015 panel: New York

Roger Altman, Marco Annunziata, Eric Cantor, Bob Diamond and Ruth Porat weigh in on the year ahead at our Predictions 2015 panel in New York. Read our recap of the event or watch the entire panel session below: (more…)

Thomson Reuters Eikon: Give me insight

Be more confident in every decision with Thomson Reuters Eikon. A powerful and intuitive solution for consuming real-time and historical financial data, enabling financial markets transactions and connecting with the financial markets community. Eikon is a leading desktop and mobile solution that is connected, informed and intelligent, and provides access to a messaging community of over 250,000 financial professionals.

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Experience the Global Markets Forum

If you’re in the markets, you should be in here. The Global Markets Forum is an innovative, private community for financial markets professionals. The world’s first macro, cross-asset class, cross-regional community surfaces the most critical market topics, the widest range of views, and hosts the most influential guest voices, in real-time. Hear peer opinion, take market temperature, and discover new connections: the Global Markets Forum offers content, conversation, and networking in one place.

Breakingviews: Animal spirits and crisis ghosts

What’s ahead for 2015?

In the video below, Breakingviews editors talk oil prices, big bank breakups and the ghosts of crises past: (more…)