The asset servicing evolution, changing market players & new business models

Interview with Stuart Martin, Global Head of Asset Servicing, Thomson Reuters explores the changing landscape for Asset Servicers, the new roles for Prime Brokers, changing business models and the impact of regulation on the Asset Management community.

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TechTalk: Data, emotion and culture – Cracking the viral code

Unruly Media

Co-founders of Unruly MediaSarah Wood and Scott Button were interviewed as part of TechTalks@Cass. They shared their insights on building a data-driven company, how to predict the next ‘lightning strike’ viral video, and what it’s like to be partners in life and partners in business.

Underpinning shareability with data

We live in a data-driven world; one in which data is finding its way into virtually every decision-making process. Some things are still considered out of reach, even if that pool is growing ever smaller. Making a viral video used to fall into that category, with viral success being a bit like a lightning strike; you might know when the conditions were favourable, but you would have no way of knowing if, or where, or when it would happen.

Yet Unruly are a rapidly growing company bringing that predictability to online video. Back in 2006 they created the Viral Video Chart by tracking every post of a video with its URL. All that data, going back so far, gives them an unrivalled data asset. It is the largest database of video sharing anywhere, with insights that are or prime interest to brands. (more…)

Risk data challenges, survey feedback & market insight

In this interview Kate Toumazi, Global Head of Risk Data Services with Thomson Reuters, outlines the latest challenges impacting the Risk Management function as it relates to the use of Risk Data Services, provides insights into their latest risk market surveys and provides a deep insight into how the market is addressing these challenges.

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From Damascus to Kessel Eik: Hanadi’s story

Hanadi and her family had an ordinary life in Damascus, with ordinary jobs and a small house, until life became too unsafe. They sold all they had and fled. Using the proceeds from the family house and car, Hanadi made her way to The Netherlands, which has a generous family reunification policy. This film is a day in the life of Hanadi in her new life in the small Dutch town of Kessel Eik.

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Recent enhancements for Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger

Get up to speed on the latest enhancements for Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger including compact options for displaying messages, chat room alert options and keyword blocking to reduce compliance risks.

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An interview with Nina Totenberg

Nina Totenberg, NPR foreign affairs correspondent, talks to Legal Current about the early days of her career in the “fallopian jungle,” as well as the most memorable Supreme Court cases she has covered.

Trust Women Conference 2014 highlights

Watch some highlights from this year’s fantastic Trust Women Conference below and make sure to read all of our coverage from the event.

Choose to see

As you read this page, 5.5 million children around the world are losing their childhood to slavery. They are being beaten, abused and raped. They are forced to work in brothels, mines, brick kilns, fishing boats, and hotels. They work behind closed doors as domestic laborers. Many become soldiers, brides, and drug dealers. Child slavery is at an all-time high. Every day, children as young as five are sold on the black market at prices lower than cattle. Once in the hands of their masters, they are forced to work for up to 20 hours per day. Girls are particularly at risk, as they are the most vulnerable to sexual exploitation, one of the most lucrative forms of slavery.

#Choosetosee, a new strategic initiative to fight child slavery by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, is part of End Child Slavery Week, an international campaign led by 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Kailash Satyarthi, who has helped rescue more than 80,000 children from slavery at brick kilns, quarries, factories, sweatshops and farms. To find out what you can do to help, visit

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Secure collaboration in financial markets

Yvette Jackson, Global Head of Collaboration Services, Thomson Reuters explains the importance of a unified and trusted messaging system in financial institutions.

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