Bob Schukai on technology trends in 2015

Bob Schukai, head of advanced product innovation at Thomson Reuters, discusses technology trends he sees in 2015.

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From Aleppo to Melilla: Raed’s story

Raed had been a mathematics student in Aleppo, until the conflict made studying at the university impossible. He fled to Turkey, with hopes of continuing on to Europe and completing his education.

Our Foundation met Raed in the Spanish enclave Melilla, on the northern coast of Africa, where he is waiting in an overcrowded transit camp.

After two years of living in Turkey he can now see Europe, just across the Mediterranean sea. He is waiting for his paperwork, then he will be put on a ferry and sent to Spain to start his new life.

What does a hero look like?

“I don’t consider myself an academic. I don’t use words ending in ‘ology’. I don’t know any words ending in ‘ology’.”

What renowned community historian Stephen Bourne does know, however, is the importance of sharing the stories which have been otherwise all but excluded from the traditional history books.

Stephen joined an audience of Thomson Reuters customers and colleagues on Thursday to lead a conversation around the contributions and heroism of Britain’s black servicemen and its colonies in the war effort, the subject of his most recent book, ‘Black Poppies: Britain’s Black Community and the Great War’

In his introductory remarks at the centenary event, Stephen Boyes, managing director, Financial & Risk Solutions at Thomson Reuters emphasized:

“We all know the power of diversity in business. This can be extended to some of the greatest challenges in history – and there were perhaps none more challenging than this global conflict.”

As part of Thomson Reuters continued commitment to highlighting the importance of corporate responsibility and inclusion in the workplace, our next speaker event in this centenary series “What does a hero look like?” will host veteran war correspondent and author Kate Adie OBE. Here Kate will discuss her research into the pivotal role women played during World War One, without which there would have been no victory and how societal norms began to change for the better.”

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India’s female firefighters extinguish gender stereotypes

Married before her eighteenth birthday, Nirma Chaudhary could well have ended up like thousands of other child brides in India’s desert state of Rajasthan – forced to quit school and consigned to a life without opportunities as a wife and mother. But the village girl’s conviction to study after marriage, support from her family, and a government initiative aimed at empowering women, has transformed her fate from being that of a just another invisible child bride to becoming one of Rajasthan’s first female firefighters.

The meaning

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GM backseat driver

The carmaker’s former restructuring guru and his hedge fund backers want a board seat and an $8 bln buyback.

Rob Cox and Reynolds Holding say the activists deserve a cautious welcome: (more…)

The world is in debt, not just Greece

There were numerous promises to tackle debt after the global financial crisis in 2007. But eight years on, consultancy McKinsey and Co says the world’s debt mountain is now almost $200 trillion – up by $57 trillion.

Kirsty Basset reports: (more…)

Netflix, FCC & net neutrality – Graphic of the day

Netflix, the dominant source of internet traffic in North America, argues that the FCC needs to adopt rules that force ISPs to provide sufficient access to their network without charge. Last year, Netflix struck deals with some major ISPs to connect directly to their network for a fee to reach its customers. The FCC is expected to vote on net neutrality rules later this month. Today’s graphic looks at Netflix speeds by ISP, including when the interconnection deals were made. It also shows which applications occupy the most broadband.


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