Insights on regulating African central bank data

Phil Weisberg, our Global Head of Foreign Exchange, joined CNBC Africa’s Bridget Taylor to discuss foreign exchange and African central bank data.

Life with water

In Pikine, a suburb of Senegal’s capital Dakar, the “Live with Water” project captures floodwater in large sandy basins, around which cash crop gardens of mint and basil provide an income for local residents.

Using the basins, floods that once wiped out houses, strained the local economy and heightened the risk of disease have been converted into a new stock of fresh water for a West African community that is dusty and dry much of the year.

Read more about how Dakar women grow herb businesses from floodwater.

Role of young people and innovation in Africa

David Craig, President of our Financial & Risk business sat down with CNBC Africa to discuss this optimism about South Africa as well as the role of young people and innovation in Africa.

Part Two: What does a hero look like?

Last Thursday, war correspondent Kate Adie OBE took Thomson Reuters customers and colleagues back one hundred years to discuss the changes World War One brought to women’s lives.

As part of our continued commitment to highlighting the importance of corporate responsibility and inclusion in the workplace, our series “What does a hero look like?” celebrated the contribution of unsung heroes to the war effort.

As Kate Adie said, speaking of her experiences of war, whenever it occurs: (more…)

Comcast’s optimism

Richard Beales talks to Jeffrey Goldfarb about the odds investors are attaching to the ultimate success of Comcast’s $45 bln-plus deal to buy Time Warner Cable. (more…)

Rethinking innovation investment highlights

Following an introduction by our Chief Technology Officer James Powell, guest speaker Michael Schrage, Research Fellow, MIT Sloan School, explains how innovation isn’t just about creating new value, but it is also about measurably transforming customers and clients. Watch the highlights from our most recent TechVision below, read about the event and check out all of the past TechVisions.

Bob Schukai on technology trends in 2015

Bob Schukai, head of advanced product innovation at Thomson Reuters, discusses technology trends he sees in 2015.

Read more of Bob’s posts.

From Aleppo to Melilla: Raed’s story

Raed had been a mathematics student in Aleppo, until the conflict made studying at the university impossible. He fled to Turkey, with hopes of continuing on to Europe and completing his education.

Our Foundation met Raed in the Spanish enclave Melilla, on the northern coast of Africa, where he is waiting in an overcrowded transit camp.

After two years of living in Turkey he can now see Europe, just across the Mediterranean sea. He is waiting for his paperwork, then he will be put on a ferry and sent to Spain to start his new life.

What does a hero look like?

“I don’t consider myself an academic. I don’t use words ending in ‘ology’. I don’t know any words ending in ‘ology’.”

What renowned community historian Stephen Bourne does know, however, is the importance of sharing the stories which have been otherwise all but excluded from the traditional history books.

Stephen joined an audience of Thomson Reuters customers and colleagues on Thursday to lead a conversation around the contributions and heroism of Britain’s black servicemen and its colonies in the war effort, the subject of his most recent book, ‘Black Poppies: Britain’s Black Community and the Great War’

In his introductory remarks at the centenary event, Stephen Boyes, managing director, Financial & Risk Solutions at Thomson Reuters emphasized:

“We all know the power of diversity in business. This can be extended to some of the greatest challenges in history – and there were perhaps none more challenging than this global conflict.”

As part of Thomson Reuters continued commitment to highlighting the importance of corporate responsibility and inclusion in the workplace, our next speaker event in this centenary series “What does a hero look like?” will host veteran war correspondent and author Kate Adie OBE. Here Kate will discuss her research into the pivotal role women played during World War One, without which there would have been no victory and how societal norms began to change for the better.”

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