Discover how linking apps and related menus can improve your workflow

A particularly useful feature of Thomson Reuters Eikon is the ability to link apps quick and easy with a few clicks. Find out why in this video.

Check out three new features within Thomson Reuters Eikon that will help you make smarter decisions.

Get started with Thomson Reuters Eikon Office Formula Builder

The new Formula Binder in Thomson Reuters Eikon provides you with a simplified, streamlined process for creating traditional formulas in using Microsoft Office in Excel.

Check out three new features within Thomson Reuters Eikon that will help you make smarter decisions.

Expand your network with Search Directory in Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger

Find out how you can make the most out of the Search Directory in Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger:

Check out three new features within Thomson Reuters Eikon that will help you make smarter decisions.

Mark Zuckerberg’s wizardry

Jeffrey Goldfarb and Breakingviews columnists discuss Facebook’s $19 bln acquisition of WhatsApp and the magical logic that needs to be used to explain the deal. Use this Breakingviews calculator to see what Facebook needs to do to make the deal stack up.

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Firm Central review from a small law firm attorney

In this Firm Central review, small law firm attorney Mark K. Thompson says, “Firm Central has allowed me to work more efficiently. I don’t spend as much time digging around through multiple places to find what I’m looking for — it’s all right there.” See what else he is saying about our legal practice management software, Firm Central:

Enhancements to Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger

Discover the significant new enhancements in Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger for advanced messaging and collaboration. Topics in this short video include Buzz, Alerts, Offline Contact Management, and more.

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Comcast cable hook-up

Reynolds Holding and Richard Beales discuss the biggest U.S. provider’s deal to buy No. 2 Time Warner and the host of questions it raises.

Meet Janet Yellen’s Fed posse

As Janet Yellen faces Congress for the first time as Fed chair, here’s a look at her inner circle – four trusted advisers who have her ear and whose public words will closely align with her own thinking.

Paul Wohletz and John Vonhof on PeopleMap

Paul Wohletz, director of Product Development, and John Vonhof, marketing manager at Thomson Reuters, talk about the latest version of PeopleMap, including use cases, customer benefits, and what people can see at LegalTech New York.

Bill Gates, Matt Damon focusing on good health

The Microsoft co-founder and Hollywood star discuss their separate philanthropic efforts to improve the health of children and others around the world. Plus Richard Branson, and Victor Pinchuk discuss their work empowering people.

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