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Yvette Jackson, Global Head of Collaboration Services, Thomson Reuters explains the importance of a unified and trusted messaging system in financial institutions.

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The women de-mining Sri Lanka

In 2011, Thomson Reuters Foundation correspondent Nita Bhalla went to Mannar in northern Sri Lanka and met a group of women who had taken on the unusual and rather frightening job of removing landmines. Three years later, she returned, with a camera, to document the work of these women, who are survivors of an almost three-decade-long war.

It is estimated that over one million landmines were laid in the Indian Ocean island’s north and east during the conflict which pitted separatist Tamil Tiger fighters against government forces. When the war ended in May 2009, around 2,000 square km of land was contaminated with landmines and unexploded ordnance. Now only 80 square km is left – making it one of the big post-war successes of Sri Lanka.

While most of the de-mining is done by the army, aid groups such as the Mines Advisory Group hire women, as well as men to the job, after providing training and competitive payments for their work. They attend a camp for three weeks learning about the types of explosives and landmines they are likely to encounter, plus skills and techniques to search and mark landmines.

Innovations in Market Data Technology Event Preview

Dan Solak, Global Head of Elektron Feeds, talks about the upcoming innovation in market data technology event in London on 21st October. Dan discusses why the theme of the event is so important today, what Thomson Reuters is looking to do to help customers and innovate, and why you should attend the event. Dan will be speaking at the event, and part of a panel that includes Piers Linney (co-CEO Outsourcery and Dragon’s Den investor), Peter Sharp (Global Head of Market Data Operations, Credit Suisse) and moderated by Paul Rowady (Principal and Director of Data and Analytics Research, TABB Group).

You can register for the event here.

Maximize control of your IP portfolio

Maintain accurate IP data with flexible, intuitive software. And collaborate with ease, giving you more time to make strategic decisions. That’s the power of Thomson IP Manager.

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Practical Law on WestlawNext: Start with Practical Law

Faced with an unfamiliar area of law? Start with Practical Law on WestlawNext, and be provided current, relevant legal resources for you and your firm.

Nick Grono on the consequences of human trafficking

With the next Trust Women Conference just around the corner, we bring you a special selection of videos from key speakers and participants sharing insights into the work they are doing to put the rule of law behind women’s rights. Nick Grono, the CEO of the Freedom Fund, discusses the consequences of human trafficking.

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Beating the Street with Tweets

Philip Brittan, Chief Technology Officer & Global Head of Platform, Thomson Reuters discusses the effect of social sentiment on stock prices.

Read more about how you can beat the street with tweets and learn more about the Social Media Monitor app within Eikon here.

“You don’t belong here” – Steven’s story of statelessness

“I don’t want to go to space. I just want to find my daughter.” Ten years ago Steven came to Britain seeking asylum. He was refused and told to return to his country. But he can’t because that country doesn’t recognise him. With no nationality, he has no rights to the basics most people take for granted such as healthcare, education and employment. He cannot travel, open a bank account, get a driving licence or even get married.

There are an estimated 10 million stateless people like Steven in the world. Read more in our Foundation’s spotlight on the world’s most invisible people.

Innovations in Market Data Technology – Report Overview

In this video, Paul Rowady of TABB Group talks about the new whitepaper “Innovations in Market Data Technology”, covering who should read the whitepaper and why, as well as giving a high level overview of key themes and topics that are covered in the paper. These topics will be discussed at our event in London on October 21st.

For more information and to register, click here.

Manage Compliance for Instant Messaging with Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger

Users of Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger have always been able to access their contacts over multiple messaging networks such Yahoo, AOL and MSN.

Now, users have access to contacts on Microsoft Lync and internal networks through the partnership with Markit Collaboration Services. This will allow for a truly open and connected financial community, facilitating the highest degree of transparency.

Register for a free messenger account here.