Breakingviews: April fools

In five years of shooting a daily TV show, Breakingviews columnists have flubbed things on occasion. Here’s a sampling for April Fools’ Day: (more…)

Modern slavery UK: The campaigner

Britain’s Home Office (interior ministry) estimates there were up to 13,000 victims of slavery in Britain in 2013. Victims were most often from Albania, Nigeria, Vietnam and Romania. In this video, Chloe Setter of ECPAT UK, a charity working with child victims of trafficking, describes the plight of Vietnamese children who are trafficked to Britain for cannabis cultivation.

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Time to think about ACA Compliance and your ONESOURCE solution

Bill thinks he has all year to work out his ACA Compliance solution, but it seems he may have come to that conclusion based on many false assumptions. Jill is worrying about ACA Compliance now and she may find that, with the right provider, there is no need to worry at all. Will you have an ACA Success Story ready for January 2016? Learn more about Affordable Care Act compliance with Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE.

What’s the best way for global banks to manage KYC?

Lee Forsyth, KYC Client Consultant at Thomson Reuters, provides his expert insight on the revolution gripping the industry around KYC services, prescribing essential guidelines for Financial Institutions conducting KYC on their institutional clients.

In this recent white paper Lee examines the costs and benefits of a transformative approach to KYC managed service, available for download from this website. Read more about what every global bank should know about emerging KYC solutions.

Why boys don’t do housework in Mumbai

This 2 minute film is a preview of a short documentary the Thomson Reuters Foundation is making about the Gender Equality Movement in Schools (GEMS). Filmed by their reporter Nita Bhalla in Mumbai, it was shown at the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) Champions for Change Awards Dinner on March 13th in London, where Thomson Reuters Foundation CEO Monique Villa was honored.

Insights on regulating African central bank data

Phil Weisberg, our Global Head of Foreign Exchange, joined CNBC Africa’s Bridget Taylor to discuss foreign exchange and African central bank data.

Life with water

In Pikine, a suburb of Senegal’s capital Dakar, the “Live with Water” project captures floodwater in large sandy basins, around which cash crop gardens of mint and basil provide an income for local residents.

Using the basins, floods that once wiped out houses, strained the local economy and heightened the risk of disease have been converted into a new stock of fresh water for a West African community that is dusty and dry much of the year.

Read more about how Dakar women grow herb businesses from floodwater.

Role of young people and innovation in Africa

David Craig, President of our Financial & Risk business sat down with CNBC Africa to discuss this optimism about South Africa as well as the role of young people and innovation in Africa.

Part Two: What does a hero look like?

Last Thursday, war correspondent Kate Adie OBE took Thomson Reuters customers and colleagues back one hundred years to discuss the changes World War One brought to women’s lives.

As part of our continued commitment to highlighting the importance of corporate responsibility and inclusion in the workplace, our series “What does a hero look like?” celebrated the contribution of unsung heroes to the war effort.

As Kate Adie said, speaking of her experiences of war, whenever it occurs: (more…)

Comcast’s optimism

Richard Beales talks to Jeffrey Goldfarb about the odds investors are attaching to the ultimate success of Comcast’s $45 bln-plus deal to buy Time Warner Cable. (more…)