ICD Thomson Reuters Islamic Finance Development Indicator (IFDI 2014)

ICD Thomson Reuters Islamic Finance Development Indicator is the true barometer of the state of the industry across its fundamentals. The Indicator aims to introduce a new way of measuring development by combining data of the different elements of the industry into a singular composite Indicator. This quantified information will help facilitate further comprehension of how the different parts of the market are developing over time.

The Islamic Finance Development Indicator is a composite weighted index that measures the overall development of the Islamic finance industry by assessing the performance of all its parts in line with its inherent faith-based objectives. It is a global level composite indicator with selected national and industry component level indicators.

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Meet the Taxologist: Sam Cicogna, VP of Professional Services

“I think globally. I empower future Taxologists,” says VP of Professional Services Sam Cicogna. Watch this video to glean insight into the benefits of adapting Taxologist behavior.

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Meet the Taxologist

Taxologists are on the rise! The “Meet the Taxologist” series provides an inside look into how your tax peers have taken the next step with Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE. Watch this and other “Meet the Taxologist” videos to hear their insight on what it means to be a Taxologist – and how you can become one, too.

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Tax professionals have evolved

A new type of tax professional is emerging called Taxologists. Empowered by Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE, Taxologists improve data quality, automation, and efficiency. This 1-minute video answers the question, “what is a Taxologist?”

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What are nearly 400 tax professionals saying about workpaper management?

Discover how automation from Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE can help tax professionals manage their tax workpapers and break free of using the same old processes and technologies to manage their most critical tax calculations.

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Movement of men and boys needed to advance women’s rights

U.N. Women will announce a new celebrity ambassador this week to help push its HeforShe campaign, a global initiative to engage men and boys to speak out for women’s rights. The campaign, which includes an online platform where people can upload video messages in support of gender equality, was unveiled in March but it will have its big debut on September 20, in New York City.

“We need good men to stand up to talk and to take action,” U.N. Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in a recent interview. “We are encouraging a movement of men and boys. It’s a change of attitude of women, a change of attitude of men and it’s a collaboration…between men and women. We have got to win together.”

Simplifying shipping

Watch this video for an introduction to shipping data, analytics and news on Thomson Reuters Eikon:

More efficiently monitor activity in your portfolios

The new “Watchlist Pulse” app in Thomson Reuters Eikon helps portfolio managers, analysts and traders more efficiently monitor significant activities such as price changes, news flow and sentiment, research, and changes to StarMine model scores impacting companies in their portfolios or coverage lists.

Machine learning and authenticity; the key to unlock visual commerce


What is visual commerce? In essence it’s an extension of ‘what you see is what you get.’ If you see a photo of a model wearing a jacket then you know it has been photoshopped. If you see normal people wearing it then you know it is authentic, which drives sales. By tracking this using A/B testing, Olapic can add value by proving the impact of bringing ‘real’ content onto a brand’s site. It’s not news that humans are inherently visual. Now with a phone in every pocket we can all make beautiful images and share them. When Olapic started, the number of photos shared every day was in the low 100s of millions. Now that number is over a billion. User Generated Content (UGC) used to be synonymous with low quality. Now, the volume is so large that you can focus on the top quality content, and as a result brands are less fearful of UGC. (more…)

Trade for a grade

Professor John Foreman, Professor at the Tulane Energy Institute in Tulane University/Freeman School of Business, talks about the key role Thomson Reuters Eikon plays both in and out of the classroom and why it is difficult for him to function professionally and in an academic setting without having Thomson Reuters Eikon at his fingertips.

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