Cortellis Data Fusion

Thomson Reuters Cortellis™ Data Fusion (formerly Entagen’s Extera) enables new scientific and strategic insights by connecting your proprietary content with the world’s data, utilizing Big Data and Linked Data technologies. A powerful data core technology is used to aggregate entities and create associations between them, enabling organizations to securely integrate Life Sciences content from a variety of sources. Cortellis Data Fusion is the leading technology to explore hidden relationships between data entities and is used by top pharma and research institutions for applications such as target finding, drug repurposing, and precision medicine. The technology earned Entagen a spot on Gartner’s prestigious list of ‘Cool Vendors in Life Sciences’; and was named a winner in the Mass Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC) Technology Leadership Awards for ‘Innovative Technology of the Year: Big Data’.

Thomson Reuters Checkpoint Catalyst is the new star on Broadway

We debuted Checkpoint Catalyst in Times Square, NYC. Featured on both the famed NASDAQ sign at Broadway/43rd Street and the Thomson Reuters building at 7th Avenue/43rd Street, Checkpoint Catalyst shines brightly as the innovative new solution for tax research professionals. Watch our intro to Checkpoint Catalyst here on YouTube.

How important is your time?

In today’s fast pace environment the struggle to do more, faster, is a never ending goal. Watch this short video to hear how Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE has helped tax professionals experience time savings and the impact it made on their professional and personal lives. For more information on Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE, click here.

Mine Economics in Thomson Reuters Eikon

Watch this video for an introduction on how to use Mine Economics in Thomson Reuters Eikon:

Fringe Benefits: Alpha Here and Now

The fashion world lives and dies on trends, but lately the apparel sector has been suffering from a lack of compelling new looks. Shoppers don’t open their wallets when they think they have similar items in their closets – and the winter’s bad weather kept them home. As the season warms up, perhaps fringe styles will kick-start retail sales. Read the full analysis on Alpha Now.

Breaking up isn’t hard to do: Make the switch to Elite

Make the switch from your current financial and practice management system to Thomson Reuters Elite for your perfect match. Say goodbye to limited reliability, short shelf life and silos of information. Say hello to Elite:

Keyword search in Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger

Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger is the universal instant messaging tool for financial professionals. Watch this video to find out how you can manage your conversations more efficiently with the new keyword search and other enhancements.

The Sports Monitor App – Tracking the 2014 World Cup

The FIFA 2014 World Cup is here! Watch this video to use your Thomson Reuters Eikon to keep up to date with all the action, news, commentary, analysis and sentiment. Keep up to date with the progress of your favorite team with the Sport Monitor app.

Read more on the Eikon blog and don’t forget to check out our new Reuters Sports Reel app.

Checkpoint Catalyst: The next generation of online tax research

Newly authored by tax experts, Checkpoint Catalyst is the fastest, most efficient way to research even the most complicated tax issues. Checkpoint Catalyst connects the dots on federal, state and U.S. international tax implications so you don’t miss a thing and can take actions with confidence. Specifically written and designed for the web, Checkpoint Catalyst allows you to skim topics, drill into detail, view sources, diagrams, interactive tools, and featured developments—all on one screen and in context of the flow of the business transaction – helping you get to outcomes faster than any other alternative.

Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger

Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger is an open collaboration tool. Communicate via instant message with more than 190,000 financial professionals, plus your own colleagues, counterparties and clients.

Learn more about the Open Messenging Network.