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We are trusted for the decisions that matter most; decisions that power global markets and connect the global financial community – across banks, global corporations, governments, and investors. Our impact reaches beyond the traders, the analysts, the compliance officers and the pension fund managers to the petrol station, the supply chain, and the supermarket. It’s why we come to work every day. What we do fuels the world’s economy, because what you do matters.

Breakingviews Predictions 2015 panel: New York

Roger Altman, Marco Annunziata, Eric Cantor, Bob Diamond and Ruth Porat weigh in on the year ahead at our Predictions 2015 panel in New York. Read our recap of the event or watch the entire panel session below: (more…)

Thomson Reuters Eikon: Give me insight

Be more confident in every decision with Thomson Reuters Eikon. A powerful and intuitive solution for consuming real-time and historical financial data, enabling financial markets transactions and connecting with the financial markets community. Eikon is a leading desktop and mobile solution that is connected, informed and intelligent, and provides access to a messaging community of over 250,000 financial professionals.

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Experience the Global Markets Forum

If you’re in the markets, you should be in here. The Global Markets Forum is an innovative, private community for financial markets professionals. The world’s first macro, cross-asset class, cross-regional community surfaces the most critical market topics, the widest range of views, and hosts the most influential guest voices, in real-time. Hear peer opinion, take market temperature, and discover new connections: the Global Markets Forum offers content, conversation, and networking in one place.

Breakingviews: Animal spirits and crisis ghosts

What’s ahead for 2015?

In the video below, Breakingviews editors talk oil prices, big bank breakups and the ghosts of crises past: (more…)

Data, emotion and culture – Cracking the viral code

Watch the highlights of our most recent TechTalk with Co-founders of Unruly Media, Sarah Wood and Scott Button.

Read our recap post from the event or watch the full video.

Putting the world’s agriculture markets at your command

Changing agriculture markets create new opportunities. Are you going to see and seize them first? With Thomson Reuters Eikon, you will see further, know earlier and act quicker. From news to analysis, from fundamentals to forecasts, it brings together all the relevant information you need in a single intuitive desktop so you can grasp exactly where the market is and where it is likely to go — and then act with confidence.

40 reasons to trust women

Our Foundation asked delegates at the 2014 Trust Women Conference a very simple question: ‘Why do you Trust Women?’ More than 100 people queued up to speak to the camera, sharing inspiring stories, experiences and anecdotes. This video includes 40 delegates from all around the world.

The asset servicing evolution, changing market players & new business models

Interview with Stuart Martin, Global Head of Asset Servicing, Thomson Reuters explores the changing landscape for Asset Servicers, the new roles for Prime Brokers, changing business models and the impact of regulation on the Asset Management community.

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TechTalk: Data, emotion and culture – Cracking the viral code

Unruly Media

Co-founders of Unruly MediaSarah Wood and Scott Button were interviewed as part of TechTalks@Cass. They shared their insights on building a data-driven company, how to predict the next ‘lightning strike’ viral video, and what it’s like to be partners in life and partners in business.

Underpinning shareability with data

We live in a data-driven world; one in which data is finding its way into virtually every decision-making process. Some things are still considered out of reach, even if that pool is growing ever smaller. Making a viral video used to fall into that category, with viral success being a bit like a lightning strike; you might know when the conditions were favourable, but you would have no way of knowing if, or where, or when it would happen.

Yet Unruly are a rapidly growing company bringing that predictability to online video. Back in 2006 they created the Viral Video Chart by tracking every post of a video with its URL. All that data, going back so far, gives them an unrivalled data asset. It is the largest database of video sharing anywhere, with insights that are or prime interest to brands. (more…)