Indian election campaign is good for some stocks

The longest election campaign in India’s history has had a ho-hum impact on the local equity markets. However, speculation that one of the candidates, Narendra Modi, Gujarat state’s chief minister, might win boosted some state-based companies. Enjoy the ride, as profit taking could diminish optimism at election time.

World Cup inflation

World Cup fever is hitting Brazil this June as more than half a million global soccer fans flock to the country for the month long event. Brazil is expecting the event to boost its economy by creating thousands of jobs.  The flip side is that Brazilian inflation may also rise a bit. Check out this video to see how you can use Thomson Reuters Eikon to track Brazil’s inflation worries.

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Brian Quinn on WestlawNext enhancements

Brian Quinn, senior product developer for WestlawNext at Thomson Reuters, talks about the latest enhancements to WestlawNext, including Custom Pages and eLibraries.

Big data innovation trends in education

In this fourth installment of the Thomson Reuters Knowledge Worker Innovation Series Mona Vernon, Senior Director of Emerging Technology at Thomson Reuters and Dr. Una–May O’Reilly, the leader of the AnyScale Learning For All (ALFA) research group at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, discuss big data innovation trends in education, MOOCs, interactive visualization & analytics.

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TechVision: Social investment networks

The latest installment in our TechVision series looks at how social media changed financial markets and features Yoni Assia, CEO of eToro, hosted by Thomson Reuters Chief Enterprise Architect, Dave Weller.

TechVision is an interactive video series presented to a live and virtual internal audience in our offices, and in key customer facing events with a focus on real-world applications of emerging technologies and trends. Our speakers are thought leaders who help us reframe and explore growth opportunities.

In Japan, higher grocery bills add to a leader’s burden

As Japanese consumers contend with a tax hike, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is under more pressure than ever to deliver on a long-awaited new tranche of growth-boosting reforms. Yonggi Kang reports.

Oil spill shuts Houston ship channel

The closure of major Texas shipping channels has caused chaos for the oil industry. As the standstill reaches a third day, discover how you can track the situation with Interactive Maps in Thomson Reuters Eikon.

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Analyze the Oil Supply Chain in real-time

Commodity Flows provides a single database of individual oil cargoes, incorporating information from vessel tracking, fixtures, tenders and port inspection to provide an assessment of the forward and historical movement of a commodity into a particular port or trading hub. Watch this video to learn more on how it can benefit you.

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Is doing good a good business?

Rob Cox and Efrat Peled, Chairman and CEO of Arison Investments, discuss the Israeli firm’s focus on projects that are both philanthropic and generate returns for shareholders.

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Kiwi policy the envy of other central banks

New Zealand has become the first advanced nation to exit record-low rates, boasting inflationary pressures that some powerful central bankers could only wish for, says Breakingviews’ Andy Mukherjee.

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