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Professionals are becoming individual news networks as blogs and social media have become trusted news sources for professionals around the globe.

You: The Worldwide Leader in News

“Social media in the workplace: The impact of recent NLRB rulings,” by Todd C. Taylor, Moore & Van Allen


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Legal Solutions blog weekly roundup

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Cory Booker on Ashton Kutcher, Mark Zuckerberg and being a social media mayor

Cory Booker says social media, something Ashton Kutcher pushed him to embrace, enables him to reach and listen to thousands of his constitutes, making governing collaborative. He connected with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg because the two believe the U.S. is “woefully falling short” when it comes to education.

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Student injured during tennis match must show relevance of rival’s social media posts

A New York high school student who was sued for allegedly hurting a classmate during a tennis match must show why information on the classmate’s private social media accounts is relevant to his defense against the suit.

Litigants cannot go on a “fishing expedition” for information and must have a good-faith basis to request access to another party’s private social media accounts, Judge Joseph J. Maltese of the Richmond County Supreme Court said.

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Social media: fish where the fish are

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If you’re interested in social media and how to get started – or if you’ve dipped your feet in the water but want to do much more – then make sure to attend FindLaw’s Social Media: Fish Where the Fish Are webcast. This free one-hour webcast describes why social media is the present and the future of online legal marketing, and how your firm can use tools like Facebook, Twitter and blogs to connect with clients and prospects.

It takes place this Wednesday, January 16th and there are two sessions to choose from – noon EST and 4 p.m. EST. (more…)

Westlaw Insider weekly roundup

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Here’s a quick check-in with our friends over at Westlaw Insider to see what’s been going on in the legal world this past week: (more…)

Westlaw Insider weekly roundup

Here’s a quick check-in with our friends over at Westlaw Insider to see what’s been going on in the legal world this past week:

Social media has greatly impacted the practice of law. Ultimately, what lawyers—who use social media tools—need to know is that while the game may have changed, the same ethical rules apply.

Rapid employment of social media sites in day-to-day marketing and business plans has produced legal headaches for in-house and outside counsel. Two particular questions that can produce those headaches are: Who actually owns those social media assets that are developed, accessed, and often controlled by company employees?  And what are the implications of ownership issues among a company’s social media assets?

As the day of the United States Supreme Court opinion on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act neared, the editors who work on the United States Code Annotated (USCA) prepared for potentially widespread effects on Thomson Reuters’ USCA publication. The potentially massive breadth of the opinion posed a significant challenge.  The team predicted at least four options for the practical statutory results of the Supreme Court’s opinion.

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Google Inc Buys Nik Software

As Google Inc continues to compete with Facebook in the mobile social media space, photo editing has become more and more important.  In order to compete with Facebook’s Instagram, Google purchased Nik Software, which makes the photo editing application Snapseed.  If Google’s investment pays off, its top shareholders should reap benefits.

Top holders of Google Inc

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Westlaw Insider weekly roundup

Graduates from the law school hold up gavels in celebration during their commencement at Harvard University in Cambridge

Here’s a quick check-in with our friends over at Westlaw Insider to see what’s been going on in the legal world this past week: (more…)