Scott McCleskey

The Q3 TRust Index: Thomson Reuters Financial & Risk Global Head of Regulatory Intelligence

Thomson Reuters Global Head of Regulatory Intelligence Scott McCleskey talks about the state of trust in financial institutions through the metrics of the latest release of the TRust Index.

You can find more details on our TRust Index here.

The Q2 TRust Index: Members of the TRust Index team

Scott McCleskey, StarMine Senior Research Analyst Sri Raman, and Head of Machine Readable News Asif Alam talk about the findings of the Q2 TRust Index: what’s happening in the state of trust in financial institutions and what it means.

Read the TRust Index, Q2.

TRust Index tracks the state of trust in the financial sector

Q2 TRust Index report updates Q1 metrics and adds regulatory data

Trust. Where does it come from, and how is it measured? What is its value – and how is that earned or lost? Over the past five years, in the wake of the global economic crisis, the financial industry has looked for answers to those questions. Now, we offer a wider, data-driven, and analytical lens.

From its initial launch in May, the TRust Index has been at the center of some robust dialogue around a critical topic in our market: the restoration of trust in the global financial ecosystem and the constituencies whose views are most essential to that recovery. Today we release the Q2 2013 TRust Index. In addition to updating the Q1 metrics drawn from across our business’ rich asset sets and analytical capabilities on the financial sector, this quarter we expand the view to include the regulatory environment…

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Trust, faith & confidence – panel tackles what we believe in (and don’t) and why it matters

Thomson Reuters TRust Index

Last week at the Aspen Ideas Festival, we offered a panel on Trust as the Currency of the New Economy moderated by Thomson Reuters Global Head of Regulatory Intelligence Scott McCleskey and expert panelists

  • Peter Orszag, vice chairman of corporate and investment banking and chairman of the financial strategy and solutions group at Citigroup, previously President Obama’s director of the Office of Management and Budget;
  • William Mayer, founder of Park Avenue Equity Partners, former president and chief executive officer of First Boston and chairman of the Aspen Institute from 2000 to 2008, currently on its Executive Committee;
  • James Coulter, co-founder and founding partner at TPG Capital, formerly with the Keystone Group, LP and Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb Inc.; and
  • Gillian Tett, markets and finance commentator, assistant editor of the Financial Times, previously U.S. managing editor and overseer of global coverage of the financial markets.

Based on our own Thomson Reuters TRust Index, the panel explored the topic of trust today and the panelists ranged across many sectors and many points of view in a meaningful conversation about one of the hottest issues of our time.

Among the most interesting opinions and comments: (more…)

Trust as the currency of the new economy: Exploring the restoration of trust in the global financial ecosystem

Panel Discussion: Trust as the currency of the new economy

Market instability, economic turmoil, inadequate risk controls, bank failures and scandals have tested public confidence in our global financial ecosystem. We will explore these issues and their impact on trust in the economy in a panel discussion at the Aspen Ideas Festival that will focus on the issues of better governance and risk management at institutions, stronger leadership and boards, intelligent regulation by government agencies, and better understanding of the complexities of interconnected economies and markets.

The discussion will be moderated by Scott McCleskey, global head of Regulatory Intelligence for our Financial & Risk business. A prestigious panel of experts with experience in finance, government, and media will discuss how trust and “reputational capital” are foundational to restoring and rebuilding the role – and regard – of the financial sector in the global new economy…

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Thomson Reuters at the 2013 Aspen Ideas Festival

Aspen overview

Our leaders will once again participate in the influential conversations taking place at this year’s Aspen Ideas Festival, which will be held June 26 – July 3. We’re honored to be partnering with the Aspen Institute and The Atlantic for the sixth year to underwrite this unique gathering.

The Aspen Ideas Festival, now in its ninth year, assembles some of the world’s most influential thinkers and leaders to discuss their work and the issues that inspire them. This year’s Festival will explore a wide range of topics and issues, including:

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Scott McCleskey talks about trust in the global financial community

Global Head of Regulatory Intelligence Scott McCleskey discusses the launch of a new proprietary quarterly set of benchmarks (the TRust Index) that provide data and insight on the state of trust in financial institutions globally among the industry’s key constituencies.

Read the full story, “Is trust in financial institutions on the rebound?”

It won’t be ‘ez’ in the euro zone

REUTERS/Alex Domanski

I had the opportunity last night to participate in a two-hour dinner discussion on the Euro Zone crisis, which Thomson Reuters sponsored along with The Atlantic. There were about twenty participants each with specific expertise and a great deal of experience in Europe (it seemed that about half of us all lived in Brussels at the same time). In addition to my Thomson Reuters colleagues Nick Collier (Global Head of Government Affairs) and Luke Baker (Brussels Bureau Chief for Reuters News), participants included diplomats from France, the European Commission and the Finnish ambassador, representatives from the IMF and the World Bank, and commentators from the press, academia and consulting firms. (more…)

Debates, conversations and ideas at the Washington Ideas Forum

This week we’re at the Washington Ideas Forum, of which we’re a proud underwriter. WIF brings together the country’s top journalists with the world’s most fascinating newsmakers for two days of enlightening interviews, spirited dialogue and working sessions on today’s most pressing policy issues. (more…)

Growing Volume of Regulations, Limited Resources, Constrained Budgets Taking Toll on Compliance Teams

Compliance professionals around the world report they are often struggling to keep up with the growing demands of global regulation, according to our newest Thomson Reuters Governance, Risk & Compliance survey.


We see that a combination of rapidly growing regulations and increasing responsibilities for compliance professionals, coupled with limited resources and constrained budgets, are raising concerns that compliance teams have reached saturation point in their ability to successfully manage compliance.

Our survey covered more than 500 compliance professionals at financial services companies around the world, including banks, insurers and fund managers. Among the key findings from the report:

  • 84 percent of compliance professionals expect to handle more regulatory information in 2012
  • More than a third of respondents spend an entire working day each week staying up-to-date with regulatory changes
  • Only 11 percent of companies expect a significant increase in their budget for compliance this year

Compliance officers at regulated firms are finding themselves under increasing pressure from all sides. Companies need to be diligent, organized and pro-active in their approach to today’s fast-changing regulatory environment. However, our survey indicates that rather than gaining the upper hand in managing compliance functions, many companies are increasingly struggling to keep up.

A full copy of the report can be downloaded here.