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The Indonesian Regulatory Summit

Last week we announced that Thomson Reuters Accelus will be hosting the inaugural Indonesian Regulatory Summit taking place in Jakarta on September 5th in collaboration and with the support of the principal Indonesian regulatory bodies of Bank Indonesia and Bapepam-LK.

The Indonesian Regulatory Summit will provide a platform for industry experts and practitioners to network, share ideas, elevate awareness and ultimately enhance the local corporate governance, risk management and compliance culture.

indonesian regulatory summit

Over 200 senior level executives will attend the summit from a range of local, regional and global financial regulatory bodies, exchanges, associations and authorities in addition to senior management and key heads of compliance and risk management from leading organizations within the financial services industry.

Check out the full agenda, list of speakers and more information about the venue.

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ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Rate Report

Worldwide, there were 37% more indirect tax changes in the second quarter of 2012 than there were during the same period in 2011, according to our latest ONESOURCE Indirect Tax rate report.

There were 1,025 tax code changes in Q2 2012, compared with 270 in Q2 2011.

This includes 109 indirect tax increases, down slightly from 124 in Q2 2011.

Highlights from the global Q2 2012 report include: (more…)

State of Internal Audit Survey 2012

The company recently surveyed over 1,500 global internal audit practitioners, from all parts of the world, to collect their views on the state of internal audit and their greatest challenges for the year ahead. What we discovered reflects an evolving professional discipline that focuses on internal control, IT risk and security, risk management, compliance and fraud.

Read the special results report for insight on current trends and issues facing the internal audit profession. One vital factor mentioned in easing the pressure on the internal audit function is the need for adequate skilled resources to meet the growing demands and challenges for management and professionals in the field. The often under-valued task of internal audit can be made substantially easier when managers visibly and vocally demonstrate support for the audit function.

It is clear to us from both the number of respondents and the details of the information received that internal audit professionals are faced with an evolving and diverse job, expanding job duties, and challenges with internal and external changes.  See more about the press release here, see the report, and learn more about our internal audit solutions.

2012 Olympics Information to be Provided by The New York Times and Reuters Collaboration

The New York Times and Reuters, in an exciting collaboration, have joined forces to deliver 2012 Olympics news and data to publishers. In its simplest form, the product is a customizable widget that will automatically display information like medal counts, results and athlete stats, which is pretty handy if you’re keeping track of your favourite athlete or home country.

The total access package includes fully customizable templates that may also feature the publisher’s own stories, slideshows and multimedia, combined with content provided by The Times and Reuters. The benefit for other publishers is that they can give their audiences access to the Olympics without having to invest the time and resources required to create their own product.

To learn more, please check out the full press release.

Venture-Backed IPOs Have Strongest Opening Quarter In Five Years

A venture-backed IPO is when shares in a company that has previously been funded by private investors are sold to the public. In recent years, the market has been slow; but an Exit Poll report by Thomson Reuters and the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) shows that the first quarter of 2012 marked the strongest opening quarter for venture-backed IPOs since 2007.

“As we close the first quarter of 2012, venture-backed companies are extremely well positioned to consider an initial public offering on a U.S. exchange,” said Mark Heesen, president of the NVCA. “The recently passed JOBS Act will grant emerging growth companies temporary but significant regulatory relief during the IPO process, allowing them to focus on accessing capital to grow their businesses.”

If you want to learn more and see the numbers, please read the full press release. Or check out this story on which provides additional analysis.

UK Leading in Dementia Research

Amid high-caliber research output and citation impact, analysis reveals region has unfilled potential to accelerate dementia cure.

Our IP and Science business recently announced findings that the quality of dementia research in the United Kingdom (UK) is second in the world only to the United States, despite the low number of scientists working in this field, and that finding a cure can be accelerated by increasing the number of dementia researchers and investment, according to work done using the Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge. The findings are featured in an Alzheimer’s UK Research Report “Defeating Dementia.”

Alzheimer's Research UK LogoThe results from the analysis reveal the UK published more research on dementia than any other country except the United States and ranks second in the world after Sweden in citation impact, which is the number of times UK research is referenced in dementia studies around the globe. Despite its high performance and influence, dementia research capacity in the UK is low when compared to cancer, stroke and heart disease. For every dementia research scientist there are six who work on cancer.

Read the full press release.

View the Alzheimer’s Research UK report, Defeating Dementia.

Social Media Sentiment Analysis

A traditional light bulb with carbon filament is displayed at a do-it-yourself store in Dortmund.Caption|REUTERS/Ina Fassbender

Today we announced an extension of our machine-readable news offering to include a sentiment scoring service for social media. The new capability will mine the expansive wealth of social media and blog content to deliver digestible analytics on selected companies and market segments, to help trading and investment firms identify and capitalize on new opportunities.

The impact of social media has expanded beyond personal use. Financial markets have seen a dramatic rise in the volume and influence of industry blogs, social-networking and commentary websites. According to Aite Group 35% of quantitative firms are using some kind of machine readable newsfeed, up from 2% just three years ago.

Thomson Reuters News Analytics enables clients to leverage a unique set of analytics such as sentiment, relevance and novelty indicators that capture market opinion, for algorithmic trading systems as well as risk management and human decision support processes. Today’s launch provides access on up to 50,000 news sites and four million social media sites, and allows customers to quickly sift through the noise to better interpret the extensive amount of available data on the internet.

The service utilizes information delivered by Moreover Technologies, an aggregator of global news and social media, to create intelligent information clients need to power their trading strategies. Thomson Reuters News Analytics software is available as a deployed solution or can be hosted in Elektron, our high performance data and trading infrastructure.

Learn more about Thomson Reuters News Analytics & Thomson Reuters Machine Readable News

Read the full press release.

New Partnership with Ohio State University

Our IP & Science business (new product page!) and The Ohio State University announced the upcoming launch of Research In View™ across the university’s campus. Research In View is an enterprise-wide system for collecting and managing scholarly activity data across an institution to bring greater clarity to academic resources and performance.

The result of a multi-year partnership, this faculty profiling system collects data from multiple sources and in various formats, standardizing it to provide a unified database and analytic interface for managing, searching and reporting on key areas within an institution. Ohio State is the first university to implement this comprehensive, campus-wide system.

Learn more about this new fantastic partnership.

Bringing Deeper Macroeconomic Insight to Investment Management Clients

Yesterday we announced that we are teaming up with Fathom Consulting, an independent, global economic and financial market consultancy. The agreement will bring investment management professionals deeper insights on macroeconomic trends and help identify risk and new investment ideas from those trends.

By teaming up with Fathom Consulting, we can bring investment managers access to a broad range of advanced research and proprietary content to identify and illustrate new alpha opportunities that will help them outperform. Professionals will also be able to access to a broad range of advanced research and proprietary content to identify and illustrate the hidden messages in the data. (more…)

Learn more about Thomson Reuters Datastream.

Find out more about Thomson ONE Investment Management.

An Overwieght US Workforce Costs Employers

A recent Thomson Reuters press release identified an overweight and obese workforce as having the largest impact on employer health care spending. The Thomson Reuters Workforce Wellness Index takes into account each year how body mass index, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, tobacco use and alcohol use influence employer healthcare spending.  Unhealthy behaviors among the US workforce cost employers a total of $623 each year, costs linked to obesity account for nearly 70% of that expenditure. Medical costs associated with obesity were reported as costing employers $425 per employee annually in 2010.

But despite the ever present goal to reduce health care costs for employers and employees alike, statistical data from over the years indicates that pant sizes won’t be the only thing going up if we continue on our current trajectory. A graph included in the CDC obesity trend report shows a steady increase in the obesity population since the late 1980’s. In 2007, the CDC reported that 34% of the American population over the age of 20 suffered from obesity. Respectively, Mississippi, South Carolina, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Michigan top the list of the most obese states in 2010, all weighing in with over 30% of the total state population suffering from some form of obesity. Raymond Fabius, chief medical officer of Thomson Reuters, is quoted in the press release, “Obesity continues to be a prevailing problem, one that will continue to plague employers and insurers alike until we find a way to stem this epidemic.”

In a feeble attempt to stop the progress of what is widely considered an obesity epidemic, the government has set a national goal to lower the percentage of obese individuals in each state to under 15%.  As of 2010, even the state with the lowest obesity percentage, Colorado, missed the mark by 6%.

It appears that cutting health care costs may be as simple as shedding a few pounds…