How important is your time?

In today’s fast pace environment the struggle to do more, faster, is a never ending goal. Watch this short video to hear how Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE has helped tax professionals experience time savings and the impact it made on their professional and personal lives. For more information on Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE, click here.

Quirky sales tax laws


Earlier today, our Tax & Accounting business revealed a variety of quirky sales tax changes passed or implemented in 2013: (more…)

Do More with ONESOURCE

Do you have a tax superpower? Learn how Cox Enterprises & Dupont are saving the day and doing more with ONESOURCE.

Follow the Leader: Joe Harpaz, Managing Director of Corporate & Trust Tax


As a newly minted contributor to, he’s building on his industry reputation as the go-to-guy for corporate tax advice with thought-provoking blogs that speak to innovation and leadership.

Highly entrepreneurial, highly competitive and highly esteemed, few things stir the passion of Joe Harpaz more than delighting customers and producing great results. We asked Joe to riff on a variety of topics, including his team’s success, what he’s learned along the way, and what it means to be delighted.

Can you tell us about a time you yourself were delighted as a customer, and what you learned from the experience?

Harpaz: I think delight happens when you enjoy an experience because of an element of positive surprise – getting more than you could’ve expected. Sometimes this can be financially meaningless, but it makes a statement to show caring or sensitivity about the emotional aspect of a purchase. In today’s world, this is probably most apparent in consumer-related purchases where retailers are trying to really differentiate themselves through the experience and not just the product. (more…)

ONESOURCE Tax Provision

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Tax professionals often have a tight window to compile and calculate tax reporting figures in time for the financial close. The many manual aspects of the reporting process, such as data collection, consolidation and error tracking, leave little time for the analysis and planning that add value to their businesses. It is essential that tax departments ensure that adequate controls are in place to manage risk, meet shareholder expectations and avoid regulatory penalties.

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE® Tax Provision helps address these important issues. It provides tax professionals with guaranteed calculations and user controls; an automated flow of information between general ledger, provision and return systems; integrated work papers; global data management; and enhanced reporting. ONESOURCE Tax Provision allows for greater control over tax provision data, while mitigating risk. The result: a faster, more efficient close…

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Transforming how corporate tax departments work

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Today, tax departments work under increasing pressure to get more done, faster. Tax professionals often work under tight deadlines with limited resources to manage a wide range of responsibilities, including local and global planning and compliance for corporate income tax, indirect tax, property tax, trusts, transfer pricing, tax provision and tax information reporting.

“We understand the challenges that tax professionals face, and are constantly evolving our offerings to help our customers do more, faster,” says Joe Harpaz, managing director of the corporate division of the Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting business. “Our products offer the speed, integration and expertise that our customers require to operate efficiently and in a low-risk environment. We’re proud to enable tax departments across the world to do great work each day.”

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE® is the world’s most powerful corporate tax and accounting platform. ONESOURCE products offer global solutions for managing the entire tax and accounting lifecycle more efficiently. ONESOURCE helps tax departments manage their company’s data in a streamlined and centralized view, and simplifies tax compliance, all in one complete solution…

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Groundbreaking technology helps streamline transfer pricing process at Ford Motor Company

onesource operational transfer pricing

ONESOURCE Operational Transfer Pricing is a ground breaking technology that enables multinational companies to more effectively and efficiently manage transfer pricing data, compliance and reporting in real time and one of the leading automobile manufacturers is experiencing the benefits first-hand.

Developed in response to global industry challenges, ONESOURCE transfer pricing collects, validates and standardizes data from multiple ledgers into a centralized system, providing reporting visibility on demand instead of the traditional yearly process. This allows tax professionals to monitor and proactively respond to transfer pricing results well before their books close, ensuring compliance, maximizing efficiency and minimizing risk.

Elizabeth Blatchford is manager of transfer pricing strategy and analysis at Ford Motor Company, an early adopter of the product. “Our team needed to streamline an extremely labor-intensive transfer pricing process,” she explains. “With ONESOURCE Operational Transfer Pricing, reporting that used to take four months can be done in just a week, allowing us to reallocate our resources to more strategic activities.”

Watch the video to learn more about how ONESOURCE Operational Transfer Pricing is at work at Ford Motor Company: (more…)

Turn your tax department into rock stars

We all know that change is hard. But with ONESOURCE, even Tax Accountants who’ve been asleep for over 25 years can turn into the rock stars of the company.

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‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah I’m the taxman

It isn’t a song from the 80s, but I realized that I’ve pretty much avoided my usual pop culture references lately, so I figured my opportunity to take part in our recent Onesource User Conference in London was a great opportunity to bring it back. I had been asked earlier this year by Tina Allen who is the public relations manager for Tax & Accounting if I could present a session on mobile technology as well as finish off the day on a panel focused on some of the implications of policy and technology on the tax professional of the future. It was also a great chance for me to get to spend some time as well at dinner with Brian Peccarelli, the president of our Tax & Accounting business.

I will be the first to admit that I am not an expert at all on tax and accounting issues. In fact, when the panel introduced themselves, they were all standout representatives of this part of the business, including our own Charlotte Rushton. As my fellow panelists introduced themselves and their backgrounds, this was the best I could come up with for myself: “I’m Bob Schukai, and I’m the Global Head of Mobile Technology at Thomson Reuters. And I pay tax!”  OK, I’ll admit I’m a little better than that, but I truly was impressed at the many people I met during the day both from within the company as well as partners and customers such as Deloitte and Shell. I do want to tell you about one of the coolest areas that I think we have in our Tax & Accounting group, and it came through an acquisition of a company called Manatron. (more…)

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE named Americas Tax Innovator of the Year

Recently, International Tax Review recognized Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE platform as Americas Tax Innovator of the Year at its seventh annual Americas Awards ceremony in New York.

When asked why Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE was singled out for the award, Ralph Cunningham, managing editor of International Tax Review, said: “It is down to the impact ONESOURCE has made as the comprehensive tool in the market to help tax executives control the global tax process. It clearly scores through its ability to gather data on one platform, helping users to analyze quickly and accurately the state of play in a company tax function.”

International Tax Review is a leading news and analysis publication serving the international corporate tax community. The Americas Awards ceremony is one of two awards presentations that International Tax Review organizes annually.

For more information about the International Tax Review Americas Awards, check out their website or read the press release.

To learn more about our award winning ONESOURCE platform visit Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE. (more…)