Building Opportunity – AGCO South America

At Thomson Reuters we’re dedicated to serving the world’s builders — our customers — by building the tools they rely on to lay the foundation for innovation, scientific discovery, efficient and transparent markets, and effective navigation of legal, regulatory and tax environments. Our 2011 Annual Report highlights the work of five builders. Here is one of those stories:

AGCO is a global agricultural equipment manufacturer with a strong presence in Brazil, one of the world’s largest economies. Marco Brito leads AGCO South America’s tax planning and accounting departments. In his role, Brito helps AGCO navigate the complex tax landscape of Brazil—where tax law varies from region to region. Mastersaf tax and accounting intelligence and tools from Thomson Reuters help Brito analyze the operations of the business and optimize its structure to position it for the greatest tax advantage. Within the rapidly developing and professionalizing economy of Brazil, this knowledge is helping AGCO create paths to opportunity.

To learn more about how we help AGCO navigate Brazil’s complex tax landscape, read the full story and watch the video below:

Impact of Mastersaf Acquisition

Check out this great article on about our expanding presence in Brazil that was bolstered by the recent acquisition of Mastersaf.





Announcing two important acquisitions for the Professional division

Within the past few days, we have announced two major acquisitions: Mastersaf, a provider of tax and accounting software solutions in Brazil, and World-Check, a global provider of information that helps prevent financial crime and corruption. Both companies are leaders in their fields.

These acquisitions showcase a few themes that are going to play a predominant role in the coming months:

  • Investment: The global recession has fundamentally changed the environment in which our customers do business. That means it has changed some things about our business as well. Some of those changes present challenges; but many others offer promising opportunities for the future. The areas supported by this week’s acquisitions – governance, risk and compliance; and global tax and accounting – are just two of our many businesses with highly attractive prospects for future growth.
  • Globalization: Rapidly Developing Economies (RDEs), such as Brazil, are taking an increasing share of global commercial activity. That’s the reason we have focused so keenly on those geographies in our new organizational structure, and it’s one of the reasons we acquired Mastersaf. Similarly, World-Check operates in more than 160 countries and effectively extends the global capability of our GRC business into Mainland China, Brazil, the Middle East and India.
  • Collaboration: Our Latin America and Tax & Accounting business units worked in close partnership to acquire Mastersaf and will continue to do so as they manage and grow the business. World-Check will be an important driver of growth for many parts of Thomson Reuters, including Markets. These acquisitions show us how we can and should reach out across organizational boundaries to find mutually beneficial growth opportunities.

It is exciting to see these themes in action this week. You can expect more of these types of focused investments in the future.

Further information about these acquisitions is available in the press releases below: