Mark Felsenthal

Reuters TV Roundup

Today was an extremely busy day over at Reuters TV. Here’s a roundup of all the videos that were posted.

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Rough Cuts

After Hosni Mubarak received a life sentence for his role in civilian deaths during the country’s revolution, protesters marched on Tahrir Square in central Cairo.

Warren Buffett, speaking to the Economic Club of Washington, said he believed the chances of a U.S. recession were very low.

Fast Forward

On the other hand, Wilbur Ross, CEO of WL Ross & Co, explains why he thinks the U.S. is headed for recession.


Breakingviews columnists discuss the implications of Governor Scott Walker’s recall election victory for November’s presidential election


Recent oil price dips are a short term phenomenon and will have no impact on Royal Dutch Shell’s spending plans, says CEO Peter Voser.

Ben Bernanke still has plenty of options in the Fed policy arsenal — from a new twist on Operation Twist to all-out QE3. Reuters Fed correspondent Mark Felsenthal explains.

Freeland File

Reuters Global Editor Chrystia Freeland caught up with IMF Chief Christine Lagarde at a conference in Riga, Latvia.



Bernanke Shares Downbeat Assessment for US Economy

Reuters Fed Correspondent Mark Felsenthal says Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s comments on the US economy were mostly negative, noting that he did not signal any near-term policy shifts.