TechVision: Emerging trends in FinTech

Our latest TechVision, Emerging Trends in FinTech, was hosted by James Powell, CTO Thomson Reuters with a panel of startups in London. From cyber security and digital currencies to online marketplaces for lending, we explored their contributions to this booming FinTech marketplace in London and beyond. Our guests included: Sachin Patel, the Head of UK Capital Markets, Funding Circle, James Merrick, Head of Operations, Digital Shadows, Dr. Tom Robinson, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Elliptic. After each of the panelists talked about their companies and offerings, the conversation explored why London and why now.

All of the panelists agreed that technologies such as mobile, social, and the cloud provided platforms and opportunities to the financial marketplace, which was positioned for innovation. The support of the UK government in this space has been encouraging and welcome. All of the panelists mentioned that they had US involvement, either through investment or through offices in the States. Disruption and competition were important themes for each startup and they offered the following advise: Develop and invest in your brand, focusing on your unique offerings. Partner with other startups that complement your offerings and constantly watch the space for next generation disruptors.

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TechVision: Emerging trends in FinTech

REUTERS/Toby Melville

The potential of next generation FinTech (Financial Technology) could be the big bang disruption to fuel the growth in financial markets and regulatory agencies. London is one of the major cities at the center of global technology-led financial services. James Powell, Chief Technology Officer, Thomson Reuters, will host a diverse panel of FinTech influencers and innovators who are helping to move the UK financial industry toward the £20 billion mark.

Meet the panelists:


Customer data: You are who you follow

An illustration picture shows the Twitter logo reflected in the eye of a woman in Berlin

Are we the decisions we make? Are our decisions our own?

The first event in a new Data Science Insights series hosted by Imperial College’s Data Science Institute in partnership with Thomson Reuters, examined how data can be used to lead your choices, and how this could be a good thing. Make sure to check out the full video and highlights at the bottom of the post.

Speaking on Thursday 11 December were Felicity Algate from the UK’s Behavioural Insights Team, which was the world’s first government institution dedicated to the application of behavioural sciences, and Edwina Dunn, co-founder of dunnhumby, the UK-based customer science company. Our speakers shared with us where data science has come from, and where it is going.

You are where you live (more…)

Foundation poll prompts global debate on dangerous transport for women

Most Dangerous Transport Systems for Women

The Thomson Reuters Foundation released a global poll this week ranking the most dangerous transport systems for women in major cities.

The poll triggered a significant debate around the globe, from London – which ranked worse than New York, Beijing, and Tokyo – to Bogota in Colombia, which ranked worst overall with women scared to travel after dark. (more…)

Transgender: Gender Identity Explained Event Highlights

The need to understand more about gender identity and the challenges that trans people face brought nearly 200 people to our office in Canary Wharf on Monday June 30th, for our presentation and panel event, “Transgender: Gender Identity Explained.” This video contains highlights from the event that our Pride at Work UKI group hosted with the charity GIRES at our London, Canary Wharf office. The opening remarks were made by Jan-Coos Geesink the head of our Legal Solutions UK and Ireland team and co-sponsor of our Pride at Work network in the UK. It also features Emma Cusdin and Nicholas Creswell on the Panel. We also have short interviews at the end from a number of internal and external guests.

Read more about the event.

Thomson Reuters Pride at Work Network hosts Transgender: Gender Identity Explained


Do you identify as a man or as a woman?

Most people don’t even ask themselves that question. They just know who they are. But for some of us, this is a really important and difficult issue, because the person we know ourselves to be does not necessarily match the assumptions made about us at birth.

The need to understand more about gender identity and the challenges that trans people face brought nearly 200 people to our office in Canary Wharf on Monday June 30th, for our presentation and panel event, “Transgender: Gender Identity Explained.” This was our second event, after our online presentation in 2012, focusing on the transgender aspect of LGBT. However, it was our first in person event with our customers and interested organizations. (more…)

Co-creating a diversity manifesto at AudaCITY Talent Rising


By Anyani Boos, Sales Representative, Thomson Reuters

I was lucky enough to join colleagues from across Thomson Reuters at the AudaCITY Talent Rising Conference last week in London. The conferences, hosted by the Lord Mayor’s Appeal, brought together delegates from a variety of companies to debate and discuss current issues related to diversity & inclusion.

Arriving in the crypt of the Guildhall was exhilarating and I got the opportunity to meet and greet people from a broad range of companies including EY, Aon, BNY Mellon and many more. However, it wasn’t only the venue that left an impression on me. (more…)

Thomson Reuters and Apps for Good: Partnering to develop the next generation of technologists

Bob Schukai

Thomson Reuters was at London’s Barbican Centre on Monday evening for the annual Apps for Good awards ceremony. We have partnered with Apps for Good, an open-source technology movement where young people learn to create technology tools to change their world, since 2011.

The awards ceremony recognized teams of students from across the UK who have created apps which tackle everyday problems or issues they are passionate about. From over 17,000 participants in the Apps for Good program, 18 teams were shortlisted for awards in six categories. Thomson Reuters sponsors two categories: the My Planet Award, and the Information Award.

The winners were: (more…)

Reuters Newsmaker on European reform

Nick Clegg

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s plans to renegotiate ties with the European Union (EU) are “wishful thinking”. That was a takeaway from our Reuters Newsmaker with UK Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, held at our South Colonnade office (May 9) in London.

Reuters journalist and TV anchor Axel Threlfall hosted the ‘standing-room only’ interview and Q&A session. In his opening speech Nick Clegg said that Cameron’s threat to opt out of the Euroean Union, or “Brexit”, put the Prime Minister on a collision course with his backbench Members of Parliament (MPs) and the needs of British business. If re-elected next year, David Cameron would try to renegotiate Britain’s ties to the EU and give the nation a referendum on whether to remain inside the 28-nation bloc.

Clegg said: “You fight Britain’s corner effectively not by going on a whistlestop tour of Europe’s capitals, a list of make-or-break demands in hand. You do it by engaging with our neighbours, forging alliances with like-minded states and winning the argument.”

What would Britain look like if it left the EU? (more…)

TechTalk: Who’s sitting next to you – the power of co-creation


What do tech start-ups need? Coffee, power, wifi and each other…and maybe a loo! That was the starting point in the creation of TechHub according to its co-founders Elizabeth Varley and Mike Butcher. When they came up with the idea in 2009 they knew that people would sit on the floor if needed, although luckily it didn’t come to that. They were inspired by co-working spaces that they’d seen in the US and the value that came from a cluster. The cluster, in part, was already there; a whole bunch of meet-ups were already happening in East London but they had nowhere to go. The irony being that the tech community needed to get-together in real-life. It was good meeting at conferences but this interaction needed to move to the day-to-day. On top of this, start-ups elsewhere in Europe wanted to find a way to get started in London. TechHub started with a viral campaign, asking people to create 60 second YouTube videos explaining why they needed TechHub. Their founder memberships were oversubscribed before the space even opened, and Elizabeth was mobbed when the idea was announced in a pitch at a TechCrunch event. But right from the start the principle was to keep it as affordable as possible – with a no-frills approach to the space so that the real value was in companies coming together. To keep costs down, Mike built the chairs for the first space and Elizabeth welded the desks. (more…)