OPEC and Iran – graphic of the day

The United States and the European Union this year took a step they had long resisted, imposing trade sanctions to choke off Iran’s lifeblood: oil revenue. Iran’s output has fallen since the latest sanctions took effect, but OPEC has made up for it as Iraq and Libya came back online. Today’s graph shows oil output and the percent change vs. OPEC.


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Picture of the Day – 7/6/12

As Libyans prepare for the first free elections in 42 years, fear that the elections will be marred by violence is running through the voting populace.  Of the 3,700 candidates, many are strongly Islamic-leaning, while others align with the different warring factions that have flourished in the lawlessness.  The vote takes place tomorrow, July 7th.

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Reuters Wins 5 Best in Business Awards

We are pleased to announce that Reuters has been awarded five Best in Business Awards by the Society of American Business Editors and Writers. These awards, which honor excellence in business and financial journalism across all platforms, reflect the success of our efforts in on-the-ground news coverage, investigations, and ground-breaking commentary. The awards will be presented on Saturday, March 17, in Indianapolis.

Our award winners:

  • Reuters coverage of the Libyan revolution, which included scoops on Gaddafi’s death and the capture of his son, was selected as a winner in the Breaking News/International category.
  • Scot Paltrow’s investigation into banks’ use of robo-signing won in the Explanatory/News Agency category.
  • Paltrow also picked up an award in the Feature/News Agencies category for “The Congressman with Banks on the Side,” which exposed how Representative Phil Gingrey has flouted House ethics and financial disclosure rules for years.
  • Jack Shafer’s feisty and funny media columns received an award in the Opinion & Column/News Agencies category.
  • Breakingviews agenda-setting commentary won in the Opinion & Column/Digital category.

You can view the full list of SABEW Award winners here.

Congratulations to all who contributed to these exceptional stories!

Reuters first to report Gaddafi was captured alive and then killed [UPDATE]

Reuters was cited by news organizations around the world yesterday when we broke the news that former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was captured and then later killed in an attack by fighters in the National Transit Council, the rebel force that seized Tripoli in August.

Libya's leader Muammar Gaddafi attends a celebration of the 40th anniversary         of his coming to power at the Green Square in Tripoli in this September 1, 2009 file photo.While rumors were swirling about a possible capture or attack on Gaddafi, Reuters Middle East Editor Samia Nakhoul worked trusted sources, NTC Senior Military Commander Abdel Majid Mlegta and NTC information minister Mahmoud Shammam, to get the facts. Nakhoul phoned Mlegta while he was at the scene and got the real-time news of Gaddafi’s capture and subsequent shooting. She got the crucial update that Gaddafi had died in an ambulance by staying in direct communication with Mlegta, who had radio contact with someone inside the ambulance.

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UPDATE: We used Storify to portray how Reuters broke the story on twitter. Check it out below: (more…)

Muammar Gaddafi Timeline – Graphic of the Day

Today’s graphic features a timeline of the 40+ years that Muammar Gaddafi spent in control of Libya. It also includes a comparison to other longtime serving Arab leaders as well as a small map showing where Gaddafi was captured.

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The Gaddafi Family – Graphic of the Day

Muammar Gaddafi is dead, Libya’s new leaders said, killed by fighters who overran his home town and final bastion. Today’s graphic breaks down the Gaddafi family and their whereabouts. The four colors represent whether they were reported killed, at-large, fled to Algeria or Niger.

This graphic is an updated version of this post. 

The Secret Plan to Take Tripoli

Reuters explores the secret plan to take Tripoli, which rebels and western backers spent months plotting. Read the exclusive “Special Report”.

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As a bonus, check out this infographic detailing the advance of the rebel troops and the fall of Tripoli:

Libya Recognition – Graphic of the Day

The Gaddafi Family – Graphic of the Day

Today’s graphic breaks down the Gaddafi family and their whereabouts. The four colors represent whether they were reported killed, captured, fled to Algeria or have unknown whereabouts.

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Cell Phone as a Weapon

Reuters released a Special Report that explores how mobile technology, combined with low-tech know how, has helped Libya’s rebels from the start. Take a look.