Flagship smartphones compared – graphic of the day

Amazon’s new smartphone, which joins their “Fire” lineup of tablets and streaming devices, aims to stand out in a crowded field dominated by Apple and Samsung. The new 3D Fire phone seeks to offer shoppers instant gratification by recognizing thousands of products, television shows and songs and allowing users to immediately buy them on Amazon. Today’s graphic compares the new Amazon Fire to six major competitors on the smartphone market.

Amazon Fire Phone

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Is our own Dr. Garfield the grandfather of Google?

Dr. Eugene Garfield is synonymous with innovation at Thomson Reuters.

As the creator of the Science Citation Index (SCI) and the founder of the Institute of Scientific Information, now Scientific & Scholarly Research (SSR), his work forever changed research discovery and analytics.

But developing citation indexing – the cornerstone of the SCI, which involved harnessing the footnotes, or cited references, in scholarly publications – also earned him the title “grandfather of Google.”

Founding father of modern citation analysis (more…)

Google’s mass digitalization of books isn’t fair use, amici say

By Melissa J. Sachs, Esq., Legal Writer

From Westlaw Journal Computer & Internet: Noted journalist Malcolm Gladwell, essayist Margaret Atwood, and law professors and trade groups representing publishers, photographers, songwriters and artists have all urged a federal appeals court to reverse a 2013 ruling that Google’s mass digitalization of library books is “fair use.”

“A digital library of this nation’s books, with a strong search function, is unquestionably a desirable goal.  However, that goal must not be achieved at the expense of the authors of those works,” Copyright Alliance CEO Sandra Aistars said.

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Media streaming device comparison – graphic of the day

Yesterday, Amazon unveiled its new media streaming device, offering the hardware as well as a $39.99 gaming controller for its own fast-growing online content services. Today’s graphic compares the new Fire TV to its main competitors from Apple, Google and Roku.

Amazon Fire TV

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Journalist spotlight: Scoop on Google lobbying to stop distracted driver legislation

Last week, Reuters scored an exclusive on Google lobbying officials in at least three U.S. states to stop proposed restrictions on driving with headsets such as Google Glass. The story, by correspondent Dan Levine, revealed that Google has deployed lobbyists to persuade elected officials in Illinois, Delaware and Missouri that it is not necessary to restrict the use of Google Glass behind the wheel. Reuters was widely credited by other outlets for breaking the news. In a Reuters Best: Journalist Spotlight Q&A, Dan offers a look at the reporting behind his scoop.

Q. How did you get this scoop?

A. Last month a traffic case in San Diego involving Google Glass got a lot of press. After that, a group of Reuters editors, including top news editors and legal specialists, asked me to pay more attention to how the law and courts would adapt to wearable tech as it becomes a bigger business. Through interviews I realized that most of the action right now was in the statehouses, and no one had really uncovered Google’s position on bills targeting Glass. So I thought I’d go ask the people on the ground in states where bills had been introduced.

Q. What types of reporting/sourcing were involved? (more…)

UPDATE: Flagship smartphones compared – graphic of the day

UPDATE: We took your comments to heart and added the Google Nexus 5.

Yesterday, Samsung unveiled the latest version of its Galaxy smartphone, the S5. Market expectations for the new device remain subdued, given its comparative lack of innovation. Today’s graphic is a side-by-side comparison of the flagship smartphones from seven of the major players in the industry.


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Q&A on the sweet business of co-branding

In a recent commentary published in the Westlaw Journal Computer & Internet, Sideman & Bancroft intellectual property partner Kelly P. McCarthy and Samantha Von Hoene, a law clerk at the firm, discuss potentially sweet deals that can come about when two companies partner up for a co-branding strategy.

Their commentary, “Co-branding: A sweet business strategy,” kicks off with the 2013 announcement that a version of Google’s Android operating system would be called “KitKat,” a named licensed from Nestle, the candy bar’s creator.  We speak to Kelly P. McCarthy about this unexpected pairing and how companies can sniff out other successful co-branding deals. (more…)

Weekly Investment Banking Scorecard

Weekly Investment Banking Scorecard

Lenovo Group’s $2.9 billion purchase of Google’s Motorola Mobility unit marks the second acquisition by the Hong Kong-based computer manufacturer this year and pushes the level of US acquisitions by companies based in China or Hong Kong to $5.2 billion for year-to-date 2014, up from $1.7 billion a year ago. Credit Suisse advised Lenovo on both purchases this year, while Lazard advised Motorola Mobility

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Why smart everything is dumb

Brace yourself – WiFi fridges and bluetooth toothbrushes are coming. Pitched as a big leap forward, Reuters’ Jon Gordon argues the connected home paradigm is more shortsighted than futuristic.

Tech in 2014: This year’s top battle fronts

For the world’s biggest tech giants, there’s a lot of turf to fight for in 2014, from your wrist to your digital wallet. Reuters’ Jon Gordon reports.