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5 things to know about Davos 2013


Get ready for Davos, the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, held in Davos, Switzerland over January 23 – 27. 

This year’s theme “Resilient Dynamism” explores how we can catalyse and facilitate global, regional and industry transformation to improve the state of the world. As a strategic sponsor, we’ll be both covering and participating in the event with leaders from around the globe, including our own CEO Jim Smith, British Prime Minister David Cameron and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

David Craig, Chris Perry, Shanker Ramamurthy, and Susan Taylor Martin will also be there to meet with clients and business leaders.

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Shareholder wealth: The largest creators, the biggest destroyers

Reuters’ blogger Felix Salmon shares a surprising list of which companies over the last 90 years have generated the most wealth for shareholders, and which ones have destroyed it.

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Fiscal cliff: All it takes is a superhero

Reuters blogger Felix Salmon takes to kids’ toys to explain one of the most vexing problems facing Washington: the fiscal cliff.

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The multi-billion-dollar fight for national sovereignty

Elliott vs. Argentina is one of those court cases so important and complex that only a Power Ranger, Transformers, Legos and wooden trains can possibly do it justice.

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Cacao fever! Why people pay $6 for a chocolate bar

People craving the best ingredients and flavors are changing the economics of chocolate, making it possible for chocolate makers such as Madecasse and Cacao Prieto to produce expensive chocolates, support farmers in the developing world and turn the simple candy bar into an artisanal experience.

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Chipotle vs. Taco Bell: Einhorn’s short put to the taste test

David Einhorn, the investor known for betting against stocks like Green Mountain Coffee, now is targeting Chipotle Mexican Grill, saying it will face significant competition from ”a resurgent Taco Bell.” We put his theory to the taste test with Reuters blogger Felix Salmon, Reuters Social Media Editor Anthony De Rosa and Food and Wine Restaurant Editor Kate Krader.

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Even at $700, Apple is not a bubble

It took 15,000 data points to answer a question millions of investors are asking: Is Apple stock overvalued? With the help of friends at Datastream, Reuters’ blogger Felix Salmon presents a unique visual analysis showing that even at $700 a share, Apple is not overvalued as Microsoft was before its bubble burst.

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Disappearing Oysters

Reuters’ Felix Salmon loves Pacific oysters. Sadly for him (and the rest of the world), they’re being wiped out due to acidification. Oceanic Preservation Society’s Louie Psihoyos explains what the vanishing oysters mean for the world’s oceans.

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Is Marc Andreessen’s Success Overblown?

As co-founder of Netscape, Marc Andreessen to many is a symbol of Silicon Valley success. But Reuters’ Felix Salmon says Andreessen’s projects and investments don’t always work. Salmon and Reuters West Coast Bureau Chief Jonathan Weber discuss the tech figure’s legacy.

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Daily Roundup From the Aspen Ideas Festival 2012 – June 29th

We have reached the end of day two here at the Aspen Ideas Festival, and with over 40 events taking place, ranging from the future of Olympic sports, to the Earth in 2050, to the future of democracy and technology, ideas flowed freely and with fervor.  We were incredibly happy to be a part of the program today, and excited to see what comes from the ideas presented in today’s panels.

The day started off again with Thomson Reuters Digital Editor Chrystia Freeland’s conversation with Alan B. Krueger, titled “Reversing the Middle Class Jobs Deficit”. They had an in-depth conversation about the state of our economy, and the middle class in America.  Krueger is the chairman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors and a member of his Cabinet.

We then moved over to our “Knowledge Exchange” panel on “Cracking the Genetic Code” featuring Chris Kibrarian, the president of our IP & Science Division. The discussion also included Brian Fiske of the Michael J. Fox Foundation and John Quackenbush of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Be on the lookout for a recap post and video tomorrow.

You can also check out some video interviews by Felix Salmon and Chrystia Freeland.