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Follow the Leader: Joe Harpaz, Managing Director of Corporate & Trust Tax


As a newly minted contributor to Forbes.com, he’s building on his industry reputation as the go-to-guy for corporate tax advice with thought-provoking blogs that speak to innovation and leadership.

Highly entrepreneurial, highly competitive and highly esteemed, few things stir the passion of Joe Harpaz more than delighting customers and producing great results. We asked Joe to riff on a variety of topics, including his team’s success, what he’s learned along the way, and what it means to be delighted.

Can you tell us about a time you yourself were delighted as a customer, and what you learned from the experience?

Harpaz: I think delight happens when you enjoy an experience because of an element of positive surprise – getting more than you could’ve expected. Sometimes this can be financially meaningless, but it makes a statement to show caring or sensitivity about the emotional aspect of a purchase. In today’s world, this is probably most apparent in consumer-related purchases where retailers are trying to really differentiate themselves through the experience and not just the product. (more…)

Engage for Success

Engage for Success is a movement committed to the idea that there is a better way to work; a better way to enable personal growth, organization growth and ultimately growth for Britain by releasing more of the capability and potential of people at work.

They want to grow awareness about the power and potential of employee engagement. They want to provoke people to think and to learn more about it. And above all they want individuals and organizations to take action, secure in the proof that it works and passionate about its importance.

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