Journalist spotlight: Robert Cole on how Breakingviews correctly predicted Germany’s World Cup victory

In December, Reuters Breakingviews editors applied their analytical skills to the World Cup, declaring “Germany is going to win the soccer World Cup” in a column written by Breakingviews assistant editor Robert Cole. Earlier this month, that prediction proved accurate when Germany beat Argentina in the final. Breakingviews editors used the “Soccernomics” calculator, based on players’ transfer value and countries’ economic and social factors to crunch the numbers. In a Reuters Best: Journalist Spotlight Q&A, Robert offers an inside look at how they produced the calculator and made the on-the-nose prediction.

Q. How did the idea for doing a World Cup calculator and prediction come about?

A. Breakingviews compiles a short book of Predictions each December, usually with around 40 separate pieces. Most are on markets, investment banks, corporate finance, economics and asset management. We sprinkle in a few ‘fun’ subjects too, and this is where the ‘Germany will win the World Cup’ prediction came in. It was the first time we’d undertaken an exercise in soccer as specific as this.

Q. What is the process of putting this calculator together? How are the various measurements selected? (more…)

A look back at how we covered the 2014 World Cup

World Cup

It’s been an amazing month of football (or soccer!) as the whole world watched the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Our reporters and photographers did a great job of covering all the nail biting highs and lows that have kept us on the edge of our seats, but there have been many other ways to follow the event through our web sites, social media, tools and technology.

Here’s a look back at how we followed the last month of great sporting moments and creatively gave people a chance to get involved: (more…)

Brace for trouble in China’s property market

China’s property market is teetering on the brink of a major correction, but regional differences mean the pain won’t be spread equally, says Reuters Breakingviews’ John Foley.

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Cracks appear in Macau casino growth story

Market reaction to a crackdown on card payments in the gambling enclave of Macau has shown casino shares’ sky-high valuations leave no room for vulnerability, says Breakingviews’ Peter Thal Larsen.

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Breakingviews ebook: Tech Mania 2.014

Tech Mania 2.014

Recently, Breakingviews announced the launch of its latest e-book, Tech Mania 2.014, which takes on the fast-paced world of new technology. The new Breakingviews ebook walks readers through the froth evident from Silicon alley to Hangzhou exploring the size of the bubble, the likely effects of a pop, and lasting consequences for governance and innovation. In Tech Mania 2.014, you’ll find a roundup of Breakingviews’ best coverage, interactive calculators and graphics covering the feverish world of new technology. Breakingviews’ columnists offer provocative opinions on both tech giants like Facebook and Alibaba as well as upstarts such as Fantex, along with analysis of critical industry developments and aspiring technology hubs like China.

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Canary in the Twitter blog mine

The microblogging site’s earnings blew through estimates, but shares plummeted as users tweeted less. Breakingviews columnists discuss what effect this could have on Twitter’s valuation.

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China’s car joint ventures – graphic of the day

Chinese drivers are increasing in number, and foreign auto companies have cruised away with most of the sales. But access to the world’s largest auto market has come with a big financial concession: joint ventures with local partners. Today’s graphic shows the biggest foreign carmakers and their local Chinese partners. Read more about why these joint ventures aren’t built to last.

joint ventures

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Kiwi policy the envy of other central banks

New Zealand has become the first advanced nation to exit record-low rates, boasting inflationary pressures that some powerful central bankers could only wish for, says Breakingviews’ Andy Mukherjee.

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Safeway the hard way

Jeffrey Goldfarb talks to Breakingviews columnists about Cerberus’ complicated $9.4 bln buyout of supermarket chain Safeway and the struggle to provide a healthy premium.

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What’s in store for 2014? Take a look at Breakingviews Predictions

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Prepare for a year of turning points. Politics have paralyzed America and Europe, and invigorated Japan and China. Companies and investors nervously eye U.S. monetary policy, while some of Wall Street’s finest wonder if this year might be their last on the job.

Predictions 2014: Reversals and Revivals tackles these issues and more. Thought-provoking, punchy and contrarian views on what will happen in 2014 – and what won’t happen but should. Breakingviews columnists across three continents weigh in on topics including:

Ten people who could surprise you in 2014 (more…)