Anthony De Rosa

Crowdsourcing the Boston bombing investigation

Amateur sleuths from across the Internet are piecing together images from the Boston Marathon bombing and weighing in on Reddit with their ideas about the devices and potential suspects.

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Why bigger isn’t better

The benefits of being the largest firm or a member of the biggest political dynasty are overstated. In fact, being big has become a detriment, says Nicco Mele, author of “The End of Big.” Mele says smaller, more nimble outfits are now the ones to watch.

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Reuters: A Way Forward – The Davos Issue

Reuters Magazine

Last year, the inaugural issue of Reuters Magazine published to coincide with the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. After its success and the success of its follow-up last summer at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Reuters is once again returning to Davos with a third issue: Reuters: A Way Forward, which will be distributed free to attendees at the event and is available to everyone for free download onto desktop and mobile devices from

Since the world economic system fell off a ledge in 2008, recovery has been patchy and slow, and finding a way forward has been a challenge.  “Tackling that challenge is what Reuters and its parent, Thomson Reuters, do every day: harnessing information of all kinds from all places to help people make more intelligent decisions,” writes Reuters Editor in Chief Stephen J. Adler in his editor’s letter.  He adds, “and that’s what we attempt to do in this issue of Reuters: A Way Forward.”

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5 things to know about Davos 2013


Get ready for Davos, the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, held in Davos, Switzerland over January 23 – 27. 

This year’s theme “Resilient Dynamism” explores how we can catalyse and facilitate global, regional and industry transformation to improve the state of the world. As a strategic sponsor, we’ll be both covering and participating in the event with leaders from around the globe, including our own CEO Jim Smith, British Prime Minister David Cameron and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

David Craig, Chris Perry, Shanker Ramamurthy, and Susan Taylor Martin will also be there to meet with clients and business leaders.

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Secrets of a hackerspace

The word hackerspace conjures up images of programmers huddled in a dark room breaking into high-security computers. But hackerspaces are where techies tinker, deconstruct and rebuild anything of their liking, such as 3D printers and slots machines that make mixed drinks. Reuters Social Media Editor Anthony De Rosa explores a hackerspace.

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Chipotle vs. Taco Bell: Einhorn’s short put to the taste test

David Einhorn, the investor known for betting against stocks like Green Mountain Coffee, now is targeting Chipotle Mexican Grill, saying it will face significant competition from ”a resurgent Taco Bell.” We put his theory to the taste test with Reuters blogger Felix Salmon, Reuters Social Media Editor Anthony De Rosa and Food and Wine Restaurant Editor Kate Krader.

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London’s Tech Standouts Make Their Pitches

From analytics to entrepreneur work placement, this year’s Silicon Roundabout in London drew a wide range of startups and tech savvy hopefuls to the Olympic city. Reuters’ Anthony De Rosa talks with some of the standouts about their strategies and reasons for setting up shop in London.

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London bids to become startup central

London’s Silicon Roundabout is vying to be the next Silicon Valley or Alley. Reuters’ Anthony De Rosa delves into the city’s startup scene, finding a host of hopefuls at the local General Assembly technology campus.

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Immerse Yourself in New Viewing Experience

Condition One is aiming to change the way we watch videos by bringing immersive technology to the masses. Turn your iPad left or right, up or down and you get a complete 180-degree view of the video. The company’s CEO, Oscar-nominated documentarian Danfung Dennis, started with the iPad because of its built-in gyroscope. But his long-term plans are much bigger.

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The Future Of War

New technologies including drones and cyber weapons are changing the way we wage war, says former Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg. Steinberg tells Reuters Social Media Editor Anthony De Rosa that war will be redefined in the future and will take many forms.

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