Scaling new heights for charity

The top of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Following three months of training and eight days of climbing, four ambitious colleagues from the Thomson Reuters Dubai office, recently reached the summit of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro which is the highest point in Africa.

Nic Potter, Nasir Khamlichi, Ameer Jawad and Abdullah Mukalled worked hard to get themselves ready for the challenge of a lifetime – scaling 19’341 feet (or 5,895 meters) to the top. They prepared themselves with an equally challenging training regime, which included: climbing hundreds of stairs at a time…repeatedly, grueling beach runs in soft sand, mountain hikes in the middle of the day and exercising in an oxygen deprivation chamber to replicate the effects of the altitude that would face this group on their journey to the top.

Members of the Thomson Reuters Dubai office

Nic, Nas, Abdulla and Ameer joined six other Dubai based climbers as part of the Gulf for Good group that were climbing in aid of the Hanne Howard Fund. Gulf for Good is a charity headquartered in Dubai that raises funds for children in need, and the Hanne Howard Fund is a Lenana, Nairobi based charity which provides housing, clothing, care and education for 140 Kenyan orphans.

As well as personally challenging themselves with the grueling training regime and the eight day trek itself, the gentlemen also set themselves a goal of raising as much money as they could during the preparation phase of this punishing challenge. At final count, a total of 146,000 (AED) or approximately US$40,000 was raised!

Congratulations Nic, Nas, Abdulla and Ameer on your life changing experience and the life changing amount of money you raised for the children at the Hanne Howard Fund.