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Davos Today

Here is a round up of TV coverage from Day 1 at Davos:

Europe: A key topic for discussion is the state of the economic crisis in the European Union.

Italy’s Minister of Economic Development, Corrado Passera, talks about the challenges Italy faces in order to grow its economy:

Has Europe reached a turning point in the economic crisis? Katinka Barysch from the Centre for European Policy Reform doesn’t believe so yet, and talks about positive steps taken, but that there is a long path to follow to get the economies back on track.

Russia: How it is perceived by the international community and is it ready to host the 2013 G-20 Summit?

Here are some highlights, including discussions with policy makers, top executives and thought leaders from around the globe about Russia’s image in the best of Davos Today.

In the next interview, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Arkady Dvorkovich talks about his country’s need to change foreign perceptions as it gets ready to host the eighth meeting of the G-20 Summit this year.

Former IMF Deputy Chief John Lipsky is asked to comment on a number of issues, including Russia and the 2013 G-20 Summit agenda, the European economic crisis and getting past the debt ceiling extension in the U.S.

Chander Gurnani, CEO of Indian company Mahindra Satyam, hosts an evening at Davos

He gives his take on business in the current global economic climate. He believes resilience and dynamism are key to surviving in a world where economic problems are not going away.

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