Reuters Introduces Journalism Trainee Program

Reuters is investing in the next generation of journalists – smart, innovative people, passionate about covering and understanding the world.

The Reuters Journalism Trainee Program will bring together a talented group of journalists and journalists-to-be from around the world and provide them with nine months of intensive classroom training and hands-on, real-world experience in London, New York and Singapore. Trainees will be paid during the program and then moved into staff positions provided performance standards are met. And they’ll be assigned mentors to help guide their career with Reuters.

Who are we?

At a time when others are shrinking, Reuters is re-investing in its journalists, with a renewed emphasis on analytical, insightful and investigative reporting. We’re global, with 3,000 journalists in 200 bureaus, delivering text, photography, video, graphics and multimedia. We cover world events and issues, financial markets and business, professional industries and organizations.

Who are you? 

We’re looking for people who are committed to journalism and its future. You don’t have to be a journalist, but you need to convince us you’re serious about becoming one. We want people with a passion for business and international news and are interested in working globally. You can be a recent graduate, a working journalist, or someone with a specialist background—law, medicine, computer science, accounting, etc—who wants to start a new career.



  • Joyce DadeArtPhoto

    It does not get better than this.  What an exciting opportunity.  Hats off to Thompson Reuters and a sip of bubbly to all for the holidays!  This is wonderful news, a wonderful opportunity and a wise investment in a new generation of journalists.  It has more than made my weekend.  Thank you for this. 

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