Higher tide, worldwide – Graphic of the day

Today’s graphic shows the results of a Reuters analysis of relative changes in sea level as measured by tidy gauges around the world. For its analysis, Reuters relied on thousands of annual gauge readings supplied by the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level, based in Liverpool, England.

To smooth year-to-year variations, reporters examined three-year rolling averages of tide-gauge readings over a 50-year period that started between 1958 and 1963 and ended between 2008 and 2013.

The gauges with the biggest increases were on the U.S. Gulf and East coasts and particularly in Southeast Asia. In both regions, the relatively large increases reflect the impact of subsidence, whereby long-term geologic forces, the extraction of groundwater and the weight of construction cause the land to sink.

sea level

Read more about why Britain is flirting with retreat from its battered shores and the entire Water’s Edge special report.

Risk data challenges, survey feedback & market insight

In this interview Kate Toumazi, Global Head of Risk Data Services with Thomson Reuters, outlines the latest challenges impacting the Risk Management function as it relates to the use of Risk Data Services, provides insights into their latest risk market surveys and provides a deep insight into how the market is addressing these challenges.

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Weekly Investment Banking Scorecard

deals intelligence

This week’s $17 billion US-dollar denominated investment grade corporate debt offering from Medtronic ranked as the largest US-dollar offering this year and pushed volume to a record $1.11 trillion for year-to-date 2014, a 7% increase compared to year-to-date 2013. For the first time since records began in 1980, the average deal size for US-dollar investment grade offerings has surpassed $1.0 billion for year-to-date 2014. Healthcare corporate bond offerings in the United States total $82.9 billion so far this year, a 66% increase compared to a year ago

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Participating in the first World Internet Conference with other global internet leaders

World Internet Conference

Last month, Thomson Reuters participated in the first World Internet Conference (WIC) in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, China. The conference is co-sponsored by China’s newly formed Cyberspace Administration (formerly named the State Internet Information Office) and Zhejiang Provincial Government, and attracted about 1000 policymakers and top industry executives. The conference covered topics including global internet governance, mobile, cross-border e-commerce, cyber security and terrorism, and has the stated mission to promote the “development of [the] Internet to be the global shared resources for human solidarity and economic progress.” (more…)

The world’s largest ship – Graphic of the day

Designed to plough the trade route between Asia and Europe, China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL) Globe is the first ship of its kind to transport as many goods in a single journey. Today’s graphic is a diagram of the world’s largest ship, a comparison to other (smaller) competitors and a timeline of its maiden voyage port calls.

China Shipping Container Lines

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Addressing the Know Your Customer Challenge

In this video Anna Mazzone, Global Head of Accelus Org ID, KYC managed service at Thomson Reuters discusses the challenges the industry is facing around Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Terrorist Funding regulations, what best practices are taking place in the market today and the differences between proposed market utilities and managed service offerings.

The Conversation: An Open Dialogue


Welcome to Thomson Reuters Exchange! We created Exchange, as the name suggests, as a forum for dialogue, a digital publication where ideas and insights, information, news and analysis can be exchanged and shared across the global ecosystem of professionals in a dynamic, interactive format. We invite you to experience the rich content and interactive features on your iPad or Android tablet by downloading it from the App StoreGoogle Play or on Amazon. Or, to learn more about Exchange and stay abreast of the latest features, functionality and content in this issue and subsequent issues, visit our website.

Exchange invited two customers – Markus Schulz, Chief Compliance Officer at GE Capital International and Errol Hoopmann, Managing Director at Dubai Financial Services Authority – to talk about what “open” means and why it matters to our industry.

Exchange: What does “open” mean to you as an individual in your day-to-day role?

Markus Schulz: Open to business. Open to new ideas. Open to change. And change most likely being the only constant in business life these days. But (also) “open” as opposed to “closed,” e.g., substitute “open” with “we want” and “closed” with “we don’t want.” (more…)

Culture – Part six

I’ve been publishing a series of posts here on our company blog to summarize core cultural themes from my perspective, all of which support our Thomson Reuters purpose and values. The sixth part of my culture series discusses how service is not only a department or an activity, but a fundamental cultural value. Read parts onetwothreefour & five.

Firms that are delightful to work with have a service-oriented culture. This culture infuses everything they do and is embodied by every person in the company, no matter their role. It is at the heart of putting the customer first, with the primary goal of delighting that customer. We are all involved in service somehow. Sales, for instance, is a form of service. This is easily seen when you think that customers don’t want to be sold something; instead, they want to buy things they value and enjoy. Sales are fundamentally to help the customer buy.


To truly serve customers, you must truly care about them and about doing a good job. Compassion and empathy for customers and pride of workmanship are both critical. Excellence involves caring and cannot be achieved without it.

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Credit ratings – Graphic of the day

Earlier this week S&P lowered Italy’s long and short-term ratings to BBB- to reflect its weak GDP growth, and revised its outlook to stable from negative. S&P also raised Ireland’s credit ratings to A/A-1 with a stable outlook, saying the country’s growth prospects were solid. Today’s graphic lists the long-term sovereign debt ratings for some of the world’s major economies.

credit ratings

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From Damascus to Kessel Eik: Hanadi’s story

Hanadi and her family had an ordinary life in Damascus, with ordinary jobs and a small house, until life became too unsafe. They sold all they had and fled. Using the proceeds from the family house and car, Hanadi made her way to The Netherlands, which has a generous family reunification policy. This film is a day in the life of Hanadi in her new life in the small Dutch town of Kessel Eik.

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