Tablets compared – Graphic of the day

Yesterday Apple introduced the iPad Air 2, a faster, slimmer version of its predecessor with other modest improvements. Today’s graphic compares the new iPad to four of its major competitors on the market.


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Innovations in Market Data Technology Event Preview

Dan Solak, Global Head of Elektron Feeds, talks about the upcoming innovation in market data technology event in London on 21st October. Dan discusses why the theme of the event is so important today, what Thomson Reuters is looking to do to help customers and innovate, and why you should attend the event. Dan will be speaking at the event, and part of a panel that includes Piers Linney (co-CEO Outsourcery and Dragon’s Den investor), Peter Sharp (Global Head of Market Data Operations, Credit Suisse) and moderated by Paul Rowady (Principal and Director of Data and Analytics Research, TABB Group).

You can register for the event here.

Trading on diversity: Women’s Bond Club networking event


Gender diversity on boards has been the subject of study for some time, and by a wide variety of organizations and methodologies. Nearly all the research shows that while there are more women on boards each year, progress is slow. Hoping to provide some objective and comprehensive data around the topic from Thomson Reuters own data and analytical capabilities, as well as to spur further dialogue, we undertook analysis of 4,255 public companies around the globe. Industry research, including our own, shows that companies with one or more women on their boards perform better on a variety of financial metrics than those without them.

On Tuesday, October 21st at 6pm Lauren Young, Money editor at Thomson Reuters, will moderate a panel title “Trading on Diversity – New Investment Vehicles Target Women’s Leadership for Progress and Profit.” The panel discussion will examine the array of new financial vehicles with gender diversity at the core of their investment strategy and why investing in diversity is emerging in the marketplace. The panel will consist of the following: (more…)

Journalist spotlight: Louis Charbonneau on his Somalian Army scoop


Last week, Reuters reported exclusively that Somalia army weapons and ammunition continue to be diverted to open markets despite the government’s pledges to prevent its arms from leaking and ending up in the hands of Islamist militants. According to a new report obtained by Reuters, U.N. investigators said there had been improvements in government reports on the contents of its armories but suggested the situation remained unsatisfactory. In a Reuters Best: Journalist Spotlight Q&A, U.N. Correspondent Louis Charbonneau offers a behind-the-scenes look at how he scored the exclusive.

Q. How did you score this exclusive? (more…)

Economic impact of the Ebola epidemic – Graphic of the day

The countries worst affected by the Ebola outbreak could suffer severe economic consequences. Based on estimates from the World Bank, together they could lose more than $800 million in GDP in 2015 if the outbreak is not contained quickly. Those three countries are already some of the poorest in the world. Today’s graphic looks at the economic impact of the Ebola epidemic on Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.

ebola economic impact

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Maximize control of your IP portfolio

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KidSmart St. Louis school supply drive & volunteer event

By Trish Hatten, Thomson Reuters

Throughout the month of August our St. Louis campus participated in the KidSmart Push for Pencils school supply drive. We collected over 650 items and $150 in cash donations to help give local kids in need a chance for a successful school year.

In September, 10 employees spent an afternoon at the local KidSmart Free Educational Supply Store sorting, counting, bundling, and organizing supplies that had been donated from around the entire community.

KidSmtTeamKidSmart distributes donated supplies through teachers who shop at KidSmart’s Free Store once a month. After shopping, teachers distribute the materials directly into the hands of our kids in need. Since opening in 2002, KidSmart has distributed more than $27 million in school supplies to more than 102,100 economically disadvantaged children in the St Louis area.

Thank you to the volunteers who worked hard at this event and to Cheryl Lokke for organizing our supply drive as well as this volunteer event.

Federal Insurance Office: 7 years later U.S. insurance industry is resilient, but concerns remain


The Federal Insurance Office (FIO), tasked in 2010 by Congress under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act to monitor all aspects of the insurance sector, released its second annual report on the state of the industry. The verdict: U.S. insurers have shown financial “resilience,” especially when compared to the economic crisis in 2007 which nearly took down insurance giant AIG.

The numbers reinforce the FIO’s analysis. Net premiums in 2013 for property and casualty (P/C) insurers were at a healthy $481 billion, compared to $583 billion for life and health (L/H) insurers. Performances from separate accounts, lower catastrophe losses, market value increases (insurance stocks have outperformed the S&P 500 in recent years), and book value increases (both P/C and L/H insurers are now valued at a premium to their actual asset values) have all contributed to the industry recovery.


Private healthcare in China – Graphic of the day

Privatization is a key part of China’s push to revamp an unpopular national healthcare system, plagued by crowded hospitals, corruption and simmering tension between patients and staff. Spurred by government policies and soaring demand for healthcare, private care is growing fast, as seen in today’s graphic below.

Private healthcare in China

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