MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition

On Wednesday, May 11th, the winner of the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition was announced. Congratulations to team Sanergy for taking home the grand prize.

This year, we sponsored the newly created Linked Data Prize, which the judges decided to split amongst three first place winners. Those three teams are Upkast, Convexic, and LinkCycle.

MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition

Read more about the winning teams:


UpKast uses a proprietary virtual file system architecture that allows users to easily connect to any external file system to search and share their files across multiple cloud services.


Convexic uses a proprietary statistical algorithm to more efficiently fill open positions, but perhaps more importantly, to fill them with people who are more likely to be successful at your firm, happy at your firm, and stay at your firm.


LinkCycle is a collaborative online tool that allows companies to perform Life cycle assessment (LCA) more accurately, more easily, and in 50% of the time and cost. LCA is the core methodology to quantifying “greeness.” With LCA the two largest problems are data availability & data quality, requiring expensive and time consuming data collection within their supply chain.