Mayor of London’s live chat in the Global Markets Forum

Boris Johnson

Mayor of London Boris Johnson made an appearance in the Global Markets Forum on Friday when he took questions from members around the world. The live chat on Thomson Reuters Messenger was a mobile operation from the London Mayor’s hotel and the last of nine community interviews from the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos. In a late change of plan, the Mayor insisted he would type his own answers rather than dictate them to an aide and turned out to be the fastest typing interviewee of the week.

Key quotes:

“I find that a lot of these ministers and business honchos are quite pleased with the British line on the EU. I think it makes sense. The French Danes Dutch Irish have been consulted. Why not us?”

“And it is a chance to get a better deal for the UK and improve the EU altogether. The biggest cause of global uncertainty has been the blooming euro – a terrible idea to begin with.”

“Most business people would probably abolish elections altogether in order to remove political uncertainty.”

“I am in favour of staying in the single market but not staying in on any terms. Scrape the barnacles off the keel. Lop off the brambles. The trouble is that the EU is morphing into the eurozone and the UK will never be part of that. Time for a new relationship.”

“I think other countries will give us a lot of tacit and active support in trying to improve the EU. I am hearing the US is doing much better, China too, and that the weak patch is still the eurozone.”

On the next Governor of the Bank of England:

“Mark Carney is fantastically impressive and it is clear that he is going to do the job in a very different way.”

On speculation around taking over from Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron as leader of the Conservatives: “I am very happy and lucky to have been re-elected Mayor and have 3 years to deliver a great legacy from 2012!”