Introducing The Knowledge Effect

At Thomson Reuters we believe that the right information in the right hands leads to amazing things. We call this “The Knowledge Effect,”  a process that thrives on participation. That’s why we’re very excited to launch this new Knowledge Effect community blog – a new forum for you, our customers and colleagues, to engage in a valuable exchange of ideas, insights, resources and experiences.

Check out our growing series of Knowledge Effect Stories, and please share your story. How have your most crucial business decisions benefited from having access to the right information at the right time? What amazing things have you and your organization accomplished as a result?

  • Bala Subramanian

    I agree the knowledge effect is enormous and has potential to change the way we live,decide and do things. I would like to see the knowledge effect at the very bottom layers of our societies; bringing the enormous resources available at the top layers of our societies to where in could bring wisdom and permanent solutions to simple activities. For example, how could the knowledge effect help a child decide how to learn the lessons given by the teacher and how to apply that learning immediately instead of waiting for some distance time to find a use for it?

  • Jen McClure

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Bala. Yes, we agree, the Knowledge Effect has the potential to affect all levels and layers of society.

    Thanks for your participation in this discussion!