Health System Member Hospitals May Provide Better Care

The latest 100 Top Hospitals® research reveals that hospitals that are members of a health system are more likely than non-system hospitals to win a 100 Top Hospitals award. And despite previous industry research that linked health systems with higher costs, they found that system hospitals spend less on pharmacy costs.


The goal of this research was to evaluate how variability on pharmacy and supply intensity (spending) correlates with hospital system membership and with variability on hospital performance. They found that:

  •  Hospitals that belong to a system spend less on pharmacy.
  •  Top-performing hospitals are more likely to belong to a hospital system.
  •  Higher performing hospitals (the Thomson Reuters 100 Top Hospitals® award winners) have lower pharmacy and supply costs.
  •  Hospitals that spend less on pharmacy and supplies have better performance on some other measures of quality

Check out the results in more detail in the full research brief.