Forget the office – our online workspace is where it’s at

online workspace

What’s your virtual office like?

Our online workspaces are often where we now spend most of our time. At Thomson Reuters we’re less confined to brick and mortar offices, and constantly online and available on our intranet “The Hub”, our laptops and other mobile devices. A great proportion of us are “knowledge workers”, dealing with content, facts and figures, rather than anything in the physical world.

The online connected workspace at Thomson Reuters addresses the primary aspects of our role. According to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute:

  • Us knowledge workers spend around 65 percent of our time communicating and collaborating with people;
  • 28 percent of our time is spent in our email inbox; and
  • 19 percent of our time is taken up trying to find stuff.

Our own research on The Professional Revolution confirms that “new technologies are transforming the workforce and enabling a more mobile global professional.” From our poll, we can see that 58% of satisfied professionals agree that a collaborative work environment is “very important” to their work.

Your online workspace is growing in importance and significance

With the innovative features available in a ‘social intranet’ like The Hub at Thomson Reuters, this connected workspace is now your office, arguably more so than the building you turn up to each week. For those that hot desk or work remotely, it may be THE only consistent experience you have of ‘going to work’.

And what’s more, our online connected workspace feels like Thomson Reuters when I arrive in the morning – reassuringly familiar, not too corporate, consistently optimistic and human. We just need to look at the stories from fellow colleagues including the growing number of posts from our business leaders such as those featured here on our blog, to get a sense of who we are.

And my online workspace, if I’m brutally honest, probably isn’t as tidy and organized as it could be…kind of like on my physical desk. Eek! But happily in my virtual world, no-one else can see it.

This isn’t the first or last time a revolution has come to the workplace. As our company archivist John Entwisle captures in this fantastic blog, the office of 90 years ago doesn’t look much like it does today, at least in terms of publishing and collaboration tools.

We’ve put a lot of effort into The Hub being a place where colleagues can come to get stuff done faster, to connect with people more easily, and to give us more opportunities to collaborate and share information. We’ve seen some fantastic companywide conversations that are happening around our innovation initiatives.

The Hub takes advantage of innovations in the digital world, and it creates opportunities to directly foster innovation too.