TechVision: Social investment networks

The latest installment in our TechVision series looks at how social media changed financial markets and features Yoni Assia, CEO of eToro, hosted by Thomson Reuters Chief Enterprise Architect, Dave Weller.

TechVision is an interactive video series presented to a live and virtual internal audience in our offices, and in key customer facing events with a focus on real-world applications of emerging technologies and trends. Our speakers are thought leaders who help us reframe and explore growth opportunities.

Knowledge Worker Innovation Series: Transformative data visualization

Transformative data visualization

Inspired by a neighborhood of innovators and entrepreneurs, the Knowledge Worker Innovation Series consists of events that bring in thought leaders from industry and academia to discuss, dissect and explore technology topics and trends. The discussions helps us stay on top of and share the ideas that shape our approach to making information intelligent and delivering it to the businesses and professionals who depend on it.

We are pleased to announce the fifth event in our Knowledge Worker Innovation Series, proudly held in Boston’s Innovation District. Enormous quantities of data go unused or underused today, simply because people can’t visualize the quantities and relationships within. The ability to convey specific data in a clear and understandable manner is a mix of science and art. Ben Fry, data visualization expert, will discuss principles of graphics design and dynamic visualization that can improve the insight gained from data. Ben will detail how all data problems begin with a question and end with a narrative construct that provides a clear answer without extraneous details. He will share several examples of projects and how each visualization conveys the unique properties of the data it represents: why the data was collected, what’s interesting about it, and what stories it can tell. (more…)

Attracting talent, innovating Eikon: EikonHack 2014

Our first ever student Hackathon was held in London in March. A 24-hour coding competition, the EikonHack tasked 35 students with building a news discovery app for a mobile device using Thomson Reuters Eikon technology and Reuters news.

Read more about the event on the Thomson Reuters Eikon Blog.

Shift in the influence of G20 nations – graphic of the day

Analysts from our IP & Science business conducted an in-depth study of the G20 nations to compare the research and innovation landscape of each. Their work revealed that the power is shifting, as emerging nations enhance their science, education and technology policies. This map shows changes that occurred over the last decade giving rise to new opportunities and potential in the future.


Read the full report, The Research and Innovation Performance of the G20, or download the infographic.

Media streaming device comparison – graphic of the day

Yesterday, Amazon unveiled its new media streaming device, offering the hardware as well as a $39.99 gaming controller for its own fast-growing online content services. Today’s graphic compares the new Fire TV to its main competitors from Apple, Google and Roku.

Amazon Fire TV

Would you like infographics like this on your website, blog or other social media? Contact us and visit our Reuters Agency blog for insights and discussions on the changing media industry.

Women leaders of the data revolution roundtable: Insights and inspiration


In celebration of 2014 International Women’s Day, I was pleased to host and participate on a panel of some of today’s most celebrated women leaders of the data revolution. Joining me in London were Mary Fratto Rowe, SVP of, Fiona Capstick, Office of the CIO, IBM, Sue Baldwin, Head of Vendor Relations, JP Morgan, and Martina King, CEO, FeatureSpace. Moderated by Reuters News Editor, Jane Barret, we had a very robust and insightful discussion on Big Data. What are the trends?  The challenges?  The opportunities?  And how women can better own and advance their careers in a traditionally male dominated industry.

Here are some of the key takeaways from our discussion: (more…)

Aerospace industry is working to improve flight tracking

REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

Is it a matter of coincidence that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published two patents this week focused on aircraft navigation and communications?  These inventions, one from Boeing and one from Airbus, are just two examples of the dozens of inventions covering aircraft alert systems, satellite navigation and communications management that have been patented over the last several years. They shine a light on one of the challenges the aerospace industry is working to overcome: how to accurately track flight vehicles wherever and whenever they are. (more…)

Kickstarter success to build your own computer

We’re proud to partner with Cass Business School on a series titled TechTalks@Cass, featuring speakers from successful start-ups in and around London. Here are a few highlights from the third talk, featuring Alex Klein, co-founder of

Read the full recap post.

TechTalk: Empowering the new creative generation – Kano and Raspberry Pi


by Andrew Fletcher, Manager, Emerging Technology

We’re proud to partner with Cass Business School on a series titled TechTalks@Cass, featuring speakers from successful start-ups in and around London. Here’s a recap and recording of the third talk, featuring Alex Klein, co-founder of

Raspberry Pi has achieved phenomenal success, introducing an affordable computer that is built to encourage programming and experimentation. It was intended to provide similar inspiration to that which the BBC Micro did for a generation of future programmers in the 1980s, teaching them the coding skills they would need in the process. Britain has a proud computing history, giving the world the first programmer, Ada Lovelace, the first computer, Charles Babbage’s difference engine, and the first computer scientist, Alan Turing. The Raspberry Pi was created as a solution to the fear that this tradition was in danger. (more…)

Forget GPS – find your way with China’s rising star

China’s got big plans for Beidou, its homegrown version of the GPS navigation system. Jane Lanhee Lee reports on the rise of a technology with both commercial potential and military applications.