Emerging technology trends: Big data

Why does big data matter to Thomson Reuters? Because our customers are facing the challenge of dealing with huge amounts of data and we can help customers make sense of this information, by making use of tools like predictive analytics and visualization. Our products help customers spot patterns and outliers, and find the signals through the noise.

Hockey Day in Minnesota

Rick King, COO of Technology at Thomson Reuters, talks about our company’s sponsorship of Hockey Day in Minnesota, with Lou Nanne, Pat McDonald and Natalie Darwitz.

Runway to launch: How Reuters TV stories are produced

Reuters TV is a forward-thinking service that’s on-demand, up-to-date, relevant and mobile – putting users in control of what they watch and when they watch it. Get ready for the release for iPhone users in the U.S. and UK later this month. We recently caught up with Reuters TV Senior Producer in Asia Sarah Charlton who gave us a look into how stories are produced.

Can you tell a bit more about your role as a senior producer for Reuters TV?

As a senior producer it’s my job to work closely with my editorial colleagues and determine which stories we cover and how we produce them, while ensuring our team hits deadlines to get content out quickly. That means liaising with my text and TV colleagues, commissioning reports and also keeping across the big and breaking news. In Asia, we have a huge region with different time zones and complications, which makes the job all the more challenging and exciting. Reuters TV is a great way for us to tap into expertise and insight from across such a wide area, and to get those stories/people on camera. I’m a point of contact – but only one part of a large and diverse team. I’m fortunate to work with some very talented writers/producers/editors who know how to script visual stories which pack a punch.

What’s been your favorite story to cover so far with Reuters TV? Why?


Apple sets global profit record – Graphic of the day

Apple smashed Wall Street expectations with record sales of big-screen iPhones in the holiday shopping season, powering the company with an $18 billion profit, the largest in corporate history. Today’s graphic looks at Apple’s rise in net profit and revenue, as well as the company’s revenue breakdown by region.

Apple sets global profit record - Graphic of the day

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Patently Inventive: Profiles in thought leadership

At Thomson Reuters, our customers find value in innovative products and solutions. Every year, we file patents for inventions our employees create to enhance the experience in how our content is consumed. Meet Scott Daup, architect, Mobile Technology & Advanced Product Innovation; Dan Bennett, vice president, Enterprise Data Services, Platform group; and Jose Hernandez, lead iOS engineer, Mobile Mobile Technology & Advanced Product Innovation. These inventors submitted a patent for an invention that makes it easier for customers to find their way across the deep and complex content via the table of contents in the ProView eReader.

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The tremendous impact of mobile

2015 Gates Annual Letter

One of the things I love reading is the annual letter from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It coincides nicely with what seems to be lots of stories on where our planet will be in 2030 (ed note: Like our series on the World in 2025!). This one does exactly the same, placing a huge emphasis on the impact of mobile technology over the next 15 years.

The report looks at four core areas: health, farming, banking, and education. Every one of these areas will be touched by mobile technology, and the Gates report specifically highlights the impact on the latter three. Simply take a look at the pictures the report uses for farming and banking: (more…)

Expenditure in R&D – Graphic of the day

Israel’s high tech industry is a major growth engine and investment magnet. High-tech goods and services account for 12.5% of Israel’s GDP and half of its industrial exports. Israel leads the OECD when it comes to R&D, spending 4.3% of GDP on it, nearly twice the OECD average. The last available full data set (from 2012) is reflected in the graphic below, showing Israel’s high (and later rising) rank in R&D expenditure.


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Customer data: You are who you follow

An illustration picture shows the Twitter logo reflected in the eye of a woman in Berlin

Are we the decisions we make? Are our decisions our own?

The first event in a new Data Science Insights series hosted by Imperial College’s Data Science Institute in partnership with Thomson Reuters, examined how data can be used to lead your choices, and how this could be a good thing. Make sure to check out the full video and highlights at the bottom of the post.

Speaking on Thursday 11 December were Felicity Algate from the UK’s Behavioural Insights Team, which was the world’s first government institution dedicated to the application of behavioural sciences, and Edwina Dunn, co-founder of dunnhumby, the UK-based customer science company. Our speakers shared with us where data science has come from, and where it is going.

You are where you live (more…)

Virtual reality therapy uses avatars to teach self-compassion

Researchers say self-compassion can be taught using avatars in an immersive virtual reality, with their trials showing reduced self-criticism and increased self-compassion in participants. Matthew Stock reports.

Peeking Into The Future

Happy New Year to everyone and welcome to 2015! I hope everyone had the chance to enjoy the holidays with friends and family!

This week, the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is in full swing, giving us a preview of exciting new technologies that will impact our personal and professional lives. We have a couple people from the Advanced Product Innovation team in attendance, and I’m looking forward hearing about their experiences next week. Ultra high definition television, the Internet of Things, wearable technology, and in-car solutions are already being showcased at the start. USA Today covers CES quite nicely, and they already have up some great pictures of cool tech on display. One great thing I picked up already was an announcement from the Volkswagen group that it plans to support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in its cars beginning this year. It is noteworthy, because to my knowledge, this is the first car manufacturer to publicly declare implementation of both protocols.

2015 promises to be another exciting year for personal technology. Just before the end of the year, I was in New York for a couple days and had my first chance to use my iPhone 6 to open my hotel room door. The Element Hotel near Times Square is one of the properties that the Starwood Hotels Group is using to rollout this feature. It’s really a cool feature. I’ve previously registered my iPhone for their keyless entry program, and you can see how it looks in the first picture when active. The second picture shows you how the door is then unlocked. A full list of the hotels supporting this along with instructions on using the app are provided here. (more…)