China’s tech M&A deals – Graphic of the day

Boutique Chinese financial advisors are stealing a march on global investment banks as deals pick up speed in the country’s red-hot Internet industry. Today’s graphic looks at the landscape of tech M&A in China so far this year.

China M&A

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TechVision: Emerging trends in FinTech

Our latest TechVision, Emerging Trends in FinTech, was hosted by James Powell, CTO Thomson Reuters with a panel of startups in London. From cyber security and digital currencies to online marketplaces for lending, we explored their contributions to this booming FinTech marketplace in London and beyond. Our guests included: Sachin Patel, the Head of UK Capital Markets, Funding Circle, James Merrick, Head of Operations, Digital Shadows, Dr. Tom Robinson, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Elliptic. After each of the panelists talked about their companies and offerings, the conversation explored why London and why now.

All of the panelists agreed that technologies such as mobile, social, and the cloud provided platforms and opportunities to the financial marketplace, which was positioned for innovation. The support of the UK government in this space has been encouraging and welcome. All of the panelists mentioned that they had US involvement, either through investment or through offices in the States. Disruption and competition were important themes for each startup and they offered the following advise: Develop and invest in your brand, focusing on your unique offerings. Partner with other startups that complement your offerings and constantly watch the space for next generation disruptors.

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TechVision: Celebrating women in technology

You are invited to attend our next TechVision event, Celebrating Women in Technology, on Thursday, May 28 from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. at our offices at 3 Times Square – 30th floor, Carnegie Hall.

James Powell, Chief Technology Officer, Thomson Reuters, will welcome a diverse panel of influential women in technology who empower change and inspire innovation. A cocktail reception and opportunity for networking will follow the panel discussion.

We are pleased to present this event in partnership with the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT)’s Sit With Me campaign, the Women@Thomson Reuters network and the Thomson Reuters Data Innovation Lab.

Meet the panelists:


Hubble’s 25th year in orbit

NASA once considered just letting the Hubble telescope die, but after protests from the public and the astronomical community, an upgrade mission was launched in 2009 to extend its life. Hubble was reinvented and made more powerful than ever. To mark its 25th anniversary, today’s graphic takes you inside the Hubble Telescope.


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Reuters TV nominated for The Webby Awards!


Reuters TV, the recently released personalized video news app, has been selected as a Nominee for The 19th Annual Webby Awards in three categories:

The awards present two honors in every category — The Webby Award and The Webby People’s Voice Award. Members of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS) select the winners of The Webby Awards, while The Webby People’s Voice is decided on the web by the voting public. (more…)

The mobile revolution set to hit financial services

Salesman poses with two Apple Watch look-alike devices at a mall selling electronic products in China's southern city of Shenzhen

By John Manwaring, Head of Mobile and Search, Financial & Risk, Thomson Reuters

2015 is looking set to be the year when wearables will start a revolution in how we use technology in our daily lives. Last year saw a number of developments in the sector, most notably the launch of Google’s Android Wear and Samsung’s Gear S. Now, with the launch of the Apple Watch imminent, it’s not too fanciful to say that wearable devices have already begun to change the way we interact with the world around us, and reshape our expectation of what technology can – and should – be doing for us.

While devices like smartwatches are generally thought of as recreational, as consumers come to adopt them in their daily lives they will inevitably start to impact the way we work too. From tablets to smartphones, mobile technology has already become so ingrained in our daily lives that we are coming to expect there to be a seamless link between how we use technology at home and in the office, and in particular how we receive information through the working day.

At the same time, our working lives themselves are changing. The days of nine to five, of clocking in and out of the office every day, are fast disappearing as we expect more flexibility and autonomy. The financial services industry is no exception to this, and the technology used by financial markets practitioners should change to match. Technology is increasingly being relied upon to deliver information intelligently, where and when it matters most. (more…)

Wait, What? Episode 6: Remember those pictures you took?

wait what

Well, mom just found them…

The latest installment of “Wait, What?” starts off with a question regarding whether or not any of the hosts have any embarrassing photos on the internet. This quickly leads into a conversation about the “Right To Be Forgotten” and whether or not people have a fundamental right to have their mistakes removed (or at least suppressed) from the internet. The guys talk about the expectation of privacy in personal life versus what someone should expect to have happen to them in a public setting; they also talk about whether or not it is disingenuous for a company or hotel to suppress negative reviews from search engines. The conversation evolves into a discussion of ownership of one’s face, when consent is not given by one or more parties and the desperate need for the guys to find a lawyer to answer these questions for them.

On a very exciting note, going forward, the show will be recorded in a Reuters/TIMA studio for audio recording and video production! This is a great step forward for the show and the guys are looking forward to not carrying microphones around in backpacks to random conference rooms.

We’d like to keep the show as interactive as possible, so please send in your feedback, thoughts, and show ideas. Also, you can reach the team on Twitter: Matt Angelicola (@MattAngelicola), Joe Harris (@Jwh37), Rob Russell (@batogato) and Jason Thomas (@jasonthomas). We’re also on iTunes – just enter “Legal Current” in the search box.

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The right data and investment strategies

Karen Rubin, Product Director, Quantopian, a crowd-sourced quantitative hedge fund that offers a free algorithmic trading platform, was the guest at the latest Knowledge Worker Innovation event. As a  newcomer to Quantopian, finance and programming, Karen set out to understand something she was passionate about: investing in female CEOs of Fortune 1000 companies.

As a product manager, she had years of building software, but her current focus is on a new IPython Research Platform that will allow quants to access curated financial data in an interactive research environment. In building her algorithum, Karen researched the performance of women led companies from 2002 and 2014. The results were a staggering 348% return, while the S&P 500 investment would have risen to $222,306, or a return of 122%.

Karen went on to say that in building a crowdsourced hedge fund, diversity is a critical component for better alpha. In their 35,000 quants worldwide there is little gender diversity. However, there is significant global diversity, as 50% of the participants are outside of the US and represent a range of backgrounds from engineers, to data scientists and physicists.

TechVision: Emerging trends in FinTech

REUTERS/Toby Melville

The potential of next generation FinTech (Financial Technology) could be the big bang disruption to fuel the growth in financial markets and regulatory agencies. London is one of the major cities at the center of global technology-led financial services. James Powell, Chief Technology Officer, Thomson Reuters, will host a diverse panel of FinTech influencers and innovators who are helping to move the UK financial industry toward the £20 billion mark.

Meet the panelists:


The need to know: Explore our 2014 Annual Report

Annual Report

Our customers participate in the most important conversations in a fast and complex world every day. As professionals, they navigate markets, risks and regulations; shape and manage legal systems and tax jurisdictions; protect innovations; and drive scientific discovery. Their work is important and their decisions matter. And common to them all is the need to know.

Professionals today need more. More than information, data and news. More than speed. More than mobile access. They need insight, analysis and context. Solutions that simplify, clarify and deliver competitive advantage, providing confidence to act on what they know. And millions of professionals from every part of the global economy rely on Thomson Reuters for what they need to know to understand critical issues, solve tough problems and adapt to dynamic change.

During 2014, the risks of global fraud and rising terrorism; the multi-stage recovery of world markets and the opening up of China; the significant shift in oil prices and increasingly urgent focus on climate change and energy alternatives; and the economic and social impacts of an aging world population and Alzheimer’s disease were just a few of the challenges and opportunities facing our world. It was a year in which knowing more — who, what, why and how — was critical to informed decision making and successful outcomes.

Explore our 2014 Annual Report – Know which includes the Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion and Thomson Reuters Foundation annual reports.