Rethinking innovation investment highlights

Following an introduction by our Chief Technology Officer James Powell, guest speaker Michael Schrage, Research Fellow, MIT Sloan School, explains how innovation isn’t just about creating new value, but it is also about measurably transforming customers and clients. Watch the highlights from our most recent TechVision below, read about the event and check out all of the past TechVisions.

Introducing the BoardLink iPhone app

Last week we announced the launch of a new iPhone app for our BoardLink service, a secure board workflow solution designed to further accommodate companies as they operate across borders and have increasingly mobile, global boards.

The BoardLink iPhone app provides boards of directors with access to company and business intelligence information through a secure mobile solution. Directors now are able to respond immediately to urgent action items such as board resolutions, draft documents with a digital signature enabling a digital audit trail, as well as respond to and send secure messages to fellow board members.

BoardlinkAvailable online and offline, the iPhone app is fully compatible with Apple’s iOS 7 and iOS 8 platforms, complementing the already existing iPad app. Documents are encrypted for review online and offline via the app and a calendar enables board members to manage their schedule efficiently through BoardLink.

Our recent board governance survey revealed increased cybersecurity risks to boardroom communications. Over 60% of organizations never or only occasionally encrypt Board communications, and only a quarter indicated they always do so. Cybersecurity information is the least-requested information by the board, with only 32% of boards frequently or very frequently requesting such information. As concerns around data security continue to rise, BoardLink reduces the risk of sending sensitive information over email or other non-secure channels.

Learn more about the evolving role of the global board.

Download the Boardlink iOS app.


Bob Schukai on technology trends in 2015

Bob Schukai, head of advanced product innovation at Thomson Reuters, discusses technology trends he sees in 2015.

Read more of Bob’s posts.

Messaging app usage on Android smartphones – Graphic of the day

Today’s graphic shows an analysis by Mobidia that compared the amount of time users spent on six messaging apps (Tencent’s WeChat, Naver’s Line, Daum Kakao’s Kakao Talk, Blackberry Messenger and Facebook’s WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger) in ten major countries. The mobile analytics firm compared the time spent in each app last month versus a year earlier.

messaging app usage

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Wait, What? Episode 2: Welcoming our robot overlords

REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

The latest episode of Wait, What? focuses on the use of drone technology and artificial intelligence. The first part of the show discusses the different uses of drones, covering the commercial uses of drone technology, including its benefits and drawbacks. The discussion also touches on the privacy implications of drone deliveries and drone use overall. The second part of the show delves into artificial intelligence and the fears around the potential implications associated with the emergence of progressively “smarter” computers.

Lastly, and most importantly, the team discusses the morality of Superman who, according to Jason, could be the worst comic superhero ever. For some reason, he really doesn’t like Superman. Tune in to find out why! (more…)

TechVision: Rethinking Innovation Investment


Thomson Reuters kicked off the 2015 TechVision interactive seminar series (videos below) with Michael Schrage, author of The Innovator’s Hypothesis and Research Fellow at the Center for Digital Business at MIT Sloan School of Management. James Powell, CTO Thomson Reuters hosted the lively and provocative conversation about innovation.

Schrage says not to ask “what is the best way to innovate,” but “how can organizations get the maximum value from their innovation investments.” “Innovation is not a goal, it is a means to an end.” He emphasizes that the better an organization is at turning novelty into innovation, the more value it creates. Michael’s 5×5 methodology is based on testable business hypothesis that are rapid experiments toward high value innovation.

Innovation, in practice, is predominately an investment in human capital. As the cycle and investment in innovation experiments increases, customers and clients are measurably transforming as well.

On a closing note, Michael encouraged folks to stop rewarding good ideas and start rewarding testable hypothesis.



Big data – Unlocking its power

REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

By Melissa Boatwright, Director, Internal Communications, Thomson Reuters

I’m a technology groupie. I have romantic notions about the lifestyle of a technologist. Staying up all night, in front of a collection of giant monitors, all showing a seemingly random series of numbers, letters and characters, and yet simultaneously interpreting it all, because I’m a coding genius, just changing the world one HDFS at a time.

Alas, I have no idea what HDFS means; I have elementary HTML coding skills (at best); I have only one computer monitor that seems to get smaller and smaller every year; and during my most recent vacation to Las Vegas, I actually when to bed at 8:00pm, which I’m quite certain is a first in the history of all Las Vegas tourists. I’m obviously not cool enough to be a technologist. So instead, I have become a technology groupie.

As groupies are known to do, I am now creating opportunities where I can hang out with those who fascinate me and learn about what fascinates them. So on Wednesday, Feb 25 from 6:00 – 7:00p.m., Thomson Reuters is hosting its first ever MeetUp in San Francisco on Big Data. It’s an hour of some really cool people in the Bay Area talking about how they are using Big Data to do some really cool things. Cool people like: (more…)

Apps for Good launch – Flying high again


About four years ago, I first met Iris Lapinski, the CEO of Apps for Good at The Trampery – a shared workspace in London for startups. She had just gotten AfG off the ground with a couple of schools and maybe one hundred kids in the program. This year, the program is serving nearly 24,000 kids in 571 schools across the United Kingdom. From those humble beginnings, this has been a fantastic ride, and we’re now working with the AfG team on its international expansion plans.

Thomson Reuters again hosted the launch party for the 2014 winners at our London Canary Wharf office on Thursday, 5 February, an event that I personally would never want to miss. Seven apps were launched, including the two category winners we sponsored – ShoreCast which provides surf conditions and user ratings on places near you and I’m Okay, an app designed to provide authoritative information and content for LGBTQ teens. For the first time, there was a mix of apps available on either Android or iOS that you can download here. The page also contains links to apps developed by the kids since 2010. You’ll see remarkable progress and change in the ideas and quality of execution, which just shows how far the program has come in four years. Be sure to check out Pocket Money Pig – an app developed by 10/11 year olds! These boys were outstanding, and it’s pretty neat to think that kids that young have a published app in the Google Play store! (more…)

Navigating uncertainty

Keith Hopper

The Knowledge Worker Innovations series launched the New Year with continued momentum and was surrounded by explosive growth in Boston’s Innovation District. Big data has found a home in Boston and our Data Innovation Lab is delighted to be a part of that ecosystem. Our first guest in 2015 was Keith Hopper, a Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at Olin College of Engineering. Keith advises companies on early stage agile product strategy and he is Mentor-in-Residence at Techstars, a global startup accelerator. Keith is also a Founding Trustee of the revolutionary micro-philanthropy, The Awesome Foundation, which forwards the interest of awesome in the universe through 106 chapters in 25 countries. Prior to this, Keith was the Director of Product Strategy and Development for National Public Radio.

Mona Vernon, VP Data Innovation Lab, lead a conversation with Keith around “Navigating Uncertainty” in launching new products and services. Keith presented six steps to navigate the uncertainty. The first step is to articulate a clear problem statement – know your purpose. The purpose is then agreed upon and the risks need to be identified. He noted that “risks hide inside bad assumptions.” Prioritizing and testing assumptions is a critical part of the process. Keith identified “mindset” – are you a builder or explorer, to help define next appropriate actions. Planning and allowing for course correction is the next step. He supports using a learning framework and knowing yourself. “When the team knows itself, anything is possible” as Keith pointed out with the example of the Olympic winning bob sled team from Jamaica. His concluding step was “knowing how to fail, which ensures you get back up.” Keith closed by saying that the group’s ability to talk effectively and become good storytellers helps to navigate uncertainty for the future.

Full video: