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Meet the Taxologist: Tom Weippert from Ingersoll Rand

“I speak three languages and march into uncharted territory,” says Tax Technology Manager Tom Weippert at Ingersoll Rand. He is a Taxologist.

Meet the Taxologist: Sam Cicogna, VP of Professional Services

“I think globally. I empower future Taxologists,” says VP of Professional Services Sam Cicogna. Watch this video to glean insight into the benefits of adapting Taxologist behavior.

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Meet the Taxologist

Taxologists are on the rise! The “Meet the Taxologist” series provides an inside look into how your tax peers have taken the next step with Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE. Watch this and other “Meet the Taxologist” videos to hear their insight on what it means to be a Taxologist – and how you can become one, too.

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Tax professionals have evolved

A new type of tax professional is emerging called Taxologists. Empowered by Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE, Taxologists improve data quality, automation, and efficiency. This 1-minute video answers the question, “what is a Taxologist?”

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What are nearly 400 tax professionals saying about workpaper management?

Discover how automation from Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE can help tax professionals manage their tax workpapers and break free of using the same old processes and technologies to manage their most critical tax calculations.

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Thomson Reuters Checkpoint Catalyst is the new star on Broadway

We debuted Checkpoint Catalyst in Times Square, NYC. Featured on both the famed NASDAQ sign at Broadway/43rd Street and the Thomson Reuters building at 7th Avenue/43rd Street, Checkpoint Catalyst shines brightly as the innovative new solution for tax research professionals. Watch our intro to Checkpoint Catalyst here on YouTube.

How important is your time?

In today’s fast pace environment the struggle to do more, faster, is a never ending goal. Watch this short video to hear how Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE has helped tax professionals experience time savings and the impact it made on their professional and personal lives. For more information on Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE, click here.

Checkpoint Catalyst: The next generation of online tax research

Newly authored by tax experts, Checkpoint Catalyst is the fastest, most efficient way to research even the most complicated tax issues. Checkpoint Catalyst connects the dots on federal, state and U.S. international tax implications so you don’t miss a thing and can take actions with confidence. Specifically written and designed for the web, Checkpoint Catalyst allows you to skim topics, drill into detail, view sources, diagrams, interactive tools, and featured developments—all on one screen and in context of the flow of the business transaction – helping you get to outcomes faster than any other alternative.

Call to the bullpen helps Detroit tigers

Call to the bullpen helps Detroit tigers

Two of our Tax & Accounting employees from Portage, Michigan recently did their part to help the Detroit tigers. Just not the Detroit tigers you’re probably thinking of. (more…)

Bob Schukai on “Rethinking the Modern Practice” at Accountex 2014

With the proliferation of mobile technology and more ways of staying connected than ever before, the days of work-life balance for accountants in practice have now become the pressures of work-life blur. More often than not, the first thing we do in the morning and the last thing we do at night is check our email, read a news story, or otherwise engage in activity that relates to our job. Robert Schukai MBE, Head of Advanced Product Innovation for Thomson Reuters, takes a futuristic and innovative look at the accountancy practice of the future and shares his views on how mobile technology will impact on information professionals everywhere in a hyper-connected world.