Shift in the influence of G20 nations – graphic of the day

Analysts from our IP & Science business conducted an in-depth study of the G20 nations to compare the research and innovation landscape of each. Their work revealed that the power is shifting, as emerging nations enhance their science, education and technology policies. This map shows changes that occurred over the last decade giving rise to new opportunities and potential in the future.


Read the full report, The Research and Innovation Performance of the G20, or download the infographic.

Executive perspectives: Role of news across our business

As the world’s leading news and information company, we not only reach more than a billion people worldwide with our Reuters News coverage, but we also generate and consume news across all of the professions that we serve. For more insight on the importance of news across our business, we talked to several of our leaders to gather their thoughts on how we provide our customers with the news they need, when they need it, regardless of what profession they are in. Here’s what Basil Moftah, President of our Intellectual Property & Science business, had to say:

“News is a lifeline of our company. It is the foundation on which our business was built and it continues as a driving force in defining what we are as an organization.

In Intellectual Property & Science, we provide a unique view into the latest innovations and scientific research across all vertical industries. At our core, is high-quality content we’ve been curating for decades, like Derwent World Patents Index and Web of Science (each of which have been in existence for 50 years!), and our proprietary Life Sciences content. Through these data sets, and powerful platforms like Thomson Innovation, Web of Science, and Cortellis, customers can uncover insightful, news-breaking opportunities and innovations. And, the importance of news information doesn’t stop there. Our clients depend on the latest news to inform their prior art research and ensure they have a complete view of a technology or scientific area. So, we incorporate cutting-edge news information in our platforms as well.

News. It is part of our history. It is part of our future. And it is what we generate and deliver through all our proprietary data sources.”

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Deadly air pollution – graphic of the day

Air pollution killed around seven million people worldwide in 2012, according to WHO’s latest report. Today’s graphic shows the air pollution-linked deaths by disease and region.

air pollution

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How El Nino affects weather – graphic of the day

El Niño is a warming of tropical Pacific waters that affects wind circulation patterns, recurring every three to eight years. Its effect on global climate varies from one event to the next. Today’s graphic diagrams how El Niño affects the weather.

el nino

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Depression – graphic of the day

There are approximately 350 million people worldwide with depression, and it is the leading cause of disability in the world. In the U.S., 9.1% of the population suffer from depression. Globally, fewer than half of depression sufferers receive treatment for their illness, and in some countries this figure falls to fewer than one in 10. The high incidence rate, combined with limited market penetration, makes depression a high potential market for pharmaceuticals.


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Lost the Olympic spirit? Join in the Carbon Games

REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko

By Ashley Lawson, Thomson Reuters

The Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony was over two weeks ago now, and the world’s attention has moved on to other topics. Still, we here at the Thomson Reuters Point Carbon Research team were inspired by the Winter Games in Sochi and are missing the daily action so we asked, what would an Olympics of carbon markets look like? So, in the spirit of international sport, er, climate action, we humbly offer you the 2014 Carbon Market Olympics.

Athletes may compete for speed, but markets usually compete for size. But, talking about the size of a carbon market is a bit tricky; it’s closer to judging figure skating than speed skating. You can measure a market in a few ways: How many emissions does it cover? How much allowance trading is there? What are all those allowances worth? They’re all valid comparisons so let’s go through them one-by-one. Think of each measurement as a different event in our Carbon Market Olympics. There are more competitors in this Olympics that you might think, but here we’re just going to go through the highlights reel. You’ll see frequent appearances by the EU ETS, Europe’s carbon market which has been in operation since 2005, California, which started its market last year, RGGI, a carbon market in 9 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states since 2009, Guangdong, a Chinese province that just launched its carbon market in December, and the “Chinese pilots”, which refers to 7 separate trial markets, including Guangdong, that have begun in the last few months as a pilot system before a future national carbon market in China.

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Snow days – graphic of the day

This winter has been among the worst for many parts of the United States, pummeling the winter-weary midwest and northeastern U.S. with snow. Today’s graphic shows the daily totals for nation-wide snowfall as well as a map highlighting the regions that were hit the hardest.


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Sea level rise – graphic of the day

The global mean sea level is one of the most important indicators of climate change. Two major contributors to rising sea levels are thermal expansion of the oceans and the loss of land-based ice due to increased melting. Today’s graphic shows the increase in the global mean sea level and maps out the average change per year.

climate change

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World top pharmaceutical deals – graphic of the day

Actavis announced plans to buy Forest Laboratories in a deal worth $23.4 billion, which would make it the eleventh-biggest pharmaceutical acquisition in 20 years. Today’s graphic shows the ten deals that rank ahead of it.

pharma deals

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Alzheimer’s disease – graphic of the day

Alzheimer’s disease affects more than 35 million people worldwide and is the sixth-leading cause of death in the US, where its care costs are predicted to rise from $200 billion in 2012 to $1.1 trillion by 2050. The disease is the only one of the top-ten leading causes of death in the US that cannot currently be treated, prevented or slowed. While mortality from breast cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, stroke and HIV declined by between 3 and 29% between 2000 and 2008, AD mortality increased by 66%. Read more about Alzheimer’s disease therapy and prevention.


Alzheimer's disease


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