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Reuters awarded the 2014 Pulitzer Prize in International Reporting


For two years, they investigated human-rights abuses, bringing the international dimensions of the Rohingya to global attention. Reuters journalists Jason Szep, Andrew R.C. Marshall and team were honored with the first-ever text Pulitzer Prize won by Reuters for their series on the oppression of the Muslim Rohingya of Myanmar. As a result of their work, more than 900 people were freed from brutal trafficking rings.

The Pulitzer committee recognized the team for “…their courageous reports on the violent persecution of the Rohingya, a Muslim minority in Myanmar that, in efforts to flee the country, often falls victim to predatory human-trafficking networks.”

Reuters was also recognized as a finalist in two additional categories. A series by Megan Twohey, which exposed the underground market for adopted children, was named a finalist in the Investigative Reporting category and Goran Tomasevic was named a finalist in the Breaking News Photography category for a series of photographs documenting frontline combat in Syria.

Read more from the Pulitzer Prize winning series: (more…)

Continuing our evolution to meet the needs of today’s professionals: Our 2013 Annual Review


We are pleased to announce the launch of our multimedia 2013 Annual Review.

Today’s professionals operate in a world that doesn’t wait for anyone to catch up. Like our customers, we are aggressively pursuing the opportunities presented by a complex, demanding and constantly changing marketplace.

Building on our history of innovation, which stretches back more than a century, we help our customers stay ahead of the tsunami of information with global information platforms that are faster, simpler and more connected.

Along with our Letter to Shareholders and a look-back at our legacy of innovation, the Annual Review summarizes our 2013 financial performance and highlights our: (more…)

Manila Operational Center named Top Employer of the Year


Our Manila Operational Center was named the Top Employer of the Year in the recent Asia CEO Awards. Our Manila office bested nine other companies which included Hewlett-Packard, McDonald’s and Deutsche Bank. Senior Site Officer and Head of Human Resources Peter Buenaseda received the award as members of the Manila Governance Board and the Manila HR and Site Management teams cheered on.

As Top Employer, Thomson Reuters Manila was recognized for its accomplishments which demonstrate specific situations or projects where the organization was improved because of outstanding HR leadership, resulted in improvement to the careers and lives of its employees, and showed that the organization’s HR operations are conducted at world-class standards of performance, and social commitment. (more…)

Knowledge Worker Innovation Series – Mastering Digital Transformation

Knowledge Worker Innovation Series

Inspired by a neighborhood of innovators and entrepreneurs, the Knowledge Worker Innovation Series consists of events that bring in thought leaders from industry and academia to discuss, dissect and explore technology topics and trends. The discussions helps us stay on top of and share the ideas that shape our approach to making information intelligent and delivering it to the businesses and professionals who depend on it.

We are pleased to announce the second event in our Knowledge Worker Innovation Series, proudly held in Boston’s Innovation District. Companies in all industries are doing fascinating things with new digital technologies such as Social Media, Mobile, and Analytics. But some companies – the ones we call Digital Masters – get more value from their digital activities. Digital Masters manage their initiatives differently. And they outperform their peer companies, averaging significantly higher revenue per employee and profit margins across industries. As knowledge workers, digital transformation impacts how we work and what we deliver every day. Although industries are moving at different speeds, no industry is exempt from the competitive effects of Digital Masters. (more…)

Thomson Reuters Thailand named Best Organization in Human Resources and Benefits

Thomson Reuters Thailand is extremely proud to be named Best Organization in Human Resources and Benefits by the Thai Ministry of Labour for the third time.

The awards recognize employers in Thailand who demonstrate exceptional employee relations and employee benefits and who exceed the guidelines stipulated by the Thai government. The awards not only recognize outstanding employers but also encourage other employers in the country to drive to put in place proper policies and practices, build strong and positive employee relations, engagement and increase productivity.

Receiving this award not only positions Thomson Reuters as an employer of choice but further strengthens our brand in Thailand.

Employers from all over the country are invited to submit an application for the awards and the winners are decided by a selection committee made up of government representatives, the employers and employees from the participating nominees.

Some of the steps we have taken to strengthen our employee relations and benefits include:  (more…)

National Agenda for Digital Stewardship

As a member of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance, Thomson Reuters is involved in the mission to establish, maintain, and advance the capacity to preserve our nation’s digital resources for the benefit of present and future generations. The NDSA recently published a National Agenda for Digital Stewardship that concludes with:

“Effective digital stewardship is vital to maintaining the nation’s cultural heritage, scientific evidence base, and the public records necessary for understanding and evaluating government actions. The 2014 National Agenda for Digital Stewardship identifies the key technological trends, gaps in digital stewardship capacity, and opportunities for future work for digital preservation professionals, decision-makers, and others interested in investing in the long-term management of digital content.”

For more information, check out the full document.

National Agenda for Digital Stewardship

Do you trust your bank?

I wrote in a recent blog post about one of my favorite sound bites from the Aspen Ideas Festival. Gillian Tett of the Financial Times remarked that the word “credit” comes from the Latin word credere which means “to trust”. Someone overhearing our conversation leaned in and corrected her. It actually comes from the root credo which literally means “I believe”. In the etymology of the English language, belief and trust are inexplicably linked but it occurs to me that we confuse the two. You can’t trust if you don’t first fundamentally believe.

As an employee of a company serving the financial services industry, I am intrigued by this question, and as a consumer, as are we all, I am confounded by it. Do you trust your bank? Do you believe they act and operate ethically and in your best interests as a customer? Did you consider that as you selected them? How much do belief and trust factor into our consumer decisions versus brand loyalty? Do we make choices because we believe or because we simply yield to advertising? I overheard a colleague remark recently, “Oh, that is a pretty blue” when referring to her new debit card. Be that as it may, I wanted to ask her, do you trust your new bank to act with integrity in the global marketplace and comply with regulations? In a recent blog post, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts wrote, “Banking should be boring. Savings accounts, checking accounts — the things that you and I rely on every day — should be safe from the sort of high-risk activities that broke our economy.”

Our trust index brings into focus the vital questions and the inherent need to rebuild trust in the industry we serve. I believe Thomson Reuters has a unique and profound role to play here. Our trading venues are an excellent example. Thomson Reuters Dealing provides a secure, reliable and trusted network to connect the inter-bank community. Matching is a secure reliable anonymous matching service and FXall enables reliable, secure trading between buy-side and sell side.  How do we know that they are trusted? Our trading volumes are one proof-point; the number of customers doing business on our trading platforms and the number of end points on our Trade Notification network. We’ve recently hit a milestone all time high – Thomson Reuters average daily FX Spot volumes for the month of June 2013 were $147 billion.  Our customers rely on the investment we place in our infrastructures so that they remain stable and secure, our speed and focus to resolve issues, and our ability to manage the increasing volumes of traffic. (more…)

Panel discussion on “Global Innovators: From Recession to Prosperity”

Panel discussion on Global Innovators: From Recession to Prosperity

The global financial crisis left a permanent mark on our understanding of what it means to be prosperous, how to achieve prosperity as well as on future generations. At the Thursday, June 20th day of innovation at the International Arts & Ideas Festival in New Haven, Connecticut, join us for a discussion on: Global Innovators: From Recession to Prosperity.

Thomson Reuters 2012 Top 100 Global Innovators report is the foundation for this discussion focused on corporations and institutions around the world that are at the heart of innovation. Panelists will reflect on the study and discuss the direct correlation between innovation and economic prosperity, including the questions of:

  • Who are the leaders in innovation?
  • How does innovation help us overcome economic challenges?
  • How is innovation changing the world in which we live and work?

Join us!

Panel Discussion

Global Innovators: From Recession to Prosperity


Yale University Art Gallery, 1111 Chapel Street

New Haven, Connecticut



Our SOPA Award Winners

Reuters has been awarded six Society of Publishers in Asia Awards, our best showing ever in Asia’s most distinguished journalism contest. We were among the most recognized news organizations of the evening, winning two first-prize awards for reporting, two first prizes and one second prize for photography, and a second prize for graphics. This marks the first time in the 15-year history of the SOPA Awards that Reuters has won first prize in a text category, continuing this year’s string of first-ever awards for Reuters. In addition, the Thomson Reuters Foundation received a SOPA Award, winning first prize in the Human Rights Reporting category for Nita Bhalla’s outstanding coverage of women’s rights in India.

Here are the Reuters staff winners: (more…)

Thomson Reuters Newsmaker with the World Bank President


On June 19th, World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim will discuss critical issues including the threat to economic development posed by climate change, the business case for going green, and global economic development at a Thomson Reuters Newsmaker event in London. President Kim will be coming directly from the G8 Summit, and this will be his first major public event in London since he was appointed last year. (more…)