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Trends in renewable energy inventions and oil price – Graphic of the day

Perhaps nowhere is the importance of “knowing why” more apparent than in the interplay of world energy markets and the increasing urgency of climate and environmental issues. Today’s graphic, from our 2014 Annual report, overlays the number of renewable energy inventions with price of oil.

Trends in Renewable Energy Inventions by Technology and the Rise and Fall of Oil Prices

Sources: Thomson Reuters Derwent World Patents Index, Thomson Reuters Web of Science and Thomson Reuters Datastream

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Know why: Bringing the balance between environment and energy into focus

Annual Report

2014 was a year in which knowing more —who, what, why and how — was critical to informed decision making and successful outcomes. Explore our 2014 Annual Report.

Perhaps nowhere is the importance of “knowing why” more apparent than in the interplay of world energy markets and the increasing urgency of climate and environmental issues. See how through context, connection and insight, we help professionals know why changes are occurring in world energy, identify and develop alternatives, and monitor the environmental impacts of energy: (more…)

The need to know: Explore our 2014 Annual Report

Annual Report

Our customers participate in the most important conversations in a fast and complex world every day. As professionals, they navigate markets, risks and regulations; shape and manage legal systems and tax jurisdictions; protect innovations; and drive scientific discovery. Their work is important and their decisions matter. And common to them all is the need to know.

Professionals today need more. More than information, data and news. More than speed. More than mobile access. They need insight, analysis and context. Solutions that simplify, clarify and deliver competitive advantage, providing confidence to act on what they know. And millions of professionals from every part of the global economy rely on Thomson Reuters for what they need to know to understand critical issues, solve tough problems and adapt to dynamic change.

During 2014, the risks of global fraud and rising terrorism; the multi-stage recovery of world markets and the opening up of China; the significant shift in oil prices and increasingly urgent focus on climate change and energy alternatives; and the economic and social impacts of an aging world population and Alzheimer’s disease were just a few of the challenges and opportunities facing our world. It was a year in which knowing more — who, what, why and how — was critical to informed decision making and successful outcomes.

Explore our 2014 Annual Report – Know which includes the Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion and Thomson Reuters Foundation annual reports.

The most promising drugs of 2015

Drugs to watch

In January 2014, Thomson Reuters Cortellis Competitive Intelligence named three drugs to watch that were expected to enter the market that year and make sales of over $1 billion within five years. All three entered the market as anticipated, and although the Cortellis Consensus sales forecasts have fluctuated over the course of the year, all of the drugs are still forecast to be $1 billion-plus blockbusters.

Compared with 2014, there are more potential blockbusters expected to enter the market this year. The majority of them are forecast to have 2019 sales of between $1 billion and $3 billion, although three drugs are set to exceed this, with the following 2019 sales forecasts: Bristol-Myers Squibb’s (BMS) melanoma drug Opdivo (nivolumab) at $5.684 billion; Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Sanofi’s Praluent (alirocumab) for hypercholesterolemia at $4.414 billion; and Novartis’ LCZ-696 (sacubitril and valsartan) for chronic heart failure at $3.731 billion: (more…)

Metrics Mania

Metrics Mania

Thomson Reuters Metrics Mania, a unique competition that measures the research impact of the the 68 institutions competing in the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, will align those same schools in six rounds of weekly competition to determine the final winner of the Research Crown. Winners will be identified by reports pulled from Thomson Reuters InCites.

The competition will begin Monday, March 16th and close with the naming of the champion on Tuesday, April 7th. Fans are invited to submit brackets with their predictions of the winners beginning March 16. Participants will be awarded one point for each correct guess. At the conclusion of the contest, the 10 entrants with the most points will each be awarded a $100 American Express Gift Card.

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The meaning

Hear from our global employees what working at Thomson Reuters means to them. These employees support offerings associated with the lifecycle of innovation, enabling today’s agents of change through the discovery, protection and commercialization of their ideas and brands.

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Cochlear – Partners in Innovation

A case study on how Thomson Reuters helps Cochlear achieve their innovation goals and manage their intellectual property workflow.

Learn more about our IP & Science business.

Patently Inventive: Profiles in thought leadership

At Thomson Reuters, our customers find value in innovative products and solutions. Every year, we file patents for inventions our employees create to enhance the experience in how our content is consumed. Meet Scott Daup, architect, Mobile Technology & Advanced Product Innovation; Dan Bennett, vice president, Enterprise Data Services, Platform group; and Jose Hernandez, lead iOS engineer, Mobile Mobile Technology & Advanced Product Innovation. These inventors submitted a patent for an invention that makes it easier for customers to find their way across the deep and complex content via the table of contents in the ProView eReader.

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2014 State of Innovation in India – Graphic of the day

Earlier this week, our IP & Science business launched its 2014 State of Innovation India report. This is the second consecutive year of the study, which is conducted by looking at patent activity to gain a clearer understanding of the innovation landscape in India. The study showcases twelve leading sectors and analyzes the innovation in each based on patent activity. This year, for the first time, the Computing & Control technology sector has drawn level with the Pharmaceuticals sector, with each taking 17% of the overall share of Indian Innovation. Today’s graphic gives a brief snapshot of the report, as well as the 2014 India Innovation Awards.

india Innovation

Download the full report.

China’s IQ (Innovation Quotient)

Invention Patent Applications

Our Intellectual Property & Science business recently released research outlining the patent landscape in China, and best practices for developing a strategic outlook on the emerging areas in the country’s portfolio. The new paper, Chinese Corporate Trends and Globalization for IP, aims to provide insight and understanding of China as an emerging global economy and how that growth is being driven by attempts to harness the tremendous potential of human and natural resources through innovation and the global IP system.

Intellectual Property is a central plank of China’s national strategy as it pushes to become an innovation-driven economy. Effective IP protection is also necessary for China to successfully continue on that journey. Although there is recognition at the national level of the importance of IP, this does not always translate down to the enterprise level. Major Chinese corporations are making strides in embracing and using IP as an integral part of their business strategy as they seek to drive revenue growth, gain market share and deliver cost benefits through the protection of innovative technology. But as data in this report shows, this is still the exception rather than the rule. (more…)