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Shift in the influence of G20 nations – graphic of the day

Analysts from our IP & Science business conducted an in-depth study of the G20 nations to compare the research and innovation landscape of each. Their work revealed that the power is shifting, as emerging nations enhance their science, education and technology policies. This map shows changes that occurred over the last decade giving rise to new opportunities and potential in the future.


Read the full report, The Research and Innovation Performance of the G20, or download the infographic.

Executive perspectives: Role of news across our business

As the world’s leading news and information company, we not only reach more than a billion people worldwide with our Reuters News coverage, but we also generate and consume news across all of the professions that we serve. For more insight on the importance of news across our business, we talked to several of our leaders to gather their thoughts on how we provide our customers with the news they need, when they need it, regardless of what profession they are in. Here’s what Basil Moftah, President of our Intellectual Property & Science business, had to say:

“News is a lifeline of our company. It is the foundation on which our business was built and it continues as a driving force in defining what we are as an organization.

In Intellectual Property & Science, we provide a unique view into the latest innovations and scientific research across all vertical industries. At our core, is high-quality content we’ve been curating for decades, like Derwent World Patents Index and Web of Science (each of which have been in existence for 50 years!), and our proprietary Life Sciences content. Through these data sets, and powerful platforms like Thomson Innovation, Web of Science, and Cortellis, customers can uncover insightful, news-breaking opportunities and innovations. And, the importance of news information doesn’t stop there. Our clients depend on the latest news to inform their prior art research and ensure they have a complete view of a technology or scientific area. So, we incorporate cutting-edge news information in our platforms as well.

News. It is part of our history. It is part of our future. And it is what we generate and deliver through all our proprietary data sources.”

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Aerospace industry is working to improve flight tracking

REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

Is it a matter of coincidence that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published two patents this week focused on aircraft navigation and communications?  These inventions, one from Boeing and one from Airbus, are just two examples of the dozens of inventions covering aircraft alert systems, satellite navigation and communications management that have been patented over the last several years. They shine a light on one of the challenges the aerospace industry is working to overcome: how to accurately track flight vehicles wherever and whenever they are. (more…)

Q&A on the sweet business of co-branding

In a recent commentary published in the Westlaw Journal Computer & Internet, Sideman & Bancroft intellectual property partner Kelly P. McCarthy and Samantha Von Hoene, a law clerk at the firm, discuss potentially sweet deals that can come about when two companies partner up for a co-branding strategy.

Their commentary, “Co-branding: A sweet business strategy,” kicks off with the 2013 announcement that a version of Google’s Android operating system would be called “KitKat,” a named licensed from Nestle, the candy bar’s creator.  We speak to Kelly P. McCarthy about this unexpected pairing and how companies can sniff out other successful co-branding deals. (more…)

A wonderful world of Intellectual Property Asset Management

See how easily your intellectual property strategy can connect with your business strategy to maximize the potential of every opportunity.

Bringing the iPad revolution to your every day trademark work

See how the trademark analysis app unchains you from your desktop:

First IPS user conference held in China

The first-ever Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property Solutions User Conference was hosted by the GGO China Intellectual Property & Science team in Suzhou in October, drawing more than 70 attendees, including corporate Research & Development (R&D) and intellectual property (IP) managers, as well as patent researchers and librarians from government agencies. Seventy-three percent of the participants were at the manager level or above.

Linda Guo, Managing Director of GGO China IP & Science and Chunqi Liu, Director of the Suzhou IP Office, delivered opening speeches. A wide array of topics were covered at the event, ranging from the strategic value of patent information for decision making in corporate settings and for economic growth, to IP management best practices, to early warnings of patent infringement risks, to how IP can support corporate competitiveness in the global market.

IPS user conferencePresenters included industry thought leader Dr. Yuefeng He from the China Patent Office (SIPO); lead users from Dow ChemicalBeiqi FotonSany Heavy Industrial Co., Ltd, and China Aerospace Sci. & Tech. Corp.; and Thomson Reuters managers and experts, including Tim White, Fan Zhang, Weiping Yue, Bean Peng, and Herman An. The speeches were well received and followed by active question and answer sessions, which included several questions around IP management services.

“This conference helped us build closer relationships with our customers and further develop our active user community,” explained event organizer Victoria Wang. “The event was a success thanks to strong teamwork, especially from the sales teams and our solution specialists, who contributed case studies from our Asia Pacific colleagues and the IP&S team in the U.S.”

Our IP & Science business provides information-based solutions on patents, trademarks and standards. Having entered the Chinese market in 1999, IP & Science now provides Thomson InnovationThomson Data Analyzer and IP services that are used by R&D, IP and intelligence professionals in 394 Chinese accounts, including 92 corporate, 61 pharmaceutical companies, 37 government institutes and 204 universities. The largest customer of IP&S in China is the State IP Office (SIPO), where patent examiners search DWPI to assess the novelty of inventions.

Too much innovation? It’s possible

There is such a thing as too much innovation, say executives from L’Oreal and Ford in a conversation with Reuters Breakingviews Editor Rob Cox at the Thomson Reuters Leaders of Innovation panel.

Trust across our business – Chris Kibarian

As a global leader in providing unbiased, accurate and up-to-the-minute news and information to our customers across a variety of professions, it is essential that trust remain a cornerstone of how we do business. For more clarity on trust and its role within each of our businesses, we talked with several of our business leaders to gather their thoughts on the importance of trust in the professional areas we serve.

“Trust is the cornerstone of our business. For more than half a century, professionals in academic institutions, corporations, government agencies, law firms and other businesses have trusted our high-quality curated data and leading-edge tools to drive the discovery, development and delivery of the world’s greatest innovations.

More than 20 million users at 15,000 organizations rely on our solutions to make business-critical decisions every day. They trust our skilled field experts to provide accurate, insightful counsel. And they count on us to protect their most valuable intellectual assets and global brands, acting with the highest standards of integrity.”

Read the full article to hear more from our business leaders on what trust means to them.

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Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovators

top 100 innovators

Now in its third year, the Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovators program identifies the foremost innovative organizations around the world by using patents as a proxy for innovation. Several criteria are analyzed to establish not just the volume of patenting, but the quality, importance and impact of that innovation through measuring the conversion of applications to granted patents, how widely filed the innovation is and how often inventions are cited in later published patents.

In those three years, there have been a total of 144 honorees, 63 who have achieved recognition in all three years, 23 who have appeared in two of the three years, and the remainder who have made in onto the list only once.

The nature of the list has also evolved over those years in some interesting ways. (more…)