Oman embraces Islamic Finance


By Ammar Radhi, Thomson Reuters

A new report on Oman’s Islamic finance potential to be released at the World Islamic Economic Forum 2014 in Dubai projects Omani Islamic banking assets to reach 10 per cent of total banking assets by 2018.  (more…)

Q3 Thomson Reuters TRust Index remains positive for the second consecutive quarter

TRust Index

The Q3 TRust Index, released today, shows that the trust sentiment in the top 50 global financial institutions remained positive at a steady 0.5 percent from Q2. However, the data reveals significant divergence at the regional level.

Tracking trust through news sentiment shows: (more…)

Innovations in Market Data Technology Event Preview

Dan Solak, Global Head of Elektron Feeds, talks about the upcoming innovation in market data technology event in London on 21st October. Dan discusses why the theme of the event is so important today, what Thomson Reuters is looking to do to help customers and innovate, and why you should attend the event. Dan will be speaking at the event, and part of a panel that includes Piers Linney (co-CEO Outsourcery and Dragon’s Den investor), Peter Sharp (Global Head of Market Data Operations, Credit Suisse) and moderated by Paul Rowady (Principal and Director of Data and Analytics Research, TABB Group).

You can register for the event here.

“Mainstream” Islamic finance can’t be everything to everybody

Will the Islamic finance industry thrive without the “Islamic” name attached to it?  This is a widely debated topic, but a discussion in the Zawya Islamic Community (login required) moved from the dichotomy between people’s attachment to retaining the “Islamic” prefix and an idea among the same people that it was holding back the industry’s adoption. From this contrast within the industry itself emerged a discussion that moved beyond the semantic arguments about what the industry is called to how it can express the sense of social responsibility that is imbued as a result of its “Islamic” identity.

From this idea, that there is much more importance on how Islamic finance actually incorporates “social responsibility”, community members highlighted how even communicating this message to laypeople is difficult. One community member highlighted the vast gap between the number of Muslims living in the UK who have a choice between conventional and Islamic banking, but are not convinced of the value of Islamic banking, whether due to misconception or real questions about how Shariah-compliant banking effects its responsibility to society.

islamic_finance 2As the issue of how to broaden the appeal entered into focus, the discussion considered the other half of the pair of expanding outreach, which is whether Islamic finance can and should appeal to a mainstream audience. An astute observation from one community member highlighted how “mainstream” does not mean appealing to everyone. Instead of trying to be everything to everybody, Islamic finance should expand among targeted demographic segments.

In reaching out to these targeted demographic segments, community members highlighted the paucity of able professionals in the marketing/branding sector within Islamic finance who can ably bring to the fore the underlying ethical value that the sector brings to its stakeholders without misrepresenting what it can and cannot do. Some of the shortfall between hope and reality is a result of many of the (well-documented) limitations within the Islamic finance sector. These are a result both of its relative youth and the need to operate in emerging markets with underdeveloped regulatory systems or in regulatory systems that do not contemplate an alternative to interest-based finance.

Within these limitations, there is a sense in many corners that they can be swept under the rug and marketed away with use of the “Islamic” label notwithstanding the problems associated with trying to use the same methods to achieve different results. At this point, community members are discussing ways in which the next generation of consumers—who have different expectations for financial services than their parents—can be reached and how Islamic banks can effectively build their brand in a way that both preserves the ethical basis within Islam while also demonstrating how the social responsibility that comes from this foundation is effectively operationalized in day-to-day business.

Join the Zawya Islamic Community today to add your voice to the discussion.

Thomson Reuters at the center of the Canadian community

Financial & Risk Summit

On Tuesday, Oct. 7, I opened our first-ever Thomson Reuters Financial & Risk Summit in Canada, with the new Chinese Ambassador to Canada as our keynote speaker. This was Ambassador Luo Zhaohui’s first public speaking engagement.

He reiterated China’s commitment to the growing trade with Canada – China is already Canada’s second-largest trading partner. He stated his belief that Canada should establish an offshore trading centre for Chinese currency, something Thomson Reuters is already working on.

To everyone’s delight, the ambassador spoke willingly about the student protests in Hong Kong, which have made headlines around the world in recent weeks. (more…)

Beating the Street with Tweets

Philip Brittan, Chief Technology Officer & Global Head of Platform, Thomson Reuters discusses the effect of social sentiment on stock prices.

Read more about how you can beat the street with tweets and learn more about the Social Media Monitor app within Eikon here.

Reuters Global Climate Change Summit

What’s ahead for climate change, and what does it mean for investors?

The global impact of climate change is affecting strategies for businesses and investors across the world. From supply chains to R&D, climate change has become a major issue that affects the way some companies do business. Governments will focus more on climate change in coming months with almost 200 nations have agreed to hold a summit in Paris in December 2015 to work out a global deal to limit warming.

The colors of Fall can be seen reflected in a waterfall along the Blackberry River in Canaan, Connecticut.

What will be the impact for companies and investors? What are the risks and opportunities presented by climate change and efforts to prevent it?

Reuters Global Climate Change Summit will bring together business leaders, investors and policymakers to examine the business, investment and regulatory decisions they make following from climate change.

Check out the Reuters Best website – a dynamic resource that features Reuters biggest news wins by sector and region.

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Click here for the 2014 calendar.

Financial and Risk Summit in Toronto

Financial and Risk Summit

Today we are hosting the Financial and Risk Summit in Toronto, an event designed to bring together thought leaders and practitioners from our financial markets and risk and compliance communities for a full-day of interactive discussions. Topics will include market structure, anti-money laundering/know your customer initiatives, big data, regulation and more.

The event is hosted by Mark Schlageter, Managing Director, Financial and Risk Americas; David W. Binet, Deputy Chairman, Thomson Reuters & President and Chief Executive Officer, The Woodbridge Company Limited; and David Walmsley, Editor-in-Chief, The Globe and Mail. (more…)

Singapore & Sydney Risk & Regulatory Data Seminar & Reception


Thomson Reuters and Pricing Partners in association with our ASIAN clients are delighted to announce our prestigious Singapore & Sydney market seminars and networking receptions. These events are exclusively for active market professionals based in Sydney, Singapore and the surrounding regions.

This invite only event will allow guests to hear from the following speakers: (more…)

The World in 2025: 10 predictions of innovation


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“It is said that the present is pregnant with the future.” – Voltaire (1694-1778)

As far back as one can look in history, humans have tried to predict everything from the weather and rise and fall of tides to, in more recent times, stock performance and who will reign as champion in a sporting event. From Nostradamus to Toffler to Kurzweil, academics, astronomers, economists, futurists, mathematicians, scientists, sociologists, sports enthusiasts and others have contributed to the science – and art – of predicting what is to come.

It was only fitting then, that our IP & Science business, with innovation at its core, should also partake in leveraging its assets to forecast the future. With its rich scientific and intellectual property repositories, and deep industry expertise, this business is dedicated to helping customers research, innovate and commercialize tomorrow’s inventions.

The group compiled a paper outlining 10 innovation predictions for the world in 2025, based on research done by Thomson Reuters analysts using the company’s patent and scientific literature solutions.

In some cases, the analysts found a growing body of work that gave additional credence to the prediction. In others, the topic was still emerging. In all instances, they followed a trail of current research and innovation activity to connect the dots and make these innovation predictions. (more…)