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Promising new research on Parkinson’s disease


We recently featured a Disease Briefing with new approaches to treating and coping with Parkinson’s disease on the Life Sciences Connect blog. A neurodegenerative disorder, Parkinson’s disease affects more than five million people worldwide. Age-related conditions, like Parkinson’s, will most likely affect all of us at some point as the aged population becomes greater than the newborn population in many developed countries.

Perhaps you, or someone you know, will benefit from the latest therapeutic approaches being explored to treat and prevent this disease.

Global impact (more…)

Our values in action

One of the key reasons I joined Thomson Reuters after years in investment banking was the company’s focus on its people and the strong support of senior leadership to create an environment where employees can thrive and customers can benefit from the collective knowledge of our employees. This has proven to be true over the past two-and-a-half years I have been here.

As I have seen, Thomson Reuters is committed to delivering on our purpose and values. This is represented through a variety of media, methods and materials. However, what’s really important is how we operate as individuals and as a collective organization every day.

Through corporate responsibility and diversity and inclusion efforts, we aim to empower sustainable growth for our people, our markets and our world. We do this by: (more…)

Knowledge Worker Innovation Series: Showcasing Innovators in a Big Data Ecosystem

Knowledge Worker Innovation Series

Inspired by a neighborhood of innovators and entrepreneurs, the Knowledge Worker Innovation Series consists of events that bring in thought leaders from industry and academia to discuss, dissect and explore technology topics and trends. The discussions helps us stay on top of and share the ideas that shape our approach to making information intelligent and delivering it to the businesses and professionals who depend on it.

We are pleased to announce the next event in our Knowledge Worker Innovation Series, proudly held in Boston’s Innovation District. Please join us to hear lightning talks from start-up CEOs Andy Palmer, (Tamr), Marilyn Matz, (Paradim4), and Adam Towvim (Trust Layers). This Big Data start-up showcase will explore connections and enrichment of diverse data, scalable native array database with native analytics and a new level of privacy accountability in the use of personal information in large data systems. This event will kick off the Mass Big Data Trek 2014 by the Mass Big Data Initiative. (more…)

Europe’s aging nuclear reactors – graphic of the day

Nuclear power provides around a third of the European Union’s electricity generation. The 28-nation bloc operates 131 reactors, with an average age of 30 years. As nuclear plants age, performance can suffer, and outages – both scheduled and unplanned – rise. Today’s graphic shows the age and output of nuclear reactors across Europe.

nuclear power

Would you like infographics like this on your website, blog or other social media? Contact us and visit our Reuters Agency blog for insights and discussions on the changing media industry.

Transgender: Gender Identity Explained Event Highlights

The need to understand more about gender identity and the challenges that trans people face brought nearly 200 people to our office in Canary Wharf on Monday June 30th, for our presentation and panel event, “Transgender: Gender Identity Explained.” This video contains highlights from the event that our Pride at Work UKI group hosted with the charity GIRES at our London, Canary Wharf office. The opening remarks were made by Jan-Coos Geesink the head of our Legal Solutions UK and Ireland team and co-sponsor of our Pride at Work network in the UK. It also features Emma Cusdin and Nicholas Creswell on the Panel. We also have short interviews at the end from a number of internal and external guests.

Read more about the event.

Witnesses to history


November of this year will mark a quarter century since the Berlin Wall was dismantled in 1989. The story of the Wall gave Reuters a double first. First with its coming down, Reuters had also been first with news of its going up on August 13, 1961 – 53 years ago today. (more…)

Thomson Reuters Pride at Work Network hosts Transgender: Gender Identity Explained


Do you identify as a man or as a woman?

Most people don’t even ask themselves that question. They just know who they are. But for some of us, this is a really important and difficult issue, because the person we know ourselves to be does not necessarily match the assumptions made about us at birth.

The need to understand more about gender identity and the challenges that trans people face brought nearly 200 people to our office in Canary Wharf on Monday June 30th, for our presentation and panel event, “Transgender: Gender Identity Explained.” This was our second event, after our online presentation in 2012, focusing on the transgender aspect of LGBT. However, it was our first in person event with our customers and interested organizations. (more…)

Machine learning and authenticity; the key to unlock visual commerce


by Andrew Fletcher, Manager, Emerging Technology

What is visual commerce? In essence it’s an extension of ‘what you see is what you get.’ If you see a photo of a model wearing a jacket then you know it has been photoshopped. If you see normal people wearing it then you know it is authentic, which drives sales. By tracking this using A/B testing, Olapic can add value by proving the impact of bringing ‘real’ content onto a brand’s site. It’s not news that humans are inherently visual. Now with a phone in every pocket we can all make beautiful images and share them. When Olapic started, the number of photos shared every day was in the low 100s of millions. Now that number is over a billion. User Generated Content (UGC) used to be synonymous with low quality. Now, the volume is so large that you can focus on the top quality content, and as a result brands are less fearful of UGC. (more…)

TechVision: The knowledge worker unleashed

We recently offered a TechVision seminar hosted by Bruce Gorter, CTO for Thomson Reuters Legal with guest speaker Spenser Segal, CEO and Founder ActiFi, Inc. The topic was The Knowledge Worker Unleashed: People, Process and Technology. Spenser identified how critical it is for businesses to integrate their workflows, with careful consideration to the business value that drives real benefit to the company and customer. His mantra was “people trump processes, processes trump technology and technology is critical to building a scalable and efficient business.”

Spenser defines utilization as people, process and technology and the efficiencies at various levels. He emphasizes the need for a clear articulation and delineation of process and workflow as a starting point to understanding and change. He then defines four levels of integration from the most basic to full functionality of multiple applications within a single integrated user interface. Spenser sees the benefits of successful integration as:  reduces time and cost of manually inputting data, a reduction in human error, consistency across systems and improved client services.

As consumers are more and more empowered by automation tools, they expect cross workflow applications.  Spenser closed by saying “The effective implementation of technology and automation will have a significant impact on your ability to serve your clients more effectively and profitably”. The knowledge worker is then free to focus on the high human value activities of building trusting and responsive relationships.

You can watch the full video below: (more…)

Volunteers in action: Carrollton returns to Resource Center Dallas

Resource Center Dallas

Over 30 volunteers recently teamed up with the Carrollton Human Resources team to visit Resource Center Dallas (RCD) over the course of three days, almost tripling the number of volunteers from a visit just one year earlier.

Resource Center Dallas is the primary lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) and HIV/AIDS service organization in North Texas. While last year’s inaugural trip included 12 members of the Human Resources team, this year’s trip sent 34 volunteers to the community center that is home to a variety of community organizations and serves over 50,000 North Texans each year through its programs and services. (more…)