Bangalore’s Community Service Program is in top gear

Volunteers on the new Community<br />
Service Program

It was in August when Bangalore launched its first Community Service Volunteering Program or CSP as it is popularly known. CSP was launched with an ambitious goal of running 200 team-based projects with volunteering opportunities for over 2500 employees from September to December. These 200 projects were designed by our 25 NGO partners with a focus on education, employment and healthcare.

Three months since the program kicked off, it has shaped up successfully with over 1000 enthusiastic volunteers having participated in one of 200 projects. The program has already surpassed the 2000 mark for volunteer sign-up.

CSP is supported by our Corporate Responsibility (CR) volunteering policy that gives each of the employees one paid day off from work to give back to their community. The CR Bangalore team have ensured that the program is not just about ‘a day’s leave’ but more about sustainable giving.

The feedback from our volunteers has been very encouraging. For some of them it has been a life altering experience. For employees who had never volunteered before, this was an amazing opportunity for them to make a difference to their community.

Bhanu Singh, assistant manager in the IRC Sourcing team, who participated in a teaching project for children, said: “The project was quite a humbling experience for all of us. As much as we had a great time we also managed to learn a lot from the kids at the NGO. We all came back enriched and rearing to go again; to teach and be taught.”

Elizabeth Jones, CR Head, India, who has been spearheading the project in Bangalore added: “It has been very encouraging to see how teams have shown great enthusiasm in adopting a project and participated in it with complete sincerity. What’s been interesting is that they have taken their association with the NGO beyond their project. So much so that they have been happy to share their experience with their peers and colleagues, thus increasing the levels of engagement at the site.”

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