Forget the office – our online workspace is where it’s at

online workspace

What’s your virtual office like?

Our online workspaces are often where we now spend most of our time. At Thomson Reuters we’re less confined to brick and mortar offices, and constantly online and available on our intranet “The Hub”, our laptops and other mobile devices. A great proportion of us are “knowledge workers”, dealing with content, facts and figures, rather than anything in the physical world.

The online connected workspace at Thomson Reuters addresses the primary aspects of our role. According to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute:

  • Us knowledge workers spend around 65 percent of our time communicating and collaborating with people;
  • 28 percent of our time is spent in our email inbox; and
  • 19 percent of our time is taken up trying to find stuff.

Our own research on The Professional Revolution confirms that “new technologies are transforming the workforce and enabling a more mobile global professional.” From our poll, we can see that 58% of satisfied professionals agree that a collaborative work environment is “very important” to their work. (more…)

Smart information design helps simplify life

Smart information design – the basis of good ‘infographics’ and data visualizations – can help users to understand complex data and information much more quickly, and let them drill into areas of interest to them. In some cases, these tools can provide greater insight and depth than text alone. Infographics are the weather forecast graphs in newspapers, the public transport maps used to help you plan your journey in to work, and the graphs and charts representing statistical data used in media reports about trends and the daily business of companies. Our Reuters graphics team publish around 50 graphics a day to our financial and media customers alone.

Maryanne Murray, global head of Graphics in Reuters said: “Both infographics and data visualizations have a role to play. The main difference between the two is how users interact with them – in whether they need an explanation or exploration.”

Infographics explain things. They distill complicated material and present it in a clear, linear way. Since our brains instantaneously recognize patterns (and where they deviate), reading a graphic is the fastest way to take in a trend or statistical outlier. Infographics can also free a story of dense explanatory text, allowing the author to focus on storytelling.

Visualizations, on the other hand, enable readers to interact with huge data sets in a manageable and meaningful way. And critically, they foster further exploration.

Infographics and data visualizations can be found in many areas of our business in printed and digital formats – in articles on, in business and financial reports, and in our desktop products.

Here’s just a few examples: (more…)

Highlights from our Newsmaker with World Bank Group President

Our CEO Jim Smith welcomed World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim at a Thomson Reuters Newsmaker in London on June 19 to share critical issues posed by climate change. The challenges and business case for going green were covered in a new report from the World Bank, Turn Down The Heat: Climate Extremes, Regional Impacts and the Case for Resilience, launched on June 19.

Jim Yong Kim revealed that a 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit) rise in temperature, which could be reached in the next 20 – 30 years time based on the current climate trajectory, could have severe implications, particularly for Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and South East Asia. According to scientists, ramifications may include: (more…)

Helping professionals understand and act on energy trends


The energy debate and how to shape future global policies is an ongoing and important discussion. The British Petroleum (BP) Energy Outlook 2030 report, featured in our infographic, contains BP’s projections for long-term energy trends. It highlights the growing role of developing economies in global energy consumption and how tight oil and shale gas are changing the global energy landscape. It also stresses the need to improve energy efficiency, since it believes demand will increase by 40% by 2030. While only projections, the report more importantly examines the challenges the planet faces, and the choices made in producing and consuming energy.

Global energy markets at your fingertips with Thomson Reuters Eikon for Commodities

An effective Thomson Reuters product for energy professionals is Thomson Reuters Eikon for Commodities, which delivers all the key news on market moving events including the extraction, production, consumption and distribution of energy commodities around the world. Analysts then provide forward-looking research and forecasts and our market respected columnists offer clients unique commentary, insight and detailed technical analysis of the key commodities markets.

Users can conveniently access specialist data from respected providers such as: (more…)

Reuters scoops up 19 awards in Pictures of the Year International

hurricane sandy

The Pictures of the Year International (POYi) awards were officially finalized and announced on Wednesday (Feb. 27). Established in 1944, it is one of the most highly regarded annual international competitions for press photography. Reuters extensive coverage of events in 2012 was recognized with a total of 19 awards. Discover the award-winning work of our photographers: (more…)

Our Times Square screens stole the show during the U.S. Presidential election

Times Square

For the second time, ABC News used our outdoor screens in New York’s Times Square as a backdrop to their national broadcast of Election Night. Giving the crowds in Times Square and the National TV audience up to second results via our sign API. Our new high-resolution screens displayed live data in Times Square with 3 Times Square office appeared dead center between the presenters in the ABC’s TV broadcast of the highly anticipated election results that saw Obama win his next term in office.

The screens used real-time data feeds to display the election results in all their glory (as the videos below show). This was also the first time that high definition video was used on our screens and broadcast across the U.S. ABC News also gained use of our NASDAQ screen on the south end of Times Square giving them a whopping 20,000 square foot of digital signage across Times Square.

Dave Jenssen, vice president of Reuters signage, said: “It’s a great example of what can be achieved with our outdoor screens. The coverage and visuals were fantastic and seeing data displayed live on the screens is very exciting.

Behind the scenes (more…)

Mayor of London’s live chat in the Global Markets Forum

Boris Johnson

Mayor of London Boris Johnson made an appearance in the Global Markets Forum on Friday when he took questions from members around the world. The live chat on Thomson Reuters Messenger was a mobile operation from the London Mayor’s hotel and the last of nine community interviews from the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos. In a late change of plan, the Mayor insisted he would type his own answers rather than dictate them to an aide and turned out to be the fastest typing interviewee of the week.

Key quotes: (more…)

Reuters TV coverage from the World Economic Forum

Davos Today

Here is a round up of TV coverage from Day 1 at Davos:

Europe: A key topic for discussion is the state of the economic crisis in the European Union.

Italy’s Minister of Economic Development, Corrado Passera, talks about the challenges Italy faces in order to grow its economy: (more…)

Reuters: A Way Forward – The Davos Issue

Reuters Magazine

Last year, the inaugural issue of Reuters Magazine published to coincide with the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. After its success and the success of its follow-up last summer at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Reuters is once again returning to Davos with a third issue: Reuters: A Way Forward, which will be distributed free to attendees at the event and is available to everyone for free download onto desktop and mobile devices from

Since the world economic system fell off a ledge in 2008, recovery has been patchy and slow, and finding a way forward has been a challenge.  “Tackling that challenge is what Reuters and its parent, Thomson Reuters, do every day: harnessing information of all kinds from all places to help people make more intelligent decisions,” writes Reuters Editor in Chief Stephen J. Adler in his editor’s letter.  He adds, “and that’s what we attempt to do in this issue of Reuters: A Way Forward.”

Here, among the magazine’s original articles and features: (more…)

5 things to know about Davos 2013


Get ready for Davos, the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, held in Davos, Switzerland over January 23 – 27. 

This year’s theme “Resilient Dynamism” explores how we can catalyse and facilitate global, regional and industry transformation to improve the state of the world. As a strategic sponsor, we’ll be both covering and participating in the event with leaders from around the globe, including our own CEO Jim Smith, British Prime Minister David Cameron and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

David Craig, Chris Perry, Shanker Ramamurthy, and Susan Taylor Martin will also be there to meet with clients and business leaders.

Follow the latest from Davos: (more…)