Sony outlook – Graphic of the day

Sony recently announced deep losses in its smartphone business, but its game division hopes to raise its profit outlook for the year to March as PlayStation sales far exceed expectations. Today’s graphic takes a look at Sony’s share price performance, net income and loss, and revenue by segment.


Journalist Spotlight: Goran Tomasevic on the Westgate Mall attack and his role in HBO documentary

On Monday, HBO premiered a documentary on the 49-hour attack of Kenya’s Westgate shopping mall, which prominently features Reuters photographer Goran Tomasevic, a veteran war photographer who has covered conflict for more than 20 years“Terror at the Mall” recalls the horror of the attack through hours of previously unseen CCTV video, extensive frames taken by Goran and testimony from survivors and rescuers. The film will also air on BBC2 later this month, as well as various networks around the world in the coming weeks. In a Reuters Best: Journalist Spotlight Q&A, Goran – who this year was named a Pulitzer Prize finalist – offers an inside look at covering the attack.

Q. How did you first find out about the shooting? And how did you come to be there covering it?

A. A friend of my family called me and told me that she’d heard about something happening at the Westgate mall, and she told me not to go there. I was near my house, so I quickly parked the car, picked up my gear and went with a friend to the mall.

Q. What were your first impressions on the scene?

A. Someone told me that it was a bank robbery, but when I arrived I saw lots of bullet holes in cars and I realized quite quickly that it was something bigger.


Sustainability Analytics reveals trends in global discussion of climate change

In collaboration with United Nations Global Pulse, Thomson Reuters today launched Sustainability Analytics, an online analytics resource that identifies trends, topics and more within global news coverage on climate change.

Sustainability Analytics seeks to highlight and understand changes in interest levels and examine the appearance and impact of major climate-related events, discussions and campaigns across global news media. It does this by identifying trends in news media coverage, analyzing millions of news stories from over 1,800 English language news sources.  It finds trending topics, people and companies in climate change coverage. Visitors can also search by keyword to make specific queries and view the resulting analysis.

Here are a few screen shots from this interactive environment:


Big Data: Successfully meeting the latest challenges in financial services


Welcome to Thomson Reuters Exchange! Each week, we will be bringing you features from within Exchange, Thomson Reuters financial and risk publication. We created Exchange, as the name suggests, as a forum for dialogue, a digital publication where ideas and insights, information, news and analysis can be exchanged and shared across the global ecosystem of financial professionals in a dynamic, interactive format. We invite you to experience the rich content and interactive features on your iPad or Android tablet by downloading it from the App StoreGoogle Play or on Amazon. Or, to learn more about Exchange and stay abreast of the latest features, functionality and content in this issue and subsequent issues, visit our website.

All those bits and bytes only add up to something when they’re organized, arranged and made coherent.

Since the earliest days of the financial markets, information has been a key element of success. In the past, market information was conveyed by methods that now seem quaint: carrier pigeons, personal conversations, printed materials sent through the post.

Today more data is generated in a 24-hour period than in entire centuries of the past, traveling at lightning speeds to all corners of the globe. Accessing, sorting, compiling and leveraging that information is increasingly important in fast-paced markets and changing regulatory landscapes. (more…)

Big four brewers: the global spread – Graphic of the day

SABMiller’s rejected bid for smaller brewer Heineken has revived talk about deals that could reshape the global beer industry in coming months. Today’s graphic is a world map locating the dominant breweries by country.


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Salmonella superbugs on the rise – Graphic of the day

Reuters recently released a special report titled Farmaceuticals, investigating the drugs fed to farm animals and the risks posed to humans. Public health officials fear that antibiotic use on poultry farms is boosting the rise of antimicrobial-resistant salmonella. The U.S. government does not require meat companies to automatically recall chicken products that test positive for salmonella. Today’s graphics show salmonella trends since 2002.


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Wireless charging – Graphic of the day

Apple’s embrace of wireless charging may be a defining moment for a technology that’s languished for years. Today’s graphic shows how wireless charging works.


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Exchange Magazine: The Innovation Issue


We’re pleased to announce the release of the third issue of Thomson Reuters Exchange Magazine. Tackling the theme of Innovation, issue three explores the various ways in which financial professionals and organizations are evolving and innovating to meet the challenges and changes of the marketplace today.

Highlights from this issue include our IP & Science business President Basil Moftah on ten areas of innovation that will change our world by 2025; Mona Vernon of our Data Innovation Lab and F&R Chief Technology Officer Philip Brittan discuss how innovation is changing our business and that of our customers; David Kirkpatrick, CEO of Techonomy (and former technology editor for Fortune) contributes his thoughts on fostering an innovation culture and we take a look at our 15-year partnership with the F1 racing program WILLIAMS MARTINI RACING and the role of innovation and information in Formula One racing.

Additional features in this issue include:

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Conduct risk – Graphic of the day

Among the many forms creative compliance may take, several consistent patterns of behavior have been explored in recent research studies. We surveyed over 200 compliance and risk practitioners on the concept of conduct risk and has identified distinct industry-wide trends. Read The Global Conduct Risk Report 2013 and benchmark your firm’s preparations.

conduct risk

Journalist spotlight: Ryan McNeill on his special report on the impact of rising sea levels

Water's Edge

Last week, Reuters published the first in a series of special reports examining the phenomenon of rising seas. The report combined data analysis and shoe-leather reporting to find that flooding is increasing along much of the U.S. coastline, forcing many communities into costly, controversial struggles with a relentless foe. In a Reuters Best: Journalist Spotlight Q&A, data journalist Ryan McNeill offers an inside look at the reporting behind the story.

Q. How did the team get started on this story? (more…)