Mind Your Business: A podcast on Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion


We recently launched our newest podcast, Mind Your Business, a regular review on the intersection between Corporate Responsibility and Inclusion and modern business. It’s hosted by Patsy Doerr, global head of Corporate Responsibility and Inclusion at Thomson Reuters.

The first episode takes a broader look at our own Corporate Responsibility and Inclusion structure, then Patsy is joined by James White, Global Diversity & Inclusion at Credit Suisse. Listen here: (more…)

A place like home? – Graphic of the day

A planet believed to be remarkably similar to Earth has been discovered orbiting a distant sun-like star, bolstering hopes of finding life elsewhere in the universe. Today’s graphic compares the newly discovered planet (Kepler-452b) to Earth.


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Exchange Magazine: The Art of Data

Exchange magazine

In the latest issue of Thomson Reuters Exchange, we’re celebrating data, the core of our business and the lifeblood of the industry. While our focus is typically on the science of data – collecting, curating, cleaning, managing and disseminating data – we know there is also an art to making data useful, powerful and insightful. Enjoy our featured articles below or download Exchange for free on your iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ tablet device.


Back to the Future

Leon Saunders Calvert, global head of Capital Markets & Advisory, and Keith Mullin, International Financing Review editor-at-large discuss the current changes and comebacks within investment banking.


Reuters’ most popular Instagram photos so far this year

@Reuters on Instagram has nearly a quarter of a million followers and counting, treating viewers to stunning photographs that reflect beauty and diversity from around the world. Instagram followers signal their appreciation of a good image with “likes” and Reuters recently assembled a package to highlight our 20 most liked photos from our Instagram feed in 2015 so far.

Below are the top 5 most liked images; you can view the entire top 20 package here.

White house

The White House is illuminated in rainbow colors after the historic Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in Washington June 26, 2015. REUTERS/Gary Cameron


What does my mom/dad do at work? – Part two

In honor of 30th anniversary of Thomson Reuters Reference Attorneys, we decided to ask some of their kids “what does a Reference Attorney do?” Watch part one here.

Journalist spotlight: Joe Brock on his Nigeria exclusive

REUTERS/Afolabi Sotunde

Earlier this month, Reuters exclusively reported that advisors to Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari have recommended a root and branch overhaul of Africa’s biggest oil industry and increased borrowing to help pay off $20 billion of government arrears. Among their recommendations were slashing the size of the civil service, overhauling the much-criticized state oil company and removing costly petrol and kerosene subsidies. A ‘transition committee’ set up by Buhari in April submitted 800 pages of policy recommendations to the president last month but the details were not made public. In a Reuters Best: Journalist Spotlight Q&A, reporter Joe Brock offers a behind-the-scenes look at how he landed the scoop.

Q. How did you score this exclusive?

A. As is often the case, there was a fair amount of luck. I was contacted by a source who wanted something totally unrelated and we ended up talking about Nigerian politics because we both have a personal interest. The first thread of the story came out during an anecdote he was telling me that had nothing to do with work. That tip-off led me to obtaining from another contact a confidential policy reform document produced by advisors to newly-elected President Muhammadu Buhari. Nigeria went through a historic transition of power this year so there is a lot of interest in where the country is heading next. This story provided one of the first windows into the thinking of Buhari’s team.

Q. What types of reporting/sourcing were involved? (more…)

Minnesota federal judge tosses defect suit by woman still using recalled car seat

From Westlaw Journal Products Liability:  A Minnesota federal judge has granted Evenflo Co.’s motion to dismiss a breach-of-warranty suit filed by a woman who admits she is still using the defective child’s car seat that was the basis for her action.

U.S. District Judge Ann D. Montgomery of the District of Minnesota dismissed the proposed class-action suit Sadie Browe filed over malfunctioning latches on her child’s Evenflo Sureride DLX 65 car seat. The judge said Browe lacks a cause of action for her leading claims, including that for breach of implied warranty of merchantability.

(Westlaw users: Click here for the 10 most recent stories from Westlaw Journals.) (more…)

Become a better communicator in one day


Drawing on the values and global footprint of the world’s largest provider of news and information, our Foundation brings training solutions to companies, governments and organizations worldwide.

We’re pleased to announce the latest round of corporate communications instructor-led workshops in London, which are designed to make an immediate impact on participants’ professional capacities. We favor an interactive approach where delegates work on relevant case studies and get instant feedback from their peers and instructors.

Available courses: (more…)

Apple results – graphic of the day

Apple shares dropped today due to missed targets for iPhone sales and fourth-quarter revenue forecast falling short of estimates. Today’s graphic highlights Apple’s quarterly results in three different charts.


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Do you know your state of readiness for Solvency II?

solvency II

By Conor Coughlan, Global Head, Proposition Marketing, Thomson Reuters

In this fast paced world, where we face what seems to be an ever growing regulatory landslide, not sinking into the earth or being swept away but actually staying on top of all the necessary changes, is a major challenge. Recently you may have noted my focus on Solvency II, which is due to be implemented across the European Union and (EEA) from January 2016 onwards. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a matter for European firms because it has many implications for American or Asian insurers who have European subsidiaries!

Described by many as the “Basel for Insurers” Solvency II is a beast of a regulation. It has a complex structure, with a three pillar alignment and its requirement for entirely new or consolidated data sets and reporting models means it’s a ‘game changer’ for the insurance sector and their service providers.

solvency II regulatory reportingWhen we first started tracking Solvency II we were surprised at how revolutionary but warranted the regulation would be.

I was personally surprised at how infrequent insurance firms had to report on their holdings (in the past) and that many did not know what funds they had ultimately invested in.

Equally it was clear that this regulation would not only impact Insurers but also their asset managers and their related asset servicers’ (fund administrators & custodians).

In many ways the entire investment supply chain in the insurance industry now has to change to meet these far reaching regulatory obligations.