Supreme Court hears argument on appellate review standard in patent cases

From Westlaw Journal Intellectual Property: The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral argument Oct. 15 regarding the level of deference that should be given to a trial court’s findings of fact in support of its claim construction of patent terms.

The question before the justices is whether an appeals court should review the findings de novo, without deference to the lower court’s findings — the standard followed by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit — or only for clear error, as required by Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 52(a).

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Claim construction is the process by which a court defines the claims of patents.  It is a foundational question of patent litigation because a finding of infringement or invalidity of a patent ultimately depends on how the claims are construed, Teva Pharmaceuticals said in its petition to the high court.


Journalist spotlight: Karolos Grohmann on his scoop in Nepal

On Saturday, Reuters was first with the news that Nepal’s football association (ANFA) has asked FIFA to investigate their own president, Ganesh Thapa. The request, via an emailed letter seen by Reuters, comes after the country’s public accounts committee ordered an investigation of Thapa, an Asian Football Confederation vice president, over what it said was alleged embezzlement of funds. Thapa has repeatedly denied all allegations, saying he has done nothing wrong. In a Reuters Best: Journalist Spotlight Q&A, sports correspondent Karolos Grohmann offers a behind-the-scenes look at how he got the scoop.

Q. How did you score this exclusive?

A. A source tipped me off that frustrated Nepal football association officials got in touch with FIFA’s ethics chief Michael Garcia in order to press the world soccer’s governing body into action in relation with embezzlement allegations leveled against ANFA President Ganesh Thapa.

Q. What types of reporting/sourcing were involved?

A. Obviously, given that it was a source that tipped me off and also put me in touch with the ANFA vice presidents in charge of leading the opposition against their president, we had to conduct our own research regarding any information given to us by them. We also called the FA VPs back in order to make sure that they indeed were calling from the official federation telephone numbers. We urged them to communicate via Skype in order to see their faces and verify the identity of who was saying this. We then tracked down the FA president for his chance to respond to the accusations and also got FIFA to react before running the story.

Q. What makes you passionate about journalism?

A. The fact that every day begins essentially from scratch. That no day is even similar to the previous one and that to some extend it is the reporter who sets their own agenda.

Q. What do you find most fulfilling about covering your beat? (more…)

DSW settles age-discrimination claim for $900K

The EEOC and major shoe retailer DSW settled a class-action age-discrimination lawsuit within four days after the suit was filed Sept. 15, 2014.

The EEOC alleged the retailer discriminated against seven employees and a class of former similarly situated employees on the basis of age. (more…)

U.S. grains exports – Graphic of the day

Despite big crops, U.S. grain is struggling to compete with lower-cost suppliers around the world. Today’s graphic shows the global market as a percentage of total exports for wheat, corn and soybean.

grains exports

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Putting the world’s energy markets at your command

Changing energy markets create new opportunities. Are you going to see and seize them first?

With Thomson Reuters Eikon, you will see further, know earlier and act quicker. From news to analysis, from fundamentals to forecasts, it brings together all the relevant information you need in a single intuitive desktop so you can grasp exactly where the market is and where it is likely to go — and then act with confidence.

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U.S. agents scramble to grasp how Mexican cartels launder money via L.A. fashion district

Federal agents hope documents and electronic data seized during raids on the Los Angeles fashion district last month and cash-transaction reports that businesses in the zone are now required to file will help clarify how Mexico’s drug cartels are using international trade to launder money, law enforcement sources say.

The ability to generate new intelligence from documents and human sources may well dictate – at least in the short term – the degree to which U.S. authorities can effectively combat Mexican cartels by hitting them in their pocketbooks.  (more…)

Sustainable Stock Exchanges hosts largest Global Dialogue

The SSE 2014 Global Dialogue in Room XVIII of the Palais des Nations in Geneva

By Elena Philipova, Thomson Reuters ESG Content Manager

The Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) initiative hosted its fourth and largest Global Dialogue at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland during UNCTAD’s World Investment Forum. The event convened CEOs of stock exchanges, companies and institutional investors, alongside high-level policy makers and capital market regulators. This unique gathering offered a global platform to demonstrate leadership and understanding of the sustainability-related opportunities and challenges facing the capital markets today. The SSE currently counts 16 Partner Exchanges from every continent.  More than 20 stock exchanges were represented at the meeting, half of them at the CEO level. (more…)

Japan’s power grid – Graphic of the day

The structural problems of Japan’s power grid were highlighted by the 2011 tsunami and nuclear shutdown, which left some regions with power shortages despite ample supplies elsewhere. It is the only country in the world with two electricity frequencies and needs transformers to switch power between east and west. Today’s graphic diagrams Japan’s electricity transmission and distribution system.

japan power

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Pricing & Reference Services Kicks Off Asia Roadshow in Singapore


The Pricing & Reference Services (PRS) Asia Roadshow kicked off this week, a two-week series of events taking place throughout Asia and Australia. During this time, the PRS leadership team, in partnership with PRS Proposition Marketing and the regional GTM team, will be hosting briefing sessions for internal sales teams, external Risk & Regulatory Data Seminars, Private Networking Receptions, a sponsored boat in the ASX/Thomson Reuters Foundation Regatta in addition to a series of customer meetings. All events highlight the latest risk and regulatory developments impacting the local and global markets.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, October 21, the PRS team hosted the first Risk & Regulatory Data Seminar & Networking Reception at the Raffles City Convention Centre in Singapore.

Attendance was even higher than expected and we were left with standing room only! Over 110 people registered for places in a room holding a maximum of 70. More than 60 clients and prospects attended the event where an array of speakers from Thomson Reuters, Tullet Prebon Information, ComplianceAsia Consulting and UBS Delta discussed the challenges impacting the Asian region and global market. The presenters shared best practices to ensure risk is mitigated and levels of risk exposure are lowered. After lively discussion and friendly debate, a networking reception was held for attendees to continue conversations around the seminar’s topics.

The first day of the Roadshow was quite a success. Stay tuned to hear about the activities taking place in Australia later this week!

Global board communications in 2014

This past August, Thomson Reuters Accelus invited corporate secretaries to participate in a global survey on some of the key challenges faced by the board today. Download this report and infographic for a current view of the boards’ information workflow, communications and operations.

The Evolving Role of the Global Board