TechVision: Social investment networks

The latest installment in our TechVision series looks at how social media changed financial markets and features Yoni Assia, CEO of eToro, hosted by Thomson Reuters Chief Enterprise Architect, Dave Weller.

TechVision is an interactive video series presented to a live and virtual internal audience in our offices, and in key customer facing events with a focus on real-world applications of emerging technologies and trends. Our speakers are thought leaders who help us reframe and explore growth opportunities.

Knowledge Worker Innovation Series: Transformative data visualization

Transformative data visualization

Inspired by a neighborhood of innovators and entrepreneurs, the Knowledge Worker Innovation Series consists of events that bring in thought leaders from industry and academia to discuss, dissect and explore technology topics and trends. The discussions helps us stay on top of and share the ideas that shape our approach to making information intelligent and delivering it to the businesses and professionals who depend on it.

We are pleased to announce the fifth event in our Knowledge Worker Innovation Series, proudly held in Boston’s Innovation District. Enormous quantities of data go unused or underused today, simply because people can’t visualize the quantities and relationships within. The ability to convey specific data in a clear and understandable manner is a mix of science and art. Ben Fry, data visualization expert, will discuss principles of graphics design and dynamic visualization that can improve the insight gained from data. Ben will detail how all data problems begin with a question and end with a narrative construct that provides a clear answer without extraneous details. He will share several examples of projects and how each visualization conveys the unique properties of the data it represents: why the data was collected, what’s interesting about it, and what stories it can tell. (more…)

Journalist spotlight: Jorge Silva on capturing images of Caracas “Tower of David”

Among the skyscrapers of Venezuela’s capital of Caracas lies a 45-story building dubbed the “Tower of David.” The building, intended to be a new financial center but abandoned around 1994 after the death of its developer, has been transformed into a slum that is home to about 3,000 people. Earlier this month, Andrew Cawthorne and photographer Jorge Silva in Caracas produced a revealing multi-media story about the “Skyscraper slum”. In a Reuters Best: Journalist Spotlight Q&A, Jorge offers a behind-the-scenes look at the photographs he captured at the “Tower of David.”

Q. How did you get started on this story? (more…)

Taxes on wages rose in 2013 – graphic of the day

Taxes on wages rose across industrialized countries last year, as governments sought to reduce budget deficits increased by attempts to counteract years of economic weakness following the global financial crisis. According to the OECD, the total world taxes on wages rose to 35.9% in 2013 from 35.7% a year earlier. Today’s graphic shows the tax wedge and unemployment rate of the OECD countries.


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Q1 Thomson Reuters TRust Index – Financial institutions in the Americas show upbeat start to 2014

TRust Index

The latest results of our proprietary TRust Index show that first-quarter 2014 trust sentiment in the Top 50 Global Financial institutions as a whole remained steady, but modestly negative.  However, institutions from the Americas started the year well, ending with the first positive trust score of any region since the Index was launched a year ago.

Tracking trust through news sentiment reveals that the 18 Americas institutions in the TRust Index crossed into positive territory to end the first quarter with a trust score of 2 percent (compared with -1.85 percent Q4 2013), due in part to the performance of Canadian banks.

“During the financial crisis, and since, Canada has been noteworthy for the policies and discipline that allowed the country to better weather the storm and its financial institutions to more quickly recover,” said David Craig, president, Financial & Risk, Thomson Reuters. “It is no surprise therefore to see Canadian banks leading the Americas region into positive sentiment as we measure trust in the Top 50 Global Financials for the 5th consecutive quarter of the TRust Index.”

This compares to a Q1 score of -1 percent for the Top 50 Global institutions as a whole (-1.75 percent Q4) and  -2 percent for both Europe (-1.25 percent Q4) and Asia (-1.5 percent Q4).  In Asia, decreasing trust was partially attributable to tightening credit conditions in China, whilst European financial institutions experienced a decline in trust due to continuing investigations around interest rate fixing, rigging of exchange rates and tax fraud.

Other findings of this quarter’s TRust Index include: (more…)

Attracting talent, innovating Eikon: EikonHack 2014

Our first ever student Hackathon was held in London in March. A 24-hour coding competition, the EikonHack tasked 35 students with building a news discovery app for a mobile device using Thomson Reuters Eikon technology and Reuters news.

Read more about the event on the Thomson Reuters Eikon Blog.

Shift in the influence of G20 nations – graphic of the day

Analysts from our IP & Science business conducted an in-depth study of the G20 nations to compare the research and innovation landscape of each. Their work revealed that the power is shifting, as emerging nations enhance their science, education and technology policies. This map shows changes that occurred over the last decade giving rise to new opportunities and potential in the future.


Read the full report, The Research and Innovation Performance of the G20, or download the infographic.

Companies crunching Big Data are winning a competitive advantage

big data

By Tim Baker, CFA, Thomson Reuters

Too much information

A growing number of companies are using the tools and disciplines of Big Data to transform their businesses and markets. Its application in the consumer sector is becoming well known, but it is also playing a crucial role in financial services.

There are many definitions of Big Data but most will agree that it refers to the enormous expansion in the volume, velocity and variety of information available about people and their habits. Much of this data is created as people go about their business online – their digital footprint. When crunched and combined with other kinds of information it can provide marketable insights which were previously unthinkable. A simple example is the use by online supermarkets of analytical tools to recommend to shoppers new products that they might be interested in but were unaware of. (more…)

Reuters awarded the 2014 Pulitzer Prize in International Reporting


For two years, they investigated human-rights abuses, bringing the international dimensions of the Rohingya to global attention. Reuters journalists Jason Szep, Andrew R.C. Marshall and team were honored with the first-ever text Pulitzer Prize won by Reuters for their series on the oppression of the Muslim Rohingya of Myanmar. As a result of their work, more than 900 people were freed from brutal trafficking rings.

The Pulitzer committee recognized the team for “…their courageous reports on the violent persecution of the Rohingya, a Muslim minority in Myanmar that, in efforts to flee the country, often falls victim to predatory human-trafficking networks.”

Reuters was also recognized as a finalist in two additional categories. A series by Megan Twohey, which exposed the underground market for adopted children, was named a finalist in the Investigative Reporting category and Goran Tomasevic was named a finalist in the Breaking News Photography category for a series of photographs documenting frontline combat in Syria.

Read more from the Pulitzer Prize winning series: (more…)

Thomson Reuters Eikon Interactive Map

Interactive Map on Thomson Reuters Eikon is the most direct way to monitor and analyze the key factors that affect the supply chain and impact prices. Maps give you current views of assets, weather and vessels, while fast download to spreadsheets enables you to build and monitor comprehensive pictures of regional flows.