Los Angeles federal judge returns medical tool infection suits to state court

From Westlaw Journal Medical Devices:  A Los Angeles federal judge has remanded to state court six suits alleging that duodenoscopes made by Olympus America Inc. caused fatal bacterial infections.

U.S. District Judge Beverly R. O’Connell of the Central District of California rejected the medical device maker’s argument that the plaintiffs fraudulently joined three of its sales agents as defendants in order to skirt federal court jurisdiction.

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Innovative ideas are not solely from the big cities


It has been couple weeks since the Apps for Good Awards ceremony, and I wanted to write a few thoughts in the aftermath of a wonderful day and school term.

Nearly 23,000 kids, from 700+ academic institutions completed the Apps for Good course this year, and 18 of the very best teams were selected as finalists for the Apps for Good Awards London. Each team that was in the Awards finals experienced the same thing that a startup faces: how does one convey an idea clearly and convincingly in order to get funded, which in this case, is the funding to have your app built and put into the Google Play or iTunes store.

I don’t personally work for Apps for Good, but I feel as if this is my other “work family.” I’ve seen this grow from a small startup idea into something that has broadened my own view of the world.  And it is a great reminder of something we all need to keep in mind. The diversity of our schools and children breeds incredible diversity in ideas and teams which come to the finals. Can anyone genuinely believe that a school from Wick, Scotland has produced winners for three consecutive years? Try to get to Wick sometime from London: you fly to Inverness and drive for 2+ hours or take a flight via Edinburgh. It’s not easy. Wick is about as far away from London as you can go in the United Kingdom, in a very remote part of the country. And yet, they win. Innovative ideas are not solely from the big cities but can come from small communities like Wick. (more…)

M&A is back, but the landscape is changing


While talk about an M&A boom has been ongoing for the past couple of years, 2015 saw a significant uptake in M&A activity. Structural reform, regulation, governance and economic growth are all likely culprits. 

In our new whitepaperLeon Saunders Calvert, Global Head of Capital Markets & Advisory, Thomson Reuters and Keith Mullin, Editor at Large, IFR explore this changing landscape looking at closely at: (more…)

Renminbi ascending: The global rise of China’s currency


A new report from Thomson Reuters, Standard Chartered, the Atlantic Council and the City of London explores how China’s currency impacts global markets, foreign policy and transatlantic financial regulation

Being curious people and deeply involved and enabling the intersection of currencies, commerce, regulation and development, we asked ourselves:  “What does the rise of the renminbi (RMB) really mean for financial markets and centers, regulatory development, investment inside and outside and foreign policy?”.

Others too were interested in this question and we partnered with Standard Chartered, the Atlantic Council, and the City of London to jointly research and understand these questions and gain greater insight, awareness and profile for our businesses globally

Six months later we are proud to share the final report, which was released on June 22. (more…)

Exchange Magazine: The Art of Data


In the newest issue of Thomson Reuters Exchange: The Art of Data, we celebrate data, the core of our business and the lifeblood of the industry. While our focus is typically on the science of data, we know there is also an art to making data useful, powerful and insightful.

It is estimated that 90 percent of the data in the world has been created in just the last two years. Data visualization tools, infographics and the like enable analysis of data through the mind’s highest bandwidth portal, revealing the hidden beauty of data. They power faster, deeper insight by allowing one to see the familiar in new ways, track change over time, compare disparate data sets, illustrate connections or trace flows, revealing the hidden beauty of data.

Inside this issue: (more…)

Ethical Finance Innovation Challenge & Awards returns for third year

Each year the list gets longer: the biggest banks admitting guilt in LIBOR rigging, FX rigging, money laundering and other misbehavior that leads them to multi-billion settlements with regulators. It is no wonder people are looking at different models for how finance can better serve the people around the world who rely on the banks for financial intermediation, rather than just the banks and their employees.

For the third year in a row, Thomson Reuters and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank find and recognize individuals and institutions that are leading the way towards a more ethical future for the financial services industry. The EFICA award in the past two years have recognized bankers and new banking products that share risk and reward between the banks and their clients, as well as several innovative methods of microfinance.

EFICALast year, the Lifetime Achievement Award recognized Dr. Amjad Saqib who developed a unique microfinance institution, Akhuwat, based on the principle that by empowering the poor through small, interest-free loans and involving centers of community activities like the mosque in the process, the overall costs can be reduced. In addition, by giving small loans without expecting to receive interest, it can more quickly benefit the client and their business, make them self-sustaining and eventually allow them to donate to support future clients.

The EFICA Awards are looking to benefit the ethical finance and Islamic finance industry with three tracks: (more…)

Trust Forum Asia: Fighting domestic slavery and slavery in the fishing industry


The inaugural Trust Forum Asia, held on June 17 in Hong Kong, brought together more than 200 influential business and thought leaders to discuss real solutions to fight modern-day slavery and forced labour across Asia, a region with 60% of the world’s modern day slaves. Watch the wrap video of the event.

Aligned with the spirit and mission of the Foundation’s annual Trust Women conference, Trust Forum Asia touched upon a range of pressing issues, including protecting migrant workers and domestic “helpers” trapped in servitude, to achieving justice for exploited slaves in the multi-billion dollar fishing industry. The Forum also featured stories of survival and looked at the role of corporations in cleaning up supply chains.

It was truly remarkable day. Mrs. Anson Chan, the first woman and the first Chinese to hold the second-highest governmental position in Hong Kong, argued that the welfare of migrant workers must be a joint responsibility between home and host country government authorities. She stressed that both countries must monitor agencies fees and empower workers to know and defend their rights. (more…)

Just a second – Graphic of the day

A “leap second” is being added to the world’s clocks at midnight GMT, which could test the extremely sensitive trading systems of the modern algorithmic era. Beginning in Asia, financial markets around with world will open on Wednesday with a tinge of apprehension. Today’s graphic explains why the added second is needed to allow the Earth’s rotation to synchronize with atomic clocks.

leap second

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Justices uphold Oklahoma’s lethal injection by 5-4 vote

From Westlaw Journal PharmaceuticalThe constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment does not prevent Oklahoma from executing prisoners using a three-drug lethal injection cocktail that may cause some of them to feel as if they are burning alive from the inside, a sharply divided U.S. Supreme Court has decided.

In a 5-4 ruling that split the high court along ideological lines, the justices on June 29 tossed Eighth Amendment claims by three of the state’s condemned murderers, who argued unsuccessfully that the injection’s first ingredient, which is supposed to anesthetize inmates against the searing pain of the fatal drug, is not fit for its purpose.

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Advancing the agenda: Diversity in the boardroom


Patsy Doerr is the Global Head of Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion

I had the distinct pleasure of hosting a panel earlier this week at the Thomson Reuters Step-Up Summit, a professional development event for our most senior women clients. The room was full of bright, engaging, ambitious women who we have the privilege of doing business with and working with every day. As part of our commitment to diversity as a company, we are invested in their success and professional development.

Gaining attention

Diversity in the Boardroom is a hot topic. In the news, at conferences and events, diversity & inclusion on corporate boards is increasingly gaining attention. While we see gradual improvement in this space, our own research shows that four in ten companies globally still have no women on their boards. This is not impressive given the make-up of today’s professional workforce. (more…)