Journalist spotlight: Arshad Mohammed on his recent scoop


In late March, Reuters exclusively reported that U.S. military bases in Kandahar and Jalalabad were likely to remain open beyond the end of 2015, as Washington considers slowing its military pull-out from Afghanistan to help the new government fight the Taliban. The anticipated policy reversal reflects the U.S. embrace of Afghanistan’s new and more cooperative president, Ashraf Ghani, and a desire to avoid the kind of collapse of local security forces that occurred in Iraq after the U.S. pull-out there. In a Reuters Best: Journalist Spotlight Q&A, Reuters correspondent Arshad Mohammed offers a behind-the-scenes look at how he, David Rohde and Phil Stewart got the scoop.

Q. How did you score the exclusive? (more…)

Our people – Part two

our people

Being responsible and ethical is part of the Thomson Reuters heritage — a fundamental pillar of our business. We seek to attract and retain the most talented individuals and create an environment where all our people can develop to their full potential to better serve our customers and communities. Valuing and promoting diversity and inclusion is key to this objective. Explore our 2014 Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion report to see how we’re ensuring sustainable growth through diversity of talents, outlooks and ideas.

Developing talent – The Leadership Program for women

Each year, we choose 32 senior female employees to take part in our highly sought-after six-month Leadership Program for Women. It’s designed to enhance their senior management skills, allow them to share business experiences, success and networking strategies, and increase their sphere of influence. Those who’ve already completed the program are experiencing many benefits:

  • 92 percent say it’s helped improve their performance in their current role
  • 90 percent came away with a stronger desire to progress their career as a leader
  • 96 percent say they are better equipped for a career as a leader
  • 88 percent report they have already achieved career progression

Health and wellbeing – The opportunity to make all our lives healthier

Your Wellbeing, which launched in 2014, supports the Thomson Reuters culture by promoting a healthy, positive environment where everyone can thrive. It’s about encouraging employees to be aware of their health, and providing the tools, information and opportunities to help people make changes that will improve their wellbeing. Local efforts are spearheaded and supported by volunteer Wellbeing Champions. There are currently 338 champions in 33 countries, roughly half in the Americas and a quarter each in EMEA and Asia-Pacific. Your Wellbeing has five building blocks, with programs and resources tailored to both global and local country needs:

  1. Be Aware
  2. Take Care
  3. Build Resilience
  4. Stay Active
  5. Eat Wisely

Safety and security

Of all the many themes and initiatives that fall within the scope of the term “responsible business,” perhaps a company’s ultimate responsibility is the safety and security of its people. At Thomson Reuters, that’s the task of Global Security, whose mission also includes protecting the firm’s reputation, facilities and assets.

In 2013, Abhilash Sinha, our Security lead in India, took it upon himself to start a training and awareness program to reduce the risks of violence against our female colleagues in India. A former police officer, he offered workshops at our office locations in six Indian cities, providing skills on improving situational awareness and how to avoid becoming a victim, and the immediate steps to take if threatened or attacked. The interactive sessions have been well-received, with many of the participants sharing their own experiences. During 2014, the number of women who have taken part passed the 1,000 mark. Abhilash’s initiative is a great example of the new Security enterprise risk service model in action.

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Hashtag diplomacy – Graphic of the day

As of March 24th, 2015, 86% of the 193 UN member countries have a presence on Twitter. 172 heads of state and heads of government have accounts on the social network. More than half of the world’s foreign ministers and their institutions are active on the site. In short Twitter has become an indispensable diplomatic networking and communication tool. Today’s graphic lists the top 20 most-followed world leader and government institutions on Twitter.

hashtag diplomacy

TechVision: Celebrating women in technology

You are invited to attend our next TechVision event, Celebrating Women in Technology, on Thursday, May 28 from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. at our offices at 3 Times Square – 30th floor, Carnegie Hall.

James Powell, Chief Technology Officer, Thomson Reuters, will welcome a diverse panel of influential women in technology who empower change and inspire innovation. A cocktail reception and opportunity for networking will follow the panel discussion.

We are pleased to present this event in partnership with the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT)’s Sit With Me campaign, the Women@Thomson Reuters network and the Thomson Reuters Data Innovation Lab.

Meet the panelists:


Despite the Deutsche Bank fine, an olive branch from the EU

European Commissioner for Financial Services, Jonathan Hill, speaks during a Thomson Reuters Newsmaker event

At last, there is a positive sign. After so many years of reputational damage, the financial services industry has been extended an olive branch by its regulatory masters – and it is one that should be grasped.

The most encouraging indication in many years that financial services has the opportunity to restore its reputation came last week from the summit of EU policymaking. In the midst of the UK’s election frenzy, which has seen the return of much negative comment about our industry, it was good to hear the European commissioner for financial stability issue a challenge for finance to take its rightful place as part of the solution to the EU’s economic troubles.

Lord Hill was speaking at a Thomson Reuters Newsmaker event, principally about Capital Markets Union.

Arguably no individual has greater influence over the future of the financial services industry. The Capital Markets Union he is tasked with establishing could perhaps rival the Single Market in revolutionising the fortunes of the EU’s member states, enabling Europe’s growth businesses to access funding across borders as never before. (more…)

Wait, What? Episode 7: I love watching train wrecks

wait what

The latest installment of “Wait, What?” starts out with the show’s reaction and discussion of the latest movie trailer for the Star Wars – The Force Awakens. For the non-nerds in our listening audience, you can fast forward a couple minutes to get to the meat of the podcast. The guys jump into a discussion about a non-government related collection of Personally Identifying Information (PII) and how that differs from government sanctioned collection of data, and where it differs (if it does at all). The guys also discuss “opting-in” to PII collection (“Little Brother“) versus the Orwellian version of Big Brother and how our choices affect this (or if we even have a choice anymore).

The discussion then evolves into a productive debate – with typical Wait, What? humor – over the importance, need for, and ramifications of collecting a person’s data. This rolls nicely into a discussion about the apparent acceptance of video/audio surveillance in modern society and how people seem to simply to not care that they are being recorded.

The show is very pleased to announce that we will be attending Awesome Con in Washington, D.C. at the end of May. We hope to get some on-the-spot interviews with some celebrities and other attendees. The next show will air on May 8, when we discuss the unintended consequences of technology.

We’d like to keep the show as interactive as possible, so please send in your feedback, thoughts, and show ideas. Also, you can reach the team on Twitter: Matt Angelicola (@MattAngelicola), Joe Harris (@Jwh37), Rob Russell (@batogato) and Jason Thomas (@jasonthomas). We’re also on iTunes – just enter “Legal Current” in the search box.

Listen below: (more…)

Hubble’s 25th year in orbit

NASA once considered just letting the Hubble telescope die, but after protests from the public and the astronomical community, an upgrade mission was launched in 2009 to extend its life. Hubble was reinvented and made more powerful than ever. To mark its 25th anniversary, today’s graphic takes you inside the Hubble Telescope.


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White House Correspondents’ Dinner preview

U.S. President Barack Obama is shown on a screen as he speaks during the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner

By Kate Friedrich, Vice President, Government Affairs

As the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and the surrounding activities are approaching, let’s take a brief look at the history and evolution of the event as well as our company’s participation and relationship with the government.

The White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) has been holding its annual dinner since 1920. It has grown significantly over the years, to well over 2000 attendees. The dinner serves as a scholarship benefit for worthy students in college journalism programs as well as an opportunity to recognize the winners of WHCA’s annual journalism awards. This year, Thomson Reuters is donating a scholarship to the program to honor this tradition. Over the years, the event has transformed into a star-studded affair dubbed “Nerd Prom” for its unique mix of politicians, journalists, celebrities and the DC elite.

Thomson Reuters and Reuters News Agency have enjoyed a long tradition of participation in the dinner and its surrounding events. (more…)

Covering the world’s under-reported stories

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 1.38.13 PM

At the Thomson Reuters Foundation, we stand for free, independent journalism, human rights, women’s empowerment, and the rule of law. We expose corruption, the human impact of climate change, and play a leading role in the global fight against human trafficking and slavery. We use the skills, values, and expertise of Thomson Reuters to run programs that trigger real change and empower people around the world. We tackle global issues. We achieve lasting impact. Explore our 2014 Thomson Reuters Foundation Annual Report

Journalism is one of the pillars of the Thomson Reuters Foundation. We cover the stories that are often overlooked by the mainstream media: aid and development, women’s rights, the human impact of climate change, corruption and modern-day slavery. We believe that raising awareness can trigger debate and lead to open, fair, prosperous, tolerant societies. That is our ultimate goal.

Thirty correspondents across five continents and a growing network of more than 100 contributors enable us to cover unique and original stories globally. The Reuters distribution network disseminates our content to one billion readers each day.

Taxpayers – Funded Abuse

We investigated the living conditions of workers at a Canadian-owned palm oil plantation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our story, by Chris Arsenault, revealed that the workers were paid $1 a day for intense field labor and were hosted in dilapidated homes. (more…)

Apple’s premium power – Graphic of the day

The main reason behind the gap in prices between Apple and Samsung devices is that Apple’s iOS operating system and robust software and services ecosystem command a much larger premium among consumers. Analysts say that the economy of scale Apple enjoys by sticking with just one or two new models each year also plays an important role. Today’s graphic compares the retail prices of Apple and Samsung flagship devices in the US.

apple prices

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